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original title: VIkings


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 25, 2014 - Author: Blade41 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB - more from this series
After the History Channel stopped doing real history documentaries and started focussing pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and the like) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they achieve great successes with, they also tried out (mini) series. The Drama series Vikings is one of them and throughout the first two seasons entirely satisfied its audience. In early 2015, audiences will be able to enjoy the third season.

Just as in the previous season, all episodes were aired in a censored version on American TV. Besides numerous cuts to the plot, there are also several scenes that had to be censored. All nudity was deleted and some of the violence was toned down here and there. Still, the second season is pretty uninhibited and also appears to be a little heavier in terms of violence compared to season 1.

This is a comparison between the American TV Version aired on the History Channel and the Extended Version.

Both Versions differ in 14 scenes:
5 additional scenes in the Extended Version
1 additional scene in the TV Version
8 scenes with alternative/extended footage

Overall, the Extended Version is 218.7 seconds (3:39 minutes) longer than the TV Version.
0:00 minutes
The TV Version features a recap.
43,16 sec.

1:07 minutes
Siggy talks to seer and says that she is bitter and getting angry.
8,08 sec.

1:57 minutes
The seer adds Seher: ...wenn du denkst, dass ich dir nicht helfen kann."
2,04 sec.

3:32 minutes / 4:09 minutes
Horik tells the story about how King Ecbert betrayed them and says that he had wondered on which side Athelstan would be. The TV Version only shows one other shot of Ragnar instead.
18,8 sec. / 3,04 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

7:51 minutes
Horik's son does not really like the wine and spits it back into the cup. There also is another shot of Siggy.
6,8 sec.

8:46 minutes / 9:00 minutes
Siggy asks Horik what he is thinking about. He asks her how far she would go to get his active help. In the TV Version, the first shot of Siggy is a bit different and the last shot of Horik starts earlier.
15,52 sec. / 2,08 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

9:51 minutes / 9:51 minutes
There is a more revealing shot of Siggy removing her dress.
5,24 sec. / 6 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

10:01 minutes / 10:02 minutes
Erlendur goes to Siggy, again the Extended shows a bit more of her.
14,28 sec. / 13,22 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

17:21 minutes / 17:19 minutes
Rollo is waiting for Jarl Borg and is obviously nervous. After a short while he arrives. The shot of Jarl Borg putting the skull on the ground can be seen in a close-up in the TV Version.
37,04 sec. / 2,04 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

20:00 minutes / 19:24 minutes
In the TV-Version, Jarl Borg strokes his late wife's skull a bit longer. In the Extended Version, he tells his current wife to get some mead. When she comes back, she is told to pour it into the skull, out of which Rollo has to drink as well.
42,2 sec. / 1,48 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

21:59 minutes / 20:42 minutes
Athelstan tells Ecbert about the Nordic gods, including the the story of Odin. The TV Version lacks this party almost completey, the remaining elements were cut differently as well.
49,52 sec. / 19,08 sec.

Extended VersionTV Version

24:54 minutes
Bjorn walks to the slaves' shed, in which music can be heard. It abruply stops when they notice him. He says that he would like to hear it and they continue.
46,36 sec.

27:30 minutes
Athelstan follows Ecbert's son through the corridor.
21,64 sec.

32:12 minutes
TV Version: An additional shot of Lagertha after she has pushed the knife in her husband's eye.
1,88 sec.

41:24 minutes / 38:30 minutes
Porunn's breasts can only be seen in the Extended Version.
no difference in running time

Extended VersionTV Version