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Final Fight 2


Censored Version
Region: Worldwide

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Oct 13, 2011 - Author: gecko666 - Translator: Tony Montana
Besides Double Dragon, the Final Fight series were the most famous beat 'em up games in the 80s and 90s. The graphics was 2D, the levels were linear (usually from the left to the right). Final Fight 2 was released for SNES in 1993 by Capcom.

Compared are the censored International Version and the uncensored Japanese Version (both SNES).
Mary and Eliza got replaced by Leon and Roberts.

Uncensored Japanese Version:Censored European Version:

The first boss' hacksaw got spotted out.

Uncensored Japanese Version:Censored European Version:

The name of the airport in France is missing.

Uncensored Version:Censored Version: