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Day of the Triffids, The


  • Italian DVD
  • Uncut
Release: Mar 21, 2018 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Italian DVD by Terminal Video and the Uncut Version (German DVD by Carol Media).

A mysterious meterorite shower is the reason for huge parts of the population lose their vision. Furthermore, some new kind of flesh-eating plants preying on humans were created. Sailor Bill Masen still has his vision because he had eye surgery a few days before and because of that, his eyes were protected. Accompanied by a little girl, he fights to get from England through France up until he reaches Spain in order to find further survivors in some sanctuary. At the same time, scientists Karen and Tom are in some abandoned lighthouse, trying to find a way to take down the killer plants for good.

The killer plants end of days flick is quite charming actually, even though there are a few issues contentwise. But as soon as rubber monsters are ready to take action, The Day of the Triffids is grindhouse at its best which makes it recommendable for fans.

Apparently, the Italian DVD is based on some movie role resulting in almost 4 missing minutes. When there is a reel change, footage gets lost all the time. And in addition to that, there are missing seconds during the actual movie as well which also explains the continuity issues. All in all, the Italian DVD is not really recommendable but at least the aspect ratio is correct. The German is uncut but the aspect ratio is messed up (zoomed in from 2.35:1 to 1.33:1).

Jump cuts with a length of less than 1 sec will not be listed in the following comparison.


Italian DVD: 86:20 min
Uncut Version (German DVD): 90:18 min

Freeze frame in the (German) Uncut Version, followed by the German title.

In the Italian Version, the camera zooms in on the plant and the Italian title pops up.

Uncut Version: 9 sec
Italian Version: 8 sec


The night guard rubs the window.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Before getting out of bed, Bill calls for the nurse and his doctor.

Uncut Version: 6 sec


Bill puts the light source away.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Bill on his way to the doctor.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


The ocean longer, followed by Tom checking the time. Karen goes to the radio. Last but not least, Tom goes downstairs.

Uncut Version: 37 sec


The tire longer & Bill earlier when he gets out of the car.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Bill earlier in the Italian Version when he intends to look for stones with Susi.

Italian Version: 2 sec


The plant crawls a little further, then the habor.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Cut to the ocean. Susi and Bill are watching two ships crash into each other. Then the lighthouse. Karen runs to Tom and tells him about one of the plants growing by the cliff.

Uncut Version: 31 sec


Karen looks around longer and Tom tells her to go back inside.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Tom fights the plant a little longer.

Uncut Version: 2 sec


Cut to Tom, then the plant slumps down. Tom goes to Karen.

Uncut Version: 7 sec


Christine believes Mr. Mason's daughter had to be really tired & Bill earlier.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Susi confirms she has brown eyes. The woman then feels Susi's laughter lines.

Uncut Version: 13 sec


In the Italian Version, the shot of the guy extinguishing the lights.

Shot of the house in the Uncut Version.

Uncut Version: 1 sec
Italian Version: 3 sec


Shot of the lighthouse in the Uncut Version.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Cut from the plant to Karen.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Transition from Karen to the subsequent scene.

Uncut Version: 7 sec


Bill earlier before approaching the girl.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


More missing footage in the Italian Version.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Coker catches one of the spurs. He assumes that those were the plant's seeds.

Uncut Version: 5 sec


Bill and Susi get out of the car and run into the house. He asks her about Mrs. Durrant's whereabouts. Susi wants to tell him something important but Bill says later. Bill then runs to Mrs. Durrant.

Uncut Version: 14 sec


After getting out of the car, Bill and Coker approach the plane wreck.

Uncut Version: 8 sec


Christine and Susi a little longer, then a transition to the next scene.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Karen goes to Tom, then a transition to the next scene.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Cut to the woman. Bill realizes they are both blind. Her husband explains she had been blind for years and she had taught him how to deal with it.

Uncut Version: 13 sec


Transition to the subsequent scene when Bill is repairing the radio.

Uncut Version: 2 sec


Bill also says they were going to hit the road as soon as the sun comes up, then a transition to the next scene.

Uncut Version: 6 sec


The woman's hand a bit earlier.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Bill longer, then a transition.

Uncut Version: 4 sec


Bill says Susi was a smart girl, then a transition to the next scene.

Uncut Version: 3 sec


Karen keeps listening to the radio: The rescue mission is complete and there will not be another one any time soon.

Uncut Version: 10 sec


Tom warns Karen she should not stand by the window because she knew what they looked like.

Uncut Version: 8 sec


Tom apologizes to Karen.

Uncut Version: 13 sec


Tom slightly longer.

Uncut Version: 1 sec


In the Uncut Version, "The End" appears longer on the screen.

The Italian DVD contains a black screen while the music from the end credits is still being played.

Uncut Version: 7 sec
Italian Version: 12 sec