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Resident Evil 4

original title: Biohazard 4


Censored Version
Rating: CERO 18
Region: Japan

Uncensored Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Feb 17, 2012 - Author: LiquidSnakE - Translator: Matar
With Biohazard, better known as Resident Evil 4 Capcom started the cult franchise all over again. Riddles, lack of ammunition and frightening situations were out of date and survival action was the new topic. These changed had a positive feedback among the players and therefore RE4 is considered as the most successful games of its generation. Meanwhile RE5 was released for PC, PS3 and Xbox360 in which the shooter gameplay is again up to date.

To not anger the new Japanese bureau of youth protection CERO, Capcom censored Biohazard 4 in terms of violence as well as the physics of Ashley’s breast. The Wii version, released in 2007, which earned a rating of 17+ instead of 18+, was censored even worse.

The Japanese version does not offer any splashing heads anymore. The sound of explosion is still to be heard and pieces of the head are flying around.


This censorship also affects enemies on the ground.


Additionally a headshot animation was completely deleted. With a shotgun or the sniper rifle the head can be shot in pieces in a very swift manner. This does not throw enemies immediately to the ground, they are stumbling around for a little while without their head (the headless body can still attack Leon).

(Pictures ONLY from the uncensored version)

The headshots of the Plagas are also censored. The parasite does not explode anymore but splashes just before the body fades. The “Plopp” sound of the exploding parasite can only be heard when the body hits the floor. The bloody stump can be seen only for very few seconds in the Japanese version.


Missing decapitations

One of the most dangerous enemies in Resident Evil 4 is a chainsaw-armed Plagas host who can one-hit Leon when he is too close. The Japanese version lacks this decapitation – it cuts through Leons neck but the head stays were it belongs to.



The Japanese version lacks Ashley’s wagging breasts when she is moving. Fun fact: The US version remained completely untouched in this situation.

This censorship is hard to be shown on static images because it is urgent to see her in motion.