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Space Quest I

original title: Space Quest I - The Sarien Encounter


VGA Re-Release
Region: Worldwide

VGA First Release
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 22, 2012 - Author: -Der-Tribun - Translator: Gladion
Space Quest is a very famous adventure-series made by Sierra. Instead of a stallward hero you have to deal with space-janitor Roger Wilco to master the adventures. The first installment, "The Sarien Encounter", starts off right as the spaceship Roger is on duty on is being raided and the important star generator is stolen by the evil Sariens.

Several years after the original release, Sierra had a remake programmed that was up-to-date to 1991's technology, including VGA-graphics, sound and mouse-controls. The re-release did get some problems, though, just like the original...
ZZ Top in the space bar

In the space bar on the planet Kerona, several artists are performing, among others the Blues Brothers and Madonna.

And then there was a performance by ZZ Top. This is where the trouble started about 2 years later. Original text by Mark Crowe, one of the main responsibles for the game: "The ZZ Top thing was a problem for us. Somehow after a couple of years they found out about their satirical cameo appearance. Even though we didn't portray them in any bad light, someone there had no sense of humor about it. We then got one of those real solid envelopes in the mail with return address overloaded with names of supposed importance, at least in their eyes. The policy decision at Sierra was that it is easier to make a change to the game rather than go to court and spend a bunch of shark money (legal fees -ed) even if we were found to be within our rights. We do have free speech in this country, but it ain't cheap."

This meant that Sierra was not into starting a lawsuit against ZZ Top. So, the easy route was taken, and all future releases of the game have been altered.

The ZZ Top-logo on the drums has been replaced by the Sierra-logo. Frank Gibbons and Dusty Hill mutated into tiny pygmies while Frank beard received weird trunks and purple hair.
First releaseRe-release

The censoring can be removed easily, though, by deleting the two files 433.v56 and 533.v56 from the game's folder, ZZ Top performs correctly after doing so.