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Release: Nov 01, 2009 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the R-Rated (US-DVD) and the Unrated (UK-DVD)

About the film:

Immediately after graduation, Scott is confronted with his girlfriend's decision of ending their relationship. Together with his buddy Cooper, Scott decides to go on a trip to Germany to meet his pen friend Mieke. However, their journey leads them to Paris first, where they meet Jenny and Jamie who are two former classmates of them. These four then decide to travel to Germany together but before they get there they unintentionally explore half of Europe...
During that wild trip across Europe there are a lot of clichés involved, of course.

About the versions:

Like the majority of teen comedies being released in the last years, EuroTrip is also available as both an R-Rated and an Unrated version. The R-Rated features some alternate material and was slightly cut at some points. You still get to see enough breasts and penises in this edited version, though.

Comparison of images:


US-DVD (R-Rated):


Unrated: 88:03 min. (PAL)
R-Rated: 89:58 min. (NTSC)

In the opening credits there's a scene change already. The naked girl in the overhead locker wears a bathing suit in the R-Rated version. The man keeps his shirt on as well.


R-Rated: 2,96 sec.
Unrated: 2,96 sec.


Also at the end of the opening credits the couple is either naked or dressed.


R-Rated: 1,00 sec.
Unrated: 1,00 sec.


Mieke's congratulatory mail is slightly different in both versions.


R-Rated: 5,12 sec.
Unrated: 5,12 sec.


The R-Rated shows an alternate scene as the girls climb out of the pool. Cooper comments on that:

Cooper: "Hello Candy."

The Unrated version shows one of the girls being topless. This is followed by a cut to Cooper and another one to the girl.

Cooper: "Well, there's your R-rating right there."

R-Rated: 4,76 sec.
Unrated: 6,76 sec.


As Cooper jumps into the pool the R-Rated uses alternate material again. The Unrated shows the girl being topless, in the R-Rated she wears a bikini. The dialogue is identical.


R-Rated: 6,28 sec.
Unrated: 6,28 sec.


In the scene where Cooper makes the girl rubbing her breast in the pool, the R-Rated features alternate material once again. The dialogues are quite the same but in the R-Rated version Cooper says that the girl should take off her bra because it's in the way. The Unrated shows her topless the whole time.


R-Rated: 39,84 sec.
Unrated: 29,92 sec.


The R-Rated shows the girl a few frames longer.

This scene is slightly extended in the Unrated version.

Cooper: "Maybe tree sap or something. Try pinching it."

She pushes her breast.

Cooper. "No, it's just not coming off. I'll tell you what. Lick your fingers, get some saliva going."
Candy: "Like this?"
Cooper: "Yeah. Again, not enough saliva."

Candy wets her finger.

Candy: "Is it off yet?"

R-Rated: 0,16 sec.
Unrated: 30,68 sec.


One line of Bert was removed.

Bert: "Fuckin'A, Scott."

Unrated: 1,32 sec.


The Italian guy is seen longer. He walks down the corridor and enters another cabin.

Unrated: 16,36 sec.


The R-Rated omits a cut to the guys and then to the nudists.

Unrated: 6,28 sec.


The naked, elderly man can be seen some frames earlier.

Unrated: 0,20 sec.


The R-Rated version doesn't contain a cut to an old man that washes himself with a cloth. After that there are two shots on the four protagonists.

Unrated: 6,60 sec.


The R-Rated shows Jenny being indulged in the bathtub.

The Unrated version shows Cooper who watches a foreign “TV-spot” for orange juice.

R-Rated: 2,76 sec.
Unrated: 12,40 sec.


In the Unrated version, Cooper is seen earlier mixing together several drinks.

Unrated: 13,52 sec.


The Unrated version shows Jenny and Jamie kissing a bit earlier. This is followed by a shot on the green elf.

Elf: "Can you say, 'What the fuck did I do last night?'"

Unrated: 7,52 sec.


The Unrated has some more dialogue as last night's events are recapitulated.

Scott: "Consider it forgotten."
Jamie: "Never happened. Never happened."
Cooper: "Fine. Let's just foget about it. It's not like you two had sex. Have you had sex?"
Jamie: "Shut up, Cooper."
Scott: "Jamie, relax. Cooper. Please?"

Unrated: 15,24 sec.