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Den of Thieves


  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Cut
Release: May 24, 2018 - Author: Mike Lowrey - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB

Den of Thieves - Rough Heist Movie with Similarities to Heat



The ingridients of Den of Thieves seem obvious: Two gangs of heavily muscled, grimly looking guys with automatic weapons with guys like Gerard Butler (300, Olympus Has Fallen) and 50 Cent (Get Rich or Die Tryin') & Ice Cube's son O'Shea Jackson (Straight Outta Compton) are on different sides. It should not take long until punches and bullets are being exchanged, now should it?



But sometimes, things do not turn out the way one would expect because between the opening scene and the finale, Christian Gudegast's thriller which he started planing 14 years ago turns out to be a heist movie that slowly builds suspense. Similarities to Heat are almost unavoidable even though the latter is still on another level. Nonetheless, Den of Thieves is quite entertaining and the worldwide box office result speaks volumes. With approx. $45 million domestic and approx. $80 million worldwide, the studio was so satisfied that the sequel has already been green-lit. So far, it is only known that the sequel will be about a diamond heist in Europe and Butler will be back as well.



Criminal Squad: US Theatrical Version and an Unrated Cut



The Theatrical Version is not exactly short and the Unrated Cut puts 8 minutes on top of it. But taking a look at the additional footage, it turns out to be rather superfluous. It appears as if Gudegast had a poblem with the length of the Theatrical Version because there is no additional action in the Unrated Cut at all. Instead, the new footage looks like it was cut for a reason (even though there are even more deleted scenes on the US Blu-ray). The new scenes do not reveal anything new about the characters. There is one single exception though: As for Butler's character, the recut does indeed make sense. Ideally, this alteration could have been made for the Theatrical Version as well.



Compared are the Theatrical Version and the Unrated Cut (both available on the US Blu-ray by Universal Pictures).



20 differences, consisting of

13 extended scenes

3 scenes with alternate footage

3 additional scenes

1 recut



The Unrated Cut is 479,88 sec resp. approx. 8 minutes longer than the Theatrical Version.

0:09:40: Right after the prolog that shows Merrimen and his crew stealing the money transporter, the Unrated Cut continues with Nick driving home where his wife confronts him with him cheating on her. They argue, she then takes the children and leaves. This scene is also in the Theatrical Version but much later (please see 32:45).
no difference

Extended Scene
0:10:28: Being part of the recut is an extended scene: Nick wants to enter his house through the backdoor but the door is locked so he has crawl through some window.
Obviously, this scene has been removed for time reasons only.
65.88 sec

Alternate Footage
0:13:49: When Nick swears while leaning on the counter, the Unrated Cut shows him via close-up while the Theatrical Version sticks to the shot from a further distance.
Unrated Cut 3.64 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated Cut

Alternate Footage
0:16:38: In the Theatrical Version, Nick self-ironically says to himself rather quickly: "Perfect.". In the Unrated Cut, he appears more desperate and rubs his face which also takes longer.
Unrated Cut 6.92 sec longer

Theatrical VersionUnrated Cut

Additional Scene
0:16:54: Nick is at his house, thinking. He is then being called to the crime scene. Still upset, he says: "You gotta be fucking kidding me.". Then the introductory flash "Big Nick".
36.6 sec

Extended Scene
0:18:19: Nick explains he had enough toxins in his body for a Gay Pride parade on the Gaza Strip.
3.44 sec

Extended Scene
0:18:41: Not certain why but the shot of Nick taking the donut out of the box is slightly shorter.
0.92 sec

Extended Scene
0:18:43: Nick tells two cops to expand the parameter because there was not enough room.
7.92 sec

Alternate Footage
0:27:41: In the Theatrical Version, Donnie looks around while lying in bed. In the Unrated Cut, he is being surprised by Nick. He comes out of the bathroom, puts on his belt and leaves with a barely dressed hooker. On his way out, he yells: "Fräulein! You're up, yeah!" (Screenshots only for the Unrated Cut)
12.56 sec

Extended Scene
0:28:11: Donnie looks out of the window in order to figure out his current location.
16.36 sec

Extended Scene
0:29:06: Murph asks Donnie if he was in the mood for a BJ.
3.68 sec

Extended Scene
0:34:41: Further interior shot of the bar: Donnie is being called over to the table.
5.36 sec

Extended Scene
0:36:34: The guard asks Merrimen if he wanted to take anything from his cell but Merrimen does not say a single word and they begin to move.
13.08 sec

Extended Scene
0:37:10: The guard looks at him mockingly while he is leaving. Merrimen's girlfriend gives him a wam welcome but he is rather cold and does not even really hug her. Instead, he asks if she had a pair of sunglasses for him but she forget them and gives him hers instead which he puts on reluctantly. When Nick asks Donnie where he had met Merrmen, the Unrated Cut shows her for a brief moment while the Theatrical Version only contains it from the off.
36.88 sec

Extended Scene
0:37:52: Bosco and Donnie arrive at the Rhodes. Donnie welcomes Levoux whoo snarls because Merrimen is in the garden. Through the garage, Donnie and Bosco get to the back.
37.64 sec

Additional Scene
0:43:03: Nick goes shopping and he sees his wife Debbie with the daughters. While the kids do not see him, Nick and Debbie look at each other before Debbie keeps walking.
43.96 sec

Extended Scene
0:51:00: Nick gets in the car and starts reading the divorce papers.
31.72 sec

Additional Scene
0:55:26: Nick and the other are walking across some hallway. While doing so, they wonder what Merrimen's crew is up to at FED. While Nick trusts them to do it, the others are do not share his faith.
50.68 sec

Extended Scene
1:08:52: While Nick is on his way to te frontdoot in the Theatrical Version, he turns around in the Unrated Cut. He tells Debbie's new boyfriend not wonder about the spot on her lower back when he takes her doggystyle because she has Nick's name tatted there. He then hisses to Debbie she should call him. It not until then that Nick turns around and leaves.
27.08 sec

Additional Scene
1:17:55: Levoux and his family are in the kitchen. He asks his daughter if she had had fun at the party and if her date had treated her well. She simply nods and goes to the other students who pick her up. But Levoux stops her at the frontdoor. He wants to know if she was aware that he loved her. She says yes, they hug and wave each other.
75.56 sec