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Terminator 2 - Judgment Day


  • Theatrical Version
  • Special Edition
Release: Feb 20, 2010 - Author: VideoRaider - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB
The following censorship report is combined as follows:

I. Introduction

II. Original Version

II. a) The new age

II. b) Patient 82

II. c) Patient Silberman

II. d) Sal(vation)

II. e) Grant

II. f) Atomic Dreams

II. h) Alternate effect shots

III. Deleted Scenes

III. a) House search

III. b) Judgment Day

III. c) Dialogue shreds

IV. Versions

IV. a) Theatrical Version

IV. b) Special Edition (Director’s Cut)

IV. c) Ultimate Cut

IV. d) T-1000-Edition

IV. e) Australian Theatrical Version

V. Censorship Report

V. a) Cuts

V. b) Audio differences

VI. References

I. Introduction

In 1991, James Cameron created „Terminator 2 – Jugdment Day“ which is not only an interesting action film with a different concept but also a milestone in film history that hasn’t lost anything of its fascination up to this day. For the first time a budget of 100 million Dollars was granted for a film. Only 7 years later, Cameron would also break the 200 million Dollar barrier with his film “Titanic” and this year, “Avatar” will break the 300 million Dollar budget. Today, this doesn’t raise many eyebrows, after all, even “Terminator Salvation”, the third installment of the franchise, had a budget of 200 million Dollars. In 1991, though, this was a gigantic amount of money no studio was able to afford. Since James Cameron and his school day friend William Wisher had a vision of the sequel quite early, it was clear that at least with the visualization of the antagonist there was no room for savings. Even if some of the effective shots were taken out of the planning, no serious savings could have been achieved (and surely not a better quality of the film). So Arnold used his contacts (and his muscles, maybe) and brought producer Mario Kassar, with whom he already worked on “Total Recall”, into the production. Kassar said that he would organize the budget, but only as a co-producer and teamed up with a second financier. Finally, the French studio Canal+ was found to fill the gap. Kassar will surely never have regretted his decision to finance Cameron’s cyborg sequel since ” Terminator 2 – Judgment Day” broke box office records and managed to convince critics worldwide. The highest award: 4 Oscars for the SFX-team which managed to mix up well-tried trick techniques (animatronics, back projection, etc.) with absolutely trend-setting CGI so convincingly that it even today, almost 20 years later, still looks satisfying.

For Cameron, the Terminator-saga was completed with the two films – even though different quotes exist to that fact. Only Arnold returned as T-850 in 2003 for the sequel “Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines”. In 2009, he lent his face for McG’s “Terminator Salvation”. Furthermore, a short-living TV series named “The Sarah Connor Chronicles” and various spin-offs (as comics or videogames) followed but couldn’t live up to the financial or artistic success of the predecessors.

II. Original Version

Originally, the story of „Terminator 2 – Jugdment Day“ didn’t vary from the completed film since structure, process and topic were clear from the beginning, but in the course of the production, massive elements of the story had to be cut out, changed or combined with other storylines. This is a short overview of the most important storylines that finally didn’t make it into the final film (out of various reasons):

II. a) The new age
The biggest change in contrast to the original script can be found in the opening sequence of the film. In the film version, Sarah Connor’s voice introduces us to the world of the film. We see a part of the post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where a battle of the future war against the machines is being fought. John Connor watches it from a hill. Originally, Sarah Connor wasn’t supposed to introduce the viewer but the voice of a male soldier. The following battle was meant to be the final fight against SkyNet and the day of victory against the machines – July 12th, 2029.

After we witnessed a gigantic battle the film focuses on a group of young soldiers who fight their way through the ruins. Every one of them fights eagerly until suddenly all machines stand still. The T-800s, which tried to destroy every human in sight just a second ago, do not show a single movement. The helicopters crash on the ground and the tanks stop driving. Some moments later, the Colorado Division radios the salvation: the war is over, SkyNet is destroyed.

This is followed by a longer storyline taking place inside of SkyNet. Together with his closest companion Fuentes, John Connor secures the time travel of Kyle Reese, whom he just met shortly. After the successful time travel, Connor’s technicians learn that SkyNet did send a second Terminator – the T-1000 – back in time before being destroyed. Totally surprised by that and without any preparation, a second time travel is induced by the technicians. Only Connor doesn’t seem to be surprised by that. Without much thinking, he chooses the Terminator model that should be sent back: the T-800.

After the two successful time travels, the film switches back to present time when the T-800 arrives at the Corral Bar.

It’s very sad that this storyline had to be removed but it is understandable. This would have cost at least 20 minutes of runtime and wouldn’t have promoted the story. Furthermore, the film was very expensive even without that and a convincing realization of the final battle against SkyNet would have needed the biggest part of the budget.

II. b) Patient 82
The scenes with Sarah taking place in the Pascadero Sanatarium were originally more drastic. In one scene, Dr. Silberman orders an electroshock therapy for Sarah. This scene was to show that Sarah Connor, the mother of the soon-to-be savior and liberator John Connor, is no more than a wreck, a human test object with no influence on her own life nor on the “storm” that’s to come.

Cameron finally decided not to film the scene because it didn’t drive the film and wouldn’t place John Connor in the middle of the story. Furthermore, the martyrdom of Sarah Connor was handled very well (especially by the extended scenes of the Special Edition) so that the electro shock therapy would have possibly missed its effect.

II. c) Patient Silberman
After the T-1000 and the T-800 destroyed the Pascadero Sanatarium, the police arrive at the scenery. Dr. Silberman sits totally shocked in front of the sanatarium, almost having a mental breakdown. He stumbles: „... it was all true and we're all going to die and the changed, I saw him change!“ He then gets a sedative while the T-1000 enters the scene and steals a police car.

Another short scene that looks interesting on paper but would not have contributed much to the story: Silberman’s fate didn’t need to be followed because his character wasn’t relevant for the story. The return to Pascadero would have been a fallback as well. The storyline was completed with Sarah Connor’s escape.

II. d) Sal(vation)
After Sarah, John and the Terminator started their journey to Miles Dyson, Enrique Salceda did not escape, although Sarah advised him to do so. The T-1000 finds his hideout and forces him to give him the information about Sarah’s and John’s whereabouts. When Sal refuses to tell him that, the T-1000 starts torturing him. Sal knows that he’ll not survive this and lets some hand grenades explode. This kills him and immobilizes the T-1000 for a while because his head is ripped off. When he gets it back, he goes to Sal’s wife and kids who finally tell him where Sarah and John where heading to.

This scene was not shot because it would have slowed down the film and because it would have included the second suicide in a very short time. Furthermore, the T-1000’s arrival at the house of Miles Dyson was explainable in a different way.

II. e) Grant

Originally, Enrique Salceda wasn’t the only former military companion of Sarah Connor. In the film, John mentions a green beret with whom he and Sarah lived together for several years. This mercenary was originally supposed to appear and a very large part of the Sal-scene should have taken place there. Grant would have given them the truck, weapons and ammunition – and the T-1000 would have also gone to Grant and tortured him.

Finally, this scene was removed completely and mixed into the Sal-material because of the reason that it would not have served the storyline.

II. f) Atomic Dreams
Shortly before Miles Dyson activates the detonator of the explosive charge and by that explodes together with Cyberdyne Systems, he was supposed to pause and look into the future of his family. Here, he sees his wife and kids burn to death in agony in a nuclear firestorm. This was supposed to work as another motivation why Dyson kills himself. In a later draft, the nuclear explosion was removed and he just saw his family playing on a sunny day. Later, this was removed, as well.

This scene was not implemented because the Jugdment Day (August 27th, 1997) was already mentioned in two other scenes. The makers didn’t want to make it trivial by repeating it too often.

Sarah Connor’s second apocalyptic dream was originally going to show not only the destruction of Los Angeles but also an abstract rocket launch by which the missile silos were supposed to be located directly underneath the playground and release the rockets.

II. g) Alternate effect shots
The film making process is vital and creative. In its course, planned shoots, shots or scenes are changed, extended or completely removed out of various reasons. It was no exception with “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day”. Here, sometimes totally opposing ideas concerning the realization of effects existed; special moments of the film weren’t planned but were developed right in the middle of the shooting. James Cameron, for example, spontaneously decided that the roof of the driver’s cabin of the truck should get ripped off during the chase. The future war was supposed to be much longer and should also have included the so-called Spider Tanks. The realization of those would have been too expensive regarding the budget and time, though. The death of the T-1000 was planned to have more effect shots, for example, it was planned that he would jump out of his hot metal bath and hold on desperately to some tubes hanging above him while his underbelly melts away. Finally, he falls back downwards.

These scenes and shots are all very spectacular but their realization would have costed too much time and money. Sometimes, they were just too much.

III. Deleted Scenes

Of course, also „Terminator 2 – Judgment Day“ has his infamous deleted scenes, something, that’s a common part of today’s DVD editions. Here, just two complete scenes can be found. Some more, little sequences are left unreleased up to this day (see below).

III. a) House search
After the T-1000 murdered John Connor’s foster parents, he searches his room for information on his potential whereabouts. There, he also finds pictures of Sarah and John during the time when they were with the paramilitary forces in South America.

This scene was, among others, removed because of runtime issues. It doesn’t add anything new to the story except the clarification that the T-1000 has the ability to scan objects for information (this was already shown when he searches the police computer).

III. b) Judgment Day
One of the best-known deleted scenes ist he alternate ending of the film. Here, Sarah Connor sits in a park in Washington D.C. on July 11th, 2029. She watches her son John Connor, who is US senator these days, while he spends time with his kids on a playground. This scene was described extensively in both, the script and the official novel and also produced completely (thus with all effects).

Finally, Cameron didn’t use this ending because it doesn’t make sense content-related and because it closes the film’s central topic („No fate but what we make!“) without interpretative space while the actual end stays open and leaves the viewer, just as like as the characters, to an uncertain future whose ending they still can affect. Unfortunately, a part of the scenes was reintegrated into the Ultimate Cut, without Cameron’s permission.

III. c) Dialogue fragments
There are countless little scenes that were cut out. Mostly, they’re just dialogue. After their escape from the Pescadero sanitarium, John starts crying and is slapped by Sarah for that. She then asks whether the Terminator could stop the T-1000, but the answer to that is unknown. The best dialogue that is missing, unfortunately, is where John realizes that the T-800 has to be eliminated as well. John tries to stop it. The Terminator turns his head, his human half of his face turns away and his destroyed left face showing the endoskeleton can be seen. He says: „It has to end here - or I am the future.“

IV. Versions

Officially, there are only two cuts of „Terminator 2 – Judgment Day“. The theatrical version and the Special Edition were edited and approved by director James Cameron. Because of different distributors and rating boards around the world, there are much more “official” versions released on the market. Here’s a short overview of the most important versions of “Terminator 2 – Judgment Day”.

IV. a) Theatrical Version

Runtime: 137 minutes
Rating: R-Rated

The theatrical version is the regular cut of „Terminator 2 – Judgment Day“ and was released in every country except Australia. This version is favored by director James Cameron.

IV. b) Special Edition (Director’s Cut)

Runtime: 152 minutes
Rating: R-Rated

This so-called Special Edition was released in 1995 by Pioneer in the US. Meanwhile, this is the most widespread version and is seen as the standard by fans of the film.

IV. c) Ultimate Cut

Runtime: 154 minutes
Rating: R-Rated

The so-called Ultimate Cut of „Terminator 2 – Judgment Day“ is in fact a bluff package. Here, two scenes were included that can be found as deleted scenes in the bonus material of the Special Edition. One scene shows the T-1000 searching John’s room, another scene shows an alternate ending in Los Angeles in the year 2029. Here, the judgment day did not take place and John Connor is now a father and US senator. The latter scene was removed by James Cameron himself, despite the fact that it does appear the script as well as in the official novel. It didn’t make any sense (without the judgment day there wouldn’t be a John Connor) and would have ended the film too positively.

IV. d) T-1000-Edition

Runtime: 146 minutes
Rating: BBFC 15

The T-1000 Edition is a little unicum because it is identical to the Special Edition but was censored in some violent scenes. In order to achieve the BBFC 15-rating in the UK, Universal decided to censor 10 scenes which led to an overall difference of 40 seconds.

IV. e) Australian Theatrical Version

Runtime: ? minutes
Rating: M

The Australian Theatrical Version is similar to the T-1000 Edition: an interesting unicum. Here, the origin is unknown, though. While the theatrical version was uncensored around the world (except the UK, among others), the Australian cinemas had a wholly different cut, a mix out of theatrical version, Special Edition and Ultimate Cut. This cut included the alternate ending of the Ultimate Cut and some scenes of the Special Edition. The dream sequence where Sarah meets Kyle Reese is included while the punishment by the nurses is missing.

The following Video-/DVD- and Blu-ray-releases are, however, identical to the original theatrical version, the Special Edition or the Ultimate Cut. The reason, why the Australians had this different cut of the movie in the theatres, could not be found.

V. Censorship Report

Comparison between the Theatrical Version (R-Rated) and the Special Edition (R-Rated).

Theatrical Version

Runtime: 137 minutes
Rating: R-Rated

Special Edition (Director’s Cut)

Runtime: 152 minutes
Rating: R-Rated

V. a) Cuts
The actual censorship report. In total, 18 scenes were added.

Runtime Theatrical Version: 130 minutes and 57 seconds (PAL)
Runtime Special Edition: 146 minutes and 53 seconds (PAL)

Difference: 15 minutes and 56 seconds

(Note: The time codes on the covers and the many websites are usually referring tot he NTSC versions)

V. b) Audio differences
There are some audio differences between the two versions. Those were listed separately in order to keep the structure.

VI. References

The following sources were used to make this report:


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James Cameron, William Wisher: „Terminator 2: Judgment Day: The Book of the Film“ Applause Books, New York 2000

Websites (consulted on 15.11.2009)


James Cameron, William Wisher: „Terminator 2 - Judgement Day - Final Shooting Script“

James Cameron, William Wisher: „Terminator 2 - Judgement Day - Draft (05/10/90)“

Acknowledgement to the authors Alan Smithee, who did the first report, as well as to Il Gobbo for some cover scans.
V. a) Cuts

Two care workers enter Sarah’s room and ask her to take her pills. Sarah refuses and they hit her and then shock her with a stun gun. When she finally just lies on the ground gasping, the pills are almost stuffed into her mouth.
53 sec.

Douglas: „Time to take your meds, Connor.“
Sarah Connor: „You take it!“
Douglas: „You know, you gotta be good ’cause you‘re up for review this afternoon.“
Sarah Connor: „I am not taking it, Dougie. I don‘t want any trouble.“
Douglas: „Ain‘t no trouble.“
[Douglas punches Connor in the stomach and she sinks to the ground in pain.]

Douglas: „Zap her!“
[The second nurse shocks Connor.]

Douglas: „Last call, sugar! Sweet dreams.“
[Douglas stuffs the medicine into Sarah’s mouth and leaves the room with his colleague. Sarah still lies on the ground as they leave.]

Sarah Connor meets Kyle Reese, the time travelling womanizer from part 1, in a dream sequence. He summons her to continue fighting and to care for John who’s endangered once more. Kyle leaves the room and Sarah runs after him until she suddenly stands in front of a playground. She tries to warn the mothers and children about the future by screaming loudly but suddenly a glaring light appears at the horizon – a nuclear impact.
192 sec.

Kyle Reese: „Sarah. Sarah, wake up!“
Sarah Connor: „Kyle! You are dead...“
Kyle Reese: „Where’s our son, Sarah?“
Sarah Connor: „They took him away from me.“
Kyle Reese: „He’s the target now!“
Sarah Connor: „I know.“
Kyle Reese: „He’s all alone. You have to protect him!“
Sarah Connor: „I know. You tell me how am I suppose to do that? He doesn’t even believe me anymore. I’ve lost him...“
Kyle Reese: „You’re strong, Sarah! Stronger you’ve ever thought you could be!“
Sarah Connor: „No...“
Kyle Reese: „On your feet, soldier! Ilove you, Sarah! I always will...“
Sarah Connor: „I need you!“
Kyle Reese: „I will always be with you. Remember the message: the future is not set. There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.“
[Kyle suddenly stands in the open door.]

Sarah Connor: „Stay with me...“
Kyle Reese: „There’s not much time left in the world, Sarah.“
[Kyle leaves the room.]

Sarah Connor: „Kyle, don‘t go... Kyle!“
[Sarah runs after Kyl, opens a door and suddenly finds herself in front of a playground.]

[She tries to warn the playing children when suddenly an atomic bomb explodes.]

[With the glaring impact of the atomic blast, Sarah wakes up.]

The T-1000 steals a police car while the firefighters extinguish the destroyed truck in the sewer.
19 sec.

The T-1000 leaves the house of John’s foster parents. When he notices the dog, he enters his cage, kills him and rips off his dog tag violently. Looking at it, he recognizes that he fell for a trick of the T-800.
27 sec.

John wants the T-800 to be able to learn. Therefore, a barrier in his head has to be uninstalled. The T-800 instructs Sarah how to remove it. After she got the CPU out, she decides to destroy it. John can barely deter her from that and reminds her that the T-800 is most likely their last chance. She reluctantly sets the chip back in.
195 sec.

Terminator: „My CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer. But SkyNet presets the swith to read only when we sent out alone.“
Sarah Connor: „They don’t want you to do to much thinking, huh?“
Terminator: „No.“
John Connor: „KCan we reset the switch?“
[Sarah follows the orders of the Terminator and opens his metal skull.]

Terminator: „Rotate the two locking cylinders counterclockwise. Do it! Now open the port cover. Pull to break the seal. Good. Now remove the shock damping assembly. You can now access the CPU. Do you see it?
Sarah Connor: „Yes.“
[Sarah removes the shock damping assembly.]

Terminator: „Pull the CPU by its base tap. Pull.“
[Terminator goes offline.]

John Connor: „Can you see the pin switch?“
[Sarah steps aside, takes a hammer and wants to destroy the CPU - John tries to deter her from that.]

John Connor: „No, no, NO!“
Sarah Connor: „Out of my way, John!“
John Connor: „Don’t kill him!“
Sarah Connor: „IT, John - not him.“
John Connor: „Okay - IT! But we need it!“
Sarah Connor: „Listen to me! Listen. We’re better off on our own!“
John Connor: „He’s the only proof of the future, the war and all that!“
Sarah Connor: „Maybe. I don’t trust it.“
John Connor: „But he’s my friend, alright?“
Sarah Connor: „You don’t know what it’s like to kill one of these things! And if something goes wrong this could be our last chance! So, MOVE“
John Connor: „Look, mom! If I am supposed to be this great military leader, maybe you should listen to my leadership ideas once in awhile! ’Cause if my own mother won’t, how do you expect anyone else to?“
John Connor: „Alright, play it your way.“
[Sarah reassembles the CPU.]

Terminator: „Was there a problem?“
John Connor: „No problem. None whatsoever.“

At a gas station, John tries to teach the Terminator how to smile. Therefore, the T-800 scans the face of a laughing man and tries to imitate it.
75 Sec.

Sarah Connor: „You got any cash?“
John Connor: „I got a couple of hundred bucks. I’ll give you half.“
[Sarah takes the money from John and counts it.]
John Connor: „Mom!“
Sarah Connor: „Get some food.“
[Sarah gives John a share of the money back and goes away.]
Sarah Connor: „No sense of humor“
[John and the Terminator get out and walk towards the gas station.]
John Connor: „And that’s another thing: you can lighten up a bit yourself. This severe routine is getting old, okay?. I mean, you’re acting like such a geek. Smile once in a while.“
Terminator: „Smile?“
John Connor: „Yeah, you know, smile! Watch!“
[John turns towards the salesperson.]

John Connor: „Hey! Nice place you got here! How‘s business?“
Salesperson: „Gimme a break.“
[John turns away.]

John Connor: „Okay, bad example. See that guy over there? That‘s a smile!“
[John points to a smiling man, the Terminator scans his smile and tries to reconstruct it.]
John Connor: „That‘s good. Maybe you can practice in front of a mirror or something...“

Miles Dyson, the soon-to-be founder of SkyNet, sits at his home computer and works on the development of the CPU that will later be implemented into the Terminator. His wife then enters and asks him to stop working and take care of the kids.
134 Sec.

Tarissa Dyson: „Miles? Miles?“
[Tarissa Dyson tries to reach her husband over the home phone. When he doesn’t react, she goes into his home office.]

Tarissa Dyson: „You going to work all day?“
Miles Dyson: „I am sorry, baby. But this thing is just kicking my ass.“
Tarissa Dyson: „Miles, it’s Sunday. You promised to take the kids to Raging Waters today.“
Miles Dyson: „I can’t. I‘m on a roll. Baby, this is gonna blow ’em all away! It‘s a neural-net processor!“
Tarissa Dyson: „I know. You told me. It‘s a neural-net processor. It thinks and learns like we do. It‘s superconducting at room temperature! Other computers are just pocket calculaters in comparison!“
Miles Dyson: „Yeah!“
Tarissa Dyson: „Why is that so god damn important, Miles? I really need to know, ’cause sometimes I feel like I am going crazy here!“
Miles Dyson: „Baby, I am this close! Come here.
[Tarissa sits on Miles’ lap.]
Miles Dyson: „Imagine a jet airliner with a pilot that never gets tired, never makes mistakes, never shows up to work with a hangover. Meet the pilot!“
Tarissa Dyson: „Why did we get married, Miles? Why did we have these children? You don’t need us. Your heart and your mind are in here. But it doesn’t love you like we do.“
[Tarissa points on a model of the neural net processor.]
Miles Dyson: „I am sorry. Really.“
Tarissa Dyson: „How about spending some time with your other babies?“

[Miles’ and Tarissa’s kids suddenly stand in the door and run towards them.]
Miles Dyson: „Hey, hey! Haha! Raging Waters!“

Sarah advises Enrique to vanish with his family.
12 sec.

Sarah Connor: „Enrique, it‘s dangerous for you here. You get out tonight too, okay??“
Enrique: „Sure. Just drop by any time and totally fuck up my life.“

John and the Terminator collect weapons and ammo. While doing so, John asks the Terminator whether he’s afraid of death. The Terminator negates that.
69 sec.

John Connor: „See, I grew up in places like this, so I thought that‘s how people lived: riding around in helicopters, learning how to blow shit up. But then when my mom got busted, I got put in a regular school. The other kids were into Nintendo.“
[John carries a box and then stops for a short moment.]
John Connor: „Are you ever afraid?“
Terminator: „No.“
John Connor: „Not even of dying?“
Terminator: „No.“
John Connor: „You don‘t feel any emotion about it one way or another?“
Terminator: „No. I have to stay functional until the mission is complete. Then it doesn‘t matter.“
John Connor: „Yeah. I have to stay functional too. I am too...I am too important“

John tries to clarify the value of human life once more for the Terminator. The beginning of the dialogue was put on the introduction of the scene in the theatrical version.
40 sec.

John Connor: „Look, maybe you don‘t care if you live or die! But everybody‘s is not like that! We have feelings. We hurt. We‘re afraid. You gotta learn this stuff. I am not kidding. It’s important“

Sarah sneaks to Miles Dyson’s house.
21 sec.

Sarah applies her shotgun while Miles works on his computer.
12 sec.

In the Cyberdyne Systems Complex, Sarah, Miles and the Terminator destroy all relevant data over the development of SkyNet. When Miles stands in front of a CPU, he asks the Terminator to give him the axe so he can destroy it himself.
59 sec.

Miles Dyson: „All the discs in my office. All the discs in that office over there. Everything behind my desk. And all the processors on my left.“
[Sarah and Miles collect all discs in order to destroy them.]

Sarah Connor: „We‘ll blow it up with the CP4!“
[Miles sees the model of the CPU, stops and then turns towards the Terminator.]

Miles Dyson: „Can I...erm...excuse me! Can I borrow that thing?“
[The Terminator gives the axe to Miles.]
Miles Dyson: „I worked a lot of years on this thing.“
[Miles destroys the model.]

When the T-1000 pursues John and Sarah, he shortly touches a railing and gets stuck. Being a little irritated by that, he relieves himself.
15 sec.

For a short time, the T-1000 fails to manage his facial expressions. Furthermore, his feet connect with the ground.
13 sec.

A short tracking shot of the fleeing trio is missing.
7 sec.

When John sees his right mother in the background, he shortly looks to the ground where the feet of the T-1000 connected with the ground.
3 sec.

The ending credits of the Special Edition are missing.
19 sec.

V. b) Audio differences

The theatrical version does not mention the blockade of the chip but did just add a sentence stating that the Terminator is able to learn things. This also causes the removal of a short reaction by John.

Theatrical Version:

Terminator: „My CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer. The more contact I have with humans, the more I learn.“
John Connor: „Cool.“

Special Edition:

Terminator: „My CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer. But SkyNet presets the switch to read only when we‘re sent out alone.“

No time difference

The following sentence had to be changed completely. This had to be done because the first part of the police call was noticed by the T-1000 in Dyson’s house, the second part by the policemen at Cyberdyne Systems. In the Special Edition there’s another scene (Miles and Sarah destroy the discs at Cyberdyne).

Theatrical Version:

Policewoman: „...white, male fitting description of the individual wanted for the murder of police officers in 1984. Suspects are armed and considered extreme..“

Special Edition:

Policeman: „One-Mary-Twenty-Three, give me that location again.“
Policewoman: „2111 Kramer. Suspects are armed and considered extremely dangerous..“

No time difference