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1.01 I worship His Shadow


  • Original Version
  • Regular Version
Release: Sep 05, 2012 - Author: HuZim MayXX - Translator: HuZim MayXX - external link: IMDB - more from this series
There can be only one! as Paul Donovan, creator of LEXX, would say about the first episode of the LEXX series. As he mentions on the UK releases of this episode, the version seen on it is the only finished version. He then goes on and shows a short scene about the differences between the "unfinished" and the finished version, with Kai and Thodin on the bridge to the LEXX. Unfortunately, the insertion of the new effects weren't the only changes that were made for the "finished" version.

Changes for the regular ("finished") version:
4 new scenes (23 seconds)
5 missing scenes (3 minutes 37 seconds)
7 shortened scenes (25 seconds)
10 new voice-overs(Bugbomb not included)
5 alternative scenes
3 changed dialogues
6 new effects

There were also a lot of changes to the order in which the scenes were shown in the second version, eliminating and creating continuity issues at the same time.

An overview to the changes to the scene order can be seen here:

Big thanks to Krygor, who provided the Russian DVD for comparison. Without him this report wouldn't exist.

A credit for Ellen Dubin was added in the second version.



A spoiling voice-over by Kai was inserted in the second version.

Kai: I am Kai, last of the Brunnen-G. Millennia ago, the Brunnen-G led humanity to victory in the war against the insect civilization. The Time Prophet predicted that I would be the one to destroy the Divine Order and the League of 20.000 planets. Someday that will happen. But not today. As today is my day of death. The day our story begins.

Reference picture:


Stanley's introduction missing in the second version, but it can be seen as a flashback in the fourth Episode ("Giga Shadow"). Yet Feppo's last line was changed in the fourth episode to "How do you spell 'sucker'?"

(2000 years later: A one man spaceship is flying through space)
Stanley: We're all human. And of course, as a man, I have certain desires. So what really is wrong with expressing them? What I mean, commander, is, we all know the reputation of the women on Celes. And here we are with the Celes Pleasure Transport practically next door for the first time this century. And with my job, I'm not always a hundred percent busy. So I thought, why not? You know...
(Stanley winks before receicing a message)
Asteroids Commander: Vessel approaching at 3 quadrant identify yourself.
Stanley: It's me. Assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle. We're all human and I... um...
(the commander is busy with his console and doesn't even look at Stanley)
Stanley: I was just using up my extra time usefully patrolling the perimeter. Doing what little I can.
Commander: All vessels to battle stations! League intruder approaching in 3 quadrant.
Stanley: No! It's me! Stanley Tweedle! Assistant deputy backup courier! I was just visiting the Celes Pleasure Transport!
(the asteroid begins to shoot, Stanley is surprised that it is not aiming at him but behind him, where he sees a ship of His Divine Shadow)
Stanley: Divine Shadow upon me!
(Stanley flees and the asteroid defense belt gets destroyed)

(An undisclosed amount of time later, the same spaceship we last saw Stanley in, is drifting in space)
Stanley: Ostrol-B heretics, come in. This is assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle. I'm low on air and awaiting instructions.
(Stanley hears only static)
Stanley: Ostrol-B heretics, come in. This is assistant deputy backup courier Stanley Tweedle. Awaiting instructions.
Feppo: This is SubCom Feppo, Ostrol-B sector 245 command. Tell us where you are, Stanley Tweedle, and we'll come and say hello.
Stanley: I'm transmitting my co-ordinates.
(Stanley reconfigures his modulators but thinks twice before transmitting his co-ordinates)
Stanley: Can't you tell where I am by my signal, SubCom Feppo?
Feppo: Your direct signal is to weak. We are reconstructing reflections.
Stanley: How do I know you're the real thing?
Feppo: Who else would be way out here scanning low power signals?
Stanley: Mercenaries.
Feppo: Suffocation is not exactly a nice way to die. Tell me, Stanley, how often do ships normally pass this way?
(Stanley hesitates)
Feppo: And aren't we both transmitting on an encrypted stream I didn't know any mercenaries had access to?
Stanley: Ok, I buy that.
Feppo: Thank you, Stanley Tweedle. And Stanley?
Stanley (relieved, believing to be saved): Yes, SubCom Feppo?
Feppo: In about an hour from now you are going to have so many dicks in you, you are going to feel like a pin cushion.
(Stanley is shocked and presumably wishes he wasn't saved)

3 minutes and 23 seconds missing in the second Version.

In the second Version we see a view upon the Cluster instead. We also see an Super-Impose telling us that it is the Cluster and the Capital of the League of 20,000 planets.

13 new seconds in the second Version


0:10:52 (0:07:42)

Before the crew and "passengers" of the prisoner transport are defrosted, a voice-over is heard stating the obvious.

Voiceover: Prisoner transport 58K603, you past the Frontier. Commence your revival sequence.

Reference picture:

0:17:08 (0:13:58)

Again a new voice-over in the second version. This time to explain the hecticness of the cleansing and its consequences a bit better. The voices are not from the actors, though.

Cleric #1: We have little time!

Reference picture:

0:17:19 (0:14:09)

See above.

Cleric #2: The sedative!
Cleric #1: No time!

Reference picture:

0:17:54 (0:14:44)

See above.

Cleric #2: But he may not be fully cleansed!
Cleric #1: We will have to risk it.

Reference picture:

0:21:45 (0:17:59)

A different view on His Divine Predecessors is shown because of continuity issues.


0:25:12 (0:21:26)

After His Divine Predecessors have looked into the mind of the one that killed Kai, they're at a different spot on the cluster. In the first version, they're inside the Lexx, near their destination. In the second version, they're outside the Lexx - with the Lexx being in view.
There is a new voice-over, too.

Divine Predecessor: We are boarding the LEXX. We will all be destroyed!


0:32:07 (0:28:58)

Zev is getting escorted a little longer in the first version.

approx. 2 seconds

0:34:24 (0:30:47)

Thodin has his eyes closed and his head low in the first version, slowly lifting it. In the second version his head is already lifted and his eyes are open, but slowly closing.

approx. 1 second longer in first version


0:35:59 (0:32:06)

After Bugbomb met Stan, the second version shows a distraught looking Thodin as Bugbomb reports its situation.

Bugbomb: Bugbomb. Malfunction.

approx. 3 seconds

0:39:01 (0:38:53)

The increasing of Zev's libido, via the Lusticon, is cut differently, with the first version having the longer running time.

4 seconds


0:39:13 (0:39:02)

Zev's reaction to the Lusticon is shown in the first version. Yet she doesn't wear the safety goggles. Possibly the reason why this short view was cut.

approx. 3 seconds

0:39:22 (0:35:11)

Bugbomb searches longer in the first version and finds another signal.

9 seconds

0:42:27 (0:39:02)

Another reaction shot of Zev, this time with safety goggles. Since this calm view would raise continuity issues in the second version, it was removed.

approx. 2 seconds

0:43:14 (0:39:47)

In the first version there is another view on the burning cables.

approx. 1.5 seconds

0:51:48 (0:48:19)

His Divine Lines have been changes for the second version.

1V: Unlike my Divine Predecessors I do not think that time travels in a circle, and therefore I do not believe in prophecies.
2V: I'm a more complex being than my divine predecessors. Unlike them I do not believe that time travels in a circle, and therefore I do not believe in prophecies.

Reference picture:

0:54:10 (0:50:41)

His Divine Shadow speaks with Kai when he "wakes" him in the second version.

His Shadow: Awake, last of the Brunnen G. You will show my misguided predecessors that I make my own destiny.

Reference picture:

0:56:30 (0:53:02)

A new background was created for the second version and was used in all subsequent shots on the bridge - except for some closeups during the fight between Thodin and Kai (more on that later)

Reference pictures:


0:57:09 (0:53:41)

Besides the new background in the second version, a new tracking shot over the Lexx was added, due to which the scene runs longer.

approx. 3.5 seconds longer in the second version


0:58:36 (0:55:10)

Another new effect. This time to also show a better sense of distance.


0:58:43 (0:55:17)

See above.

0:59:48 (0:55:36)

In the first version Zev's yelling (Don't leave me!) is heard while she is off-screen during Thodins invisibility creating eye. In the second version it can be seen entirely inside the Lexx. All pictures shown on the left side are purely for a better reference when the yelling occurs. Nothing is missing in the second version.

approx. 3 seconds longer in the second version


1:00:52 (0:57:30)

The remains of the cave can be seen in both versions during some close ups in the battle between Kai and Thodin. No new effect was added.


1:05:25 (1:02:02)

The second version solves a continuity issue with reordering some scenes.

1V: His Shadow sees the Lexx leaving. After that the Lexx is shown starting to leave, with Kai pulling himself together and going inside the Lexx.
2V: The Lexx is shown to leave, while Kai is pulling himself together and then going inside the Lexx. After that His Shadow sees the Lexx leaving.


1:07:59 (1:04:37)

In the second version, His Shadow is talking to his shadow - and then with himself.

His Shadow: Shadow, I gather you. Divine Predecessors, I have failed you. But I will not fail you again.

Reference picture:

1:09:50 (1:06:28)

A new line for His Divine Shadow was added in the second version, to explain what is happening.

His Shadow: Shadow, take my body!

Reference picture:

1:13:43 (1:10:20)

The Lexx is replying to Kai in the first version.

LEXX: I cannot fulfill your command. They are forces under the immediate direction of His Divine Shadow...
Kai: And you are not permitted to destroy them.
LEXX: Correct.

Reference picture:

1:15:28 (1:12:05)

After Kai hears screaming from His Divine Predecessors, different parts of the Lexx are being shown in both versions. Only in the second version the reason for the screams is seen: a clusterlizard lusting for salty brains.

4 seconds longer in the second version


1:16:01 (1:12:42)

Another line of His Shadow was changed in the second version.

1V: If I am not successful, destroy the LEXX.
2V: And if I do not return, destroy the LEXX.

Reference picture:

1:18:40 (1:15:21)

As Kai is squishing the Divine Predecessor that killed him, only the second version shows the memories floating into Kai. A similar effect that has been used when His Shadow stole Kai's memories at the beginning.


1:18:50 (1:15:31)

While His Shadow uses some kind of probe to enter the Lexx in the first version, he uses some kind of spidery leg in the second version. The MegaShadow is closer to the Lexx in the second version due to that.

approx. 7 seconds longer in the second version


1:22:26 (1:19:15)

The dialogue between Kai and His Shadow was extended in the second version.

Kai: Or perhaps not so Divine Shadow. As your Divine Predecessors will now die!
His Shadow: No, you will die!

Reference picture:

1:23:46 (1:20:34)

A short shot from His Shadow's point of view is missing in the second version.

approx. 1.5 seconds

1:24:02 (1:20:49)

More missing scenes in the second version. The Divine Predecessors cheer for His Shadow while Kai is having problems.

approx. 5 seconds

1:24:13 (1:20:55)

The final battle between Kai and His Shadow sees more changes in the second version. In this first change, all closeups of the Divine Predecessors and their cheers are missing. The order of some scenes has been changed and a scene that is seen later in the first version was pulled to this place, which is why the running time of that short scene wasn't added in the cuttime.

4.5 seconds more in the first version


1:24:27 (1:21:05)

Zev kills more Divine Predecessors in the first version while Stan seems to be glued to the spot. It takes some seconds until he joins her in the killing spree. In the second version it seems that he immediately joins her.

approx. 7 seconds

1:24:35 (1:21:07)

His Divine Shadow turns to Zev a first time in the first version (a scene that also appears later in the second version as the first and only turn to Zev, which is why the time is not added) and threatens her and Stan (Heretics, I will deal with you shortly.) and turns back to Kai. The following scene, in which he continues to fire at Kai, was inserted in an earlier cut (see two cuts above), which is why this wasn't counted as well. The voice-over of His Divine Shadow as he fires (You are finished, Kai!) can only be heard in the first version

approx. 3 seconds longer in the firt version

1:24:54 (1:21:14)

Another missing closeups of the Divine Predecessors in the second version. Zev is also seen pulling another Predecessor out of his pedestal. Instead, the second version shows the scene that was cut out in the previously mentioned scene (see the cut above). It also adds the scene after Zev picked up the Predecessor, with the Predecessor begging His Shadow not to hurt him. When His Shadow is turning back to Kai, he moves faster in the second version.

approx 1,5 seconds longer in the first version


1:31:18 (1:27:40)

The closing credits run faster in the first version.

10 seconds more in the second version