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Silent Hill: Homecoming


Censored Version
Rating: MA 15+
Region: Australia

Uncensored Version
Rating: BBFC 18
Region: Great Britain

Release: Aug 17, 2013 - Author: The Hitman - Translator: Gladion
When war veteran Alex Sepherd returns home, a lot of event take place. Numerous citizens of Shepherd Glen disappear without a trace, among them Alex's little brother Joshua. Everything about Silent Hill's little neighbor town seems strange and secretive in general. So Alex goes on a search himself and is soon to discover the shocking truth...

The official fifth entry in the series is a little different from the previous ones. Whereas in the predecessors, the psychological element is put in the foreground, this part is much more focused on action. Nevertheless, scary times await here. The protagonist is likable, the design atmospheric and the enemies creepy. The sound design also provides to the chilling ambience and the player is constantly exposed to the bad feeling of being observed.

In Australia, the title was initially denied its rating, which made the developer turn in an altered version not much later on, this one passed the test successfully. The situation was similar in Germany, a cut version had to be turned in for rating there as well to receive the 18+ rating.

The uncensored UK-version was compared to the censored German version. The latter is most likely identical to the Australian version.

Finishing Moves

After a human enemy has been stunned, Alex has the chance to execute a finishing move. The blow differs according to the equipped weapon. In total, there are three different finishers. The censored version does allow to execute finishing blows, but not on human enemies.
(Only images from the uncensored version following.)

Armed with the knife, Alex steps behind the enemy and gruesomely slits their throat.

When the enemy is immobilized, Alex lunges out with the axe and bloodily thrusts it into the head, pulling it out afterwards.

Crowbar/Steel Pipe
Here, Alex smacks the crowbar - or steel pipe respectively - against the enemy's knee and then in the face from below. The foe flies backwards onto the ground.


Doc Fitch
Here, Alex witnesses the doctor being covered in bloody cuts. The censored version does feature this scene as well, but the only visible cuts are the ones present from the beginning.
Uncensored Version:Censored Australian Version:

Judge Holloway (Leg scene)
Alex is tied to a chair as the judge "works" his leg with a driller. If the player loses the quick-time-event, Alex dies in the chair as the judge triumphantly grins. In the censored version, there is an object put between the camera and the driller, basically only Holloway and struggling Alex can be seen.
(Annotation: The following only features images from the uncensored version. After first installation of the censored version, the scene took place as described above. After the second installation, it unfortunately became impossible to produce screenshots from the censored version. This remains valid for all following cutscenes.)

Judge Holloway (Eye scene)
After succeeding in the first quick-time-event, the judge comes running back towards Alex. This time, the task is to keep the drill away from the eyes. Losing this event, Holloway rams it bloodily into Alex's eye. The censored version cuts to black here.

Judge Hollway (Death of the judge)
Having mastered both events, Alex twists the drill in Holloway's direction and shoves the device into her chin. Bleeding and screaming she receives her death sentence. Again, the censored version cuts to black. After the scene is over, the drill is not shown in Holloway's chin, either.

Adam Shepherd
After the Bogeyman has killed Alex's father, he can be seen cut in half. The censored version does shot the Bogeyman having cut Adam in two, the body is removed afterwards, though. The place is absolutely clean.