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1.16 The Galileo Seven


  • TV (Syndicated Version)
  • Original Version
Release: Jul 12, 2021 - Author: Peda - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

The Starship Enterprise - everyone knows it. Affectionately referred to as the "classic series" these days, the old Star Trek series from 1966 is the cornerstone of something a lot of fans would call the greatest space saga ever, which would go on to be followed by several more TV series and feature films. This success could not have been imagined when the series was first broadcast. Produced under the tightest budgets and schedules, the ratings always left room for improvement. Only the massive commitment of the fan base, which was already loyal at the time, made it possible for the series to make it to 3 seasons. Then NBC pulled the plug and Star Trek seemed dead.

In the early 1970's, the series was sold to so-called "syndicated" stations, smaller, local stations that broadcast Star Trek on the best slots and sparked an enthusiasm for the series that would later lead to the production of the feature films. And yet another station bought into the series - ZDF. A bold move for a public broadcaster of the time, but not too bold either: German viewers got to see only 26 selected episodes, and in 1973 another 13 of the total 79 episodes. Unfortunately, ZDF did not acquire the original NBC versions, but the syndicated versions, in which numerous episodes had been cut in favor of commercial time. Therefore, we're discussing those in our archive.

"The Galileo Seven" is one of the most accomplished episodes of the first season. It was originally written with the female "Number 1" of the first pilot in mind, which makes McCoy's allusions to Spock's alleged "hunger for command" really make sense. Lots of nice effects and a tremendous tension curve make for a real highlight.

There are about 2 minutes and 11 seconds missing due to 7 cuts.

A shot of the Enterprise was shortened to hide the English episode title.
9 sec

When Spock refuses to attack the creatures, the dialogue was shortened in the German version. He emphasizes that there is always a better way than using force.
Spock: "I'm not interested in the opinion of the majority, Mr. Gaetano! The components must be weighed. Our dangers to ourselves, along with our duties to other life forms, friendly or not. There's a third course."
Gaetano: "That could get us killed."
Spock: "I think not!"
18 sec

Gaetano is attacked by the creatures. Thrown by stones and spears, he loses his phaser in the mist. After trying in vain to climb over a rock wall, one of the creatures approaches and grabs him. A fade to black follows, and only then does the German version resume. The fact that this scene is missing is not necessarily a flaw - it actually makes Gaetano's disappearance more mysterious.
52 sec

As Spock carries away the dead Gaetano, he is attacked by the creatures with spears. The background music was cut quite cleverly in the German version.
21 sec

As one of the creatures mauls the space shuttle, Spock ponders where he might have miscalculated.
Spock: "And yet two men have died!"
2 sec

Right after the previous cut, the German version also shows the creature hitting the space shuttle with the rock. Then, part of the dialogue between Spock and McCoy is missing again, while the space shuttle is shaken.
McCoy: "And you've brought our furry friends down on us."
Spock: "I seem to have miscalculated regarding them. And inculcated resentment on your parts. The sum of all parts cannot be greater than the whole!"
10 sec

After Spock confirms to be quite stubborn in the final scene, the German version goes directly into the self-made credits. So we're missing the end of the scene that Phil Farrand, in his Nitpicker's Guide, called the "longest forced-sounding final scene laughter" in the entire series. And right he is.
19 sec