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Streets of Rage 2

original title: Bare Knuckle II: Shitou he no Chinkonka


Censored version
Region: USA

Uncensored version
Region: Japan

Release: May 19, 2013 - Author: Battletoad - Translator: Matar
Streets of Rage 2 is considered as the best part of the famous Beat ‚em up series on the Sega Mega Drive and offers better graphics and decent gameplay compared to the first part. The variety of moves was increased and the 4 characters are different and varied. A very good soundtrack by Yuzo Koshiro finishes the whole package.

Adam Hunter, playable in part 1, was kidnaped by bad boy Mr X. So Axel and Blaze are on their way through the streets of rage to free him. They are supported by new introduced characters Max and Skate.

Streets of age 1 was in all version outside of Japan uncensored, the third part was drastically censored. However, Streets of Rage 2 was only slightly edited.

Compared is the censored US version and the uncensored Japan version.

In America the game was released as Streets of Rage 2. The US version uses an Arabic 2 in contrast to the European and Japanese version.

Japan version:US version:

Censorship: Blaze

When Blaze performs a jump kick one can see her slip. This is missing in the US version. The sprite has been exchanged completely and not only her legs but also her arms had to be put into a new position. This censorship is only available in the US version.

Uncensored Japan version:Censored US version:

Zensur: Mr. X

The second censorship concerns Mr. X. He is smoking a cigar while the player has to fight his minions. He does only smoke in the uncensored Japanese version, all other versions lack the cigar.

UncensoredUnzensierte Japan version:Censored US version:

After the minions have been defeated Mr. X takes away the cigar and waves to his bodyguard Shiva who has to be fight next. Mr. X’s animation contains 4 sprites. The first animation phase (taking away the cigar) was deleted in the PAL and US version, the rest of the animation remained untouched, except for the cigar.

Uncensored Japan version:Censored US version:

Animationsphase entfernt

When Shiva is beaten Mr. X enters the fight. Before that he throws away the cigar. The animation was deleted in the censored versions.

Images from the Japanese version:

Beside this censorship there are some minor differences:

Change: Menu

The versus mode for two player is called “Battling” in Bare Knuckle II, in Streets of Rage II it is called “Duel”.

Japan version:PAL version:

Other changes: Sammy/Skate/Eddie

Sammy Skate Hunter, brother of the kidnaped Adam, is a playable character in Streets of Rage II. The Japan version shows hin as Sammy while all other versions show him as Skate. Fun fact: The PAL and US game instructions list him as Eddie Hunter.

Japan version:PAL version: