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Release: Apr 24, 2012 - Author: Buster - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
You like insulting and clumsy humor about minorities like homeless people or homosexuals? You think drowing a newborn or eating a fetus pizza is hilarious? You enjoy watching chicks taking a dump? Well, then this movie is highly recommended. Just click on the amazon link and order the Unrated Version right now. Why waste any time in the first place, right?

Anyone should keep as much distance as possible!

Compared are the US R-Rated DVD and the US Unrate DVD.

Running time:
R-Rated: 81:54 min. NTSC (plus end credits)
Unrated: 89:02 min. NTSC (plus end credits)

The R-Rated Version lacks 7 minutes and 8 seconds in 8 extended scenes.
Extended Scene Unrated:
In the R-Rated, the segment 'The Adventures Of Dickman' lacks some short shots of Dickman making use of his primary weapon.

4 sec

Extended Scene Unrated:
The segment 'Miss America Bag Lady Pageant' lacks the following scene:

Co-host Slash is supposed to introduce candidate #3 when the organizer enters the stage and explains candidate #3 had been disqualified for attempted bribe of the jurors (she offered sexual favors). As prove, a short movie is being shown via big screen.

36 sec

Extended Scene Unrated:
Among other things, the porn critics present the movie 'Suhi Mama'. The shot of the actor moving his pelvis back and forth to simulate oral sex has been removed.

8 sec

Extended Scene Unrated:
While the R-Rated continues with the next movie, the Unrated sticks with the hosts Vincenzo and Spanky watching 'Suhi Mama'. Furthermore, a little review and a closing statement about the recently shown movie is missing. For this purpose, Vincenzo asks Joe to forward the sailor chick Joe was having fun with. Then he sticks a scale in the rubber vagina.
The result: 2.3 cm on the MAN-GOO scale - open end.

51 sec

Extended Scene Unrated:
The segment 'Donna Of The Dead' lacks several explicit shots.

3 min snd 42 sec

Postboy: "I want to party in your pussy!"
Arnold: "You want to party in her pussy? Oh, oh yeah! Oh yeah! So why don't you have some of her pussy? Oh yeah! Come on! Do it!"
Postboy: "I wan't to talk to the pussy!"
Arnold: "That't right! Yeah! That's how she really likes it! Yeah! In and out! Yeah!"
Postboy: "You got a big fat pussy!"
Arnold: "Yeah! Keep it going!"
Postboy: "Vertical smerk!"
Arnold: "Yeah! That's right! Just fucking do it! I mean, I'm gonna go over! The corner just to masturbate! Yeah! Right here! Yeah!"
Postboy: "Juicy pussy!"
Arnold: "Fuck yeah! Oh Donna! I like it so much! Yeah! Oh Donna! Donna yeah! Oh Donna do it! Come on Donna! Yeah! Fuck shit! Oh Donna! Donna do it! Donna feel it! Ohh! Ohh! Yeah!"

Arnold: "Yeah! Oh yeah Donna! So fuck yeah! So you like this fucking Postboy? Yeah? I'm gonna have every single woman in this fucking town! You'll gonna see it! I'm gonna show you how good I am! I am the fucker here! I am the fucker! Do you get this? Yeah! Oh yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! You are just a bitch! You are a bitch! Do you know that? You were nothing! Yeah! You wait until I'm gonna fuck your pussy! Yeah! You'll gonna see what's gonna happen! I am the fucker here! I am the fucker! You know that? You know that? Ha? Tell me! Son of a bitch! You know that? Tell me! What are you thinking? You gonna fuck with the Postboy? No! No No! No! I am yours and you are mine! That's right! Ah fuck! Ah fuck! Yeah! See it Donna? You are fucking this Postboy? I'm gonna show you! I'm gonna pay you back! Bitch! I'm gonna pay you back! Pay you back! Fuck you! I'll show you how it is! Can you see this? See! See!"

The upcoming movie review is missing. 'Donna Of The Dead' at least reaches 3.2 cm on the MAN-GOO scale.

Vincenzo: "I liked that one. It's pretty good."
Spanky: "Yeah I liked that one. Did you guys liked that one?"
Vincenzo: "I liked the background scenery."
Spanky: "Why? Why? Why? Why why? Really fascinating. Why? Why?"
Vincenzo: "Arnold went to acting classes. Helped him a lot."
Spanky: "Yeah definitely."
Vincenzo: "Her too. Ha ha."
Spanky: "Well I actually think she's a pretty good actress when you think she's come of age."
Vincenzo: "Yeah come of age. She really com of age like a piece of cheese."
Spanky: "Ha ha. Like a piece of cheese"
Vincenzo: "Hey that ain't funny. Shut up."
Spanky: "I think it's ... Allright."
Vincenzo: "Let's check out the MAN-GOO Level Let's see what we've got over here. Oh 3.2."
Spanky: "3.2."
Vincenzo: "Not ba. Not bad Joe."
Spanky: "Not bad."

Extended Scene Unrated:
The segment 'Sperm Lake' also lacks footage. Several shots of the protagonists spanking the monkey including... Whatever, see for yourself:

53 sec

Extended Scene Unrated:
The rating of the movie, incredible 9.2 cm on the MAN-GOO scale, is missing in the R-Rated. Therefore, the PALM'ALA HANDERSON AWARD goes to 'Sperm Lake'.

28 sec

Vincenzo: "Joe! Isn't that your twin sister in that film?"
Joe: "Yeah!"
Vincenzo: "This is sick dude. Getting of on your own sister. This is freaking sick. Wait! Let me check out the MAN-GOO Level"
Spanky: "Oh! Hold on a second. You getting all over him but you're the one who was breastfeeding until he was thirteen!"
Vincenzo: "That was my stepmom. Shut the fuck up!"
Spanky: "Thirteen!"
Vincenzo: "Jesus! Joe that's pretty sick!"
Spanky: "9 point fucking 2!"
Vincenzo: "His own sister!"

Alternate Footage:
R-Rated: 01:08:55 / Unrated 01:15:39
The R-Rated doesn't illustrate the result on the MAN-GOO scale.

no difference


Extended Scene Unrated:
Extended shot of the Marylin Monroe rip-off near the ventilation shaft. Under lustful moaning, she starts touching herself. The protagonist in the ventilation shaft enjoys the show very much.

26 sec