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Two Evil Eyes

Warrior: S1

Pan's Labyrinth

DmC: Devil May Cry


Definitive Edition
Rating: PEGI 16+
Region: Austria

Original Version
Rating: USK 16
Region: Germany

Release: Feb 13, 2016 - Author: Once - Translator: Tony Montana




In March 2015, the Definitive Edition of DmC: Devil May Cry was released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The Definitive Edition is not only a graphical upgrade but there are also contentwise differences. Furthermore, it contains any additional content (including the DCL Vergil's Downfall) that were released over the years. One also has the option to change Dante's skin (which does not have any influence on the cutscenes though).



The Alteration:



For the Definitive Edition, a dialog in the intro has been shortened. According to the developers, this is not censorship. They just never liked the scene and the Definitive Edition was the perfect opportunity to make a few changes. Another cutscene got altered lengthened as well.



Whether the intro alteration is considered censorship or enhancement, as the developers call it, is up to oneself. The general enhancements (such as graphics) and add-ons (all DLCs) are a "Definitive Upgrade" though.






Compared are the Definitive Edition (PlayStation 4) and the Original Version (PlayStation 3).


The intro sequence contains an altered dialog between Mundus and Lilith plus the sex reference got cut. As already pointed out in the intro of this comparison, according to the developers, this is not censorship. Instead, it is supposed to enhance that sequence.

The bold-marked part is missing in the Definitive Edition.

Mundus: "[...] Soon I will own everything worth owning. I will control the world through debt. I have absolute power."
Lilith: "The world is at last your bitch. As am I. Nothing left, you just grab it by the hair, bend it over and..."

Screenshots to illustrate the scene

Erweiterungen in der Definitive Edition

In the alteration process, several effects (also blood) were modified. But since this neither increases nor decreases the level of violence, it will not be listed in detail. Only one single scene from the cutscene in chapter 14 has screenshots because the blood level is destinctly higher.

And then there is the already loger cutscene in chapter 20.

Furthermore, some fights and positions of the oppenents have been altered - not considered in this comparison.

Mission 14

In the cutscene before the fight with Mundus' breed, the illustrated blood differs a little. There is more blood in the Definitive Edition when Lilith frees the breed.

Original VersionDefinitive Edition

Mission 20

The last cutscene, which starts after the fight with Vergil, is different as well it is longer in the Definitive Edition.

The Original Version shows Dante from a closer distance right before the end credits. And when the credits begin, one gets to see his demoniacal eyes.

Original Version

The scene with the eyes is missing in the Definitive Edition. As compensation, one gets to see Dante and Kat walking away from the battle field. Also, Dante slowly moves his hand closer to Kat's butt.

Definitive Edition