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Emanuelle Around the World

original title: Emanuelle - Perché violenza alle donne?


  • Softcore
  • Hardcore
Release: Oct 22, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

After a quick sex encounter in the furniture transporter, a new task is already waiting for the investigative journalist Emanuelle. Her publisher sends her to India to report on a guru. Emanuelle is interested in the new interpretation of the Kama Sutra and finds out that the guru is not very solid. The journey continues to Rome. There she is made aware by her colleague Cora Norman of a human trafficking ring. Through her undercover work, Emanuelle manages to bring down the gangsters in Rome. The trail of the backers leads Emanuelle and Cora to Hong Kong. There, Emanuelle gets into the clutches of a sadistic Chinese man. With the help of Emir Cassim, they finally manage to smash the ring completely. Back in New York, the two land at a high society party, which ends in a gang rape in the port district.

Anyone who thought that Joe D'Amato had already exhausted all the possibilities of his high cinematic art in the Emanuelle series after the torture and stable scenes of the third part will have been surprised by Emanuelle Around the World. Like its predecessor, the film contains some hardcore scenes, but with the sadistically inclined animal-loving Chinese, who first gives two candidates of the sex slave ring an unusual initiation, your jaws will drop. Similarly shocking is the rapist, who is disfigured in the face and believes with his elitist circle that money can buy everything. The counterpart to this scene is found in the finale when the homeless fight back and drive away the moneyed aristocracy, but keep the beautiful girls around for desecration.

Apart from the hardcore version, Severin also released the softcore version in the US in which all explicit scenes were removed.


Softcore: 97:02 min.
Hardcore: 101:43 min.

The US DVD by Severin (softcore version) was compared to the US DVD by Severin (hardcore version).


Emanuelle considers the spiritual group session longer. Its goal is to delay the orgasm as long as possible. Some of the participants can be seen having sexual intercourse.

HC: 34 sec.


Emanuelle and the man can be seen having intercourse.

The softcore version only sets in when the man is coming.

HC: 22 sec.


Cora is held by the two men while the third gangster rapes her.

HC: 26 sec.


We see longer how the man with the burned face rapes the captured woman.

HC: 28 sec.


In a close-up, the Chinese man pours milk over the intimate area of the woman who is in the "probationary period".

HC: 2 sec.


The end of the sequence with the Chinese and the woman is missing. He forcibly lets the snake penetrate the woman. Emanuelle looks away in disgust. When the snake has disappeared into the woman, she collapses with foam at the mouth.

HC: 48 sec.


The hardcore version briefly cuts to the woman before Emanuelle says that the Chinese should let her go.

HC: 3 sec.


To the delight of the Chinese, the dog is happy to perform the act of love with the less pleased woman.

HC: 37 sec.


Emanuelle observes the hustle and bustle at the "diplomats' party" for longer. Various women are penetrated either with a dildo, a banana or the classic way with a penis.

HC: 1:21 min.