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4.18 Revenge


  • TV Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Dec 08, 2017 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Version and the Extended Version.

27 differences, among them
- 11 additional scenes
- 3 extended scenes
- 1 extended scene with alternate footage
- 8 scenes with alternate footage
- 2 extended scenes in the TV Version
- Length difference: 362.8 resp. 6 min 2.8 sec (plus recap & end credits)

After the History Channel stopped producing real history documentaries and started focussing on pseudo-scientific studies (UFOs and such) as well as pseudo documentaries (Pawn Stars) which they are very successful with by the way, they also tried out actual TV shows. The drama series Vikings is one of them. In March 2016, season 5 was green-lit.

With season, the number of each has risen. While previous seasons had 10 episodes resp. season 1 had only 9 episodes, season 4 consists of 20 episodes. But the season had been split up: The episodes 1-10 aired from Febraury 2016 till April 2016 and the final 10 episodes aired from November 2016 till Febraury 2017. Similar to the previous seasons, season 4 was censored in the US.

Time index refers to the Extended Version

Recap only in the TV Version. The Extended Version only contains a small black screen.

TV Version 44.1 sec longer

Alternate Footage

During Lagertha's (in both versions identically equal) comment, the TV Version shows her from the front. Also, her comment starts at the end of the previous shot from the off (1.6 sec)
The Extended Version on the other hand contains several shots of Lagertha and the others. One only gets to see a profile shot of Lagertha here plus the second part of her comment is off-screen as well. (12.3 sec)

10.7 sec

Extended Scene TV Version

Lagertha slightly longer in the TV Version because one here gets to hear Astrid from the off.

TV Version 1.5 sec longer

Additional Scene

Lagertha talks about Ragnar.

At the very end of the shot of Lagertha (please see screenshot #3), one only gets to hear Astrid's comment from the off (please see 01:49). The reason is simple: In both versions, a further shot of Astrid in which she keeps talking follows immediately afterwards.

19.1 sec

Additional Scene

The TV Version only contains a single shot of several people, followed by a small shot of Harald and Halfdan. (7.1 sec)
In the Extended Version, the order of these two shots has been changed. In addition to that, the shots are longer (the TV Version only the small part of Harald and Halfdan not saying a single word). Last but not least, Harald and Halfdan are bitching about other people. (15.5 sec)

8.4 sec

Extended Scene

The subsequent shot of Harald und Halfdan starts slightly earlier.

1.3 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Harald and Halfdan.

6 sec

Alternate Footage / Extended Scene

Lagertha's encounter with Earl Jorgenson and Princess Ellisef differs. The TV Version only contains a single shot from the front. The Extended Version contains said shot as well, only it is shorter there. A shot of the couple follows, followed by a further one of Lagertha. The dialog itself remains unchanged. Except in the Extended Version, Lagertha also asks if it was a long journey and the Earl explains they had travelled for four days.

4.5 sec

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Harald and Halfdan.

6.2 sec

Additional Scene

Helga speaks with Tanaruz. Since Floki does not speak the language, he asks what she had said and she tells him. She also explains the girl's name means "the one that brings hope". Floki then shows the girl one of his magic tricks and gives her the coin.

66.1 sec resp. 1 min 6.1 sec

Alternate Footage

Subsequently afterwards, there is some alternate footage. While the TV Version only shows Floki, the Extended Version is further away from the action. As a result, one gets to see Helga and Tanaruz as well. The dialog is identically equal and when Floki turns his head to the right in order to respond to Helga's question, the TV Version cuts to the shot from further distance as well. All in all, the TV Version is insignificantly longer.

TV Version 3.4 sec longer

Alternate Footage

The TV Version contains a shot of Ubbe laughing. (1.6 sec)
In the Extended Version, he puts his mug on the table and cracks a joke. (5.4 sec)

3.8 sec

Additional Scene

They toast to the newly weds.

12 sec

Extended Scene TV Version

Hvitserk slightly earlier in the TV Version.

TV Version 0.8 sec longer

Alternate Footage

No nudity in the TV Version.

no difference

Additional Scene

Two additional shots in the Extended Version.

5.8 sec

Additional Scene


4.3 sec

Alternate Footage

And again, no nudity in the TV Version.

no difference

Alternate Footage

Taking a closer look at the Extended Version makes it clear that there are a few more details at the bottom of the images.

no difference

Alternate Footage

Different exterior shot.

TV Version 0.5 sec longer

Additional Scene

Additional shot of Torvi and Tanaruz.

5.5 sec

Extended Scene

Bjorn longer: At the end of the shot, he turns his head to the left.

1.2 sec

Alternate Footage

Two shots of Astrid resp. Lagertha in the TV Version. Then a shot of Bjorn leaving the house. (12 sec)
In the Extended Version, Bjorn sees his children walk in (which is why he turned his head to the left right before - please see previous alteration). He plays and speaks with them. He then says bye and leaves. On his way, he stops, says "I love you all" and keeps walking. Further shots of Torvi and Lagertha. But contrary to the Extended Version does not show how Bjorn actually leaves the house. Chronologically, the shot of Bjorn actually leaving the house (from the TV Version) follows the last shot of Lagertha. (69 sec resp. 1 min 9 sec)

57 sec

Additional Scene

After Aethelwulf asks him what kind of a father he was, Ecbert responds exclusively in the Extended Version. He explains he had never been a good father like Ragnar. He then elaborates on that. Ecbert also tells Aethelwulf why he had let Ragnar's son leave in the first place. Aethelwulf realizes Ecbert had never really loved him at all. Also, Ecbert talks about himself and his character.

154.4 sec resp. 2 min 34.4 sec

Additional Scene

Ecbert tells Judith about his conversation wihth his son. He also tells her about the second he has regarding his lifestyle. Judith suggests to make his son king but Ecbert does not like the idea at all. Moreover, Ecbert believes there was one last important task for him to complete. He also recommends Jusith should go back to his son because he would be king soon and she would be safer with him.

140.4 sec resp. 2 min 20.4 sec

Extended Scene

The subsequent shot starts a little earlier.

2.7 sec


End credits only in the Extended Version.

60 sec resp. 1 min