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Final Fight


Censored Console Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 12, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
Besides Double Dragon, the Final fight series are the most famous beat 'em ups from the 80s and 90s. The original Arcade Version of Final Fight was developed by Capcom in 1989, transfers for PC and different game consoles followed. The graphics was 2D, as usual at this time. The levels were linear (from the left to the right). In the game itself, one can choose between 1 or 2 players and can decide between the following characters: street fighter Cody, ninja Guy or mayor Mike Haggar. The player or players needed to save Jessica, Mike's daughter, from the feared "Mad Gear Gang". Similar to the first Double Dragon games, not only the fists could be used but also knives and other items. SOURCE: Wikipedia

It seems like only the Japanase Arcade version and the Sega CD version are completly uncensored. The Japanese SNES versions are almost uncensored but still two enemy are censored here (Poison and Roxy).
The US Arcade Version is almost uncensored too. Only a short sequence during the intro has been censored here. This almost-uncensored-version has been released on the newer consoles as well (Capcom Classic Collection for PS2, PSP, Xbox and the PS3-Download version).
Heavily censored is the old console version. This concerns all international SNES-releases (except Japan) and at least the European SEGA CD version.

Compared are the censored international console Version, taken from the European for Sega Mega CD and the uncensored Japanese Arcade Version.
In the Japanese Version, Jessica's dressed with just a bra.

European Version:Japanese Version:

The girls' skirts and tops are longer in the European Version.

European Version:Japanese Version:

Missing blood effects during attacks with cutting tools in the European Version.

European Version:Japanese Version:

A bar became a club in the Westside level.

European Version:Japanese Version:

The Bay Area lacks the word "sexy" on the doors.

European Version:Japanese Version:

The statues' breats are being covered in the last level.

European Version:Japanese Version:

Belger's wheelchair has been altered. It's a regular chair in the European Version.

European Version:Japanese Version:

- In the bonus level, the punk says:
European Version: "Oh my car"
Japanese Version: "Oh my God"
- The conversation during the opening credits contains animations (lips movements) but only in the Japanese Version
- There's a little CAPCOM sign in the background of the Up Town level but it got replaced by the word UMEUME in the European Version
- The European Version lacks a conversation between Cody and Guy in the European Version
- The name of the bosses have been changed in level 1 and 2:
Level 1 European Version: Trasher JP:Damnd
Level 2 European Version: Katana JP Sodom