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Family Guy

6.09 Back to the Woods


  • TV Version (First Run)
  • DVD Version
Release: Apr 05, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the First Run and the extended DVD Version (both included in the DVD Box "Volume 6").

13 new/extended scenes (3 of them offer alternative footage)
+ 4 scenes with auditory censorship (again offering alternative footage)

Difference: 150.6 sec (= 2:31 min)

Family Guy is a very successful show aired on FOX. Since some jokes are simply too rude to air them on national television, the producers have to censor/cut scenes from time to time. However, they sometimes also cut some jokes away in order to reach the appropiate length for a TV-episode. Therefore, not all the changes that were made are a result of censorship. Nevertheless there still are enough hilarious, outrageous jokes in the show - fans will be in for a good time, weven when watching the TV Version on FOX. (I'm speaking from experience.)

BTW, it airs every sunday evening on FOX. That's really nice because you can also watch the new American Dad episode as well as the new episode of The Cleveland Show. So you've got a terrific triple feature. If you're watching FOX anyway, you can also watch the latest Simpsons episode. After all, what's better than spent your whole evening laughing your ass of while watching the latest episodes of the series by Seth MacFarlane plus some new adventures of Homer & Co?

The US box-set "Volume 7" includes all the TV Versions in the bonus material section.
Unfortunately they took small pains to warp the DVDs this time. All the previous box-sets had a slim case for each disc of the set plus a little slipcase to hold them together. The "Volume 7"-discs were all packed together in one amaray-case. The set does include a listing of all the episodes (without a summary) - however, this listing is on the backside of the cover. An o-ring encases the whole thing. What a pitty.
Besides this minor matter, the rest of the box set is just great - it includes lots of bonus material plus an audio commentary soundtrack for every single episode!

The 9th episode of the 6th season - "Back To The Woods" - breaks the first ground of the "Volume 7"-box-set. This episode was altered heavily.
On the one hand, the DVD Version is 2.5 minutes longer and includes lots of altered scenes.
But there is more. As Seth mentions in the audio commentary, there's more than one TV Version. The one that is included in this box-set is said to be the "original televised episode" - and it differs heavily from another televised version that was also available for this report. As you can see on, the TV Version from the bonus material is the one that is always shown when the episode is rerun on TV.
Several cuts were arranged differently - the rerun-version only misses out a part of a scene while the first run misses out on the complete scene. Additionally, both of the episodes miss out on several scenes that were then included in the other one. An especially conspicuous scene is the one where James Woods tells Chris about his sex life. In the first run he talks Kate Moss who has the same coke dealer as Woods does. The TV Version from the bonus material he talks about Heather Graham.
The hint at the infamous "2Girls1Cup"-video was completely cut out of the first run. The version from the bonus material mitigated the scene differently.

This time, the first run (aired on FOX) is compared to the extended DVD Version. Any scenes that are identical in both TV Versions won't be illustrated twice.

Time index refers to the first run.

When the guys in the bar talk about Barry Manilow, the first run misses out on several frames of animation (you will only notice that the guys' sentences come after each oter a little faster).
It's very hard to show a detailed comparison of these few frames (besides the fact that this would make this report very unclear); since there's no missing dialogue, the images of this cut will be shown in the other comparison of the 9th episode.

DVD Version 3.2 sec longer


You see most of Peter's experiences without his wallet - only one of the scenes is missing:

Peter: "And then I got pulled over for speeding."
Flashback - a police officer comes to Peter.
Police officer: "License and registration please."
Peter: "Oh, I lost my wallet, so I kind of don't have my license..."
Police officer: "Well, I'm sorry, sir. You know what that means."
Then you see Peter in the police officer's apartment doing the dishes.
Peter: "I don't understand why I gotta do dishes at your house just 'cause I..."
Police officer: "Keep washing!"
Peter does so for a while. Then he adds: "Seems like more of a restaurant thing..."
Police officer (louder): "Keep washing!"

21.4 sec

Alternative Footage

The conversation was slightly shortened. In the DVD Version, Lois also says: "Peter, this is serious!"

When the camera pans back and Brian reaches for the newspaper, the animation is slightly different:
In the DVD Version Lois distorts her mouth.

(This isn't illustrated again since it is identical to the other TV Version)

DVD Version 1.6 sec longer


This scene was included in the rerun, however, there's a short sequence with Auditory Censorship towards the beginning of the scene. The first run missed out on this entire scene.
Then follows a flashback where Peter takes revenge on a bird by taking a crap on the bird's car.

Peter: "I'm gonna get revenge. Just like I did against that pigeon that crapped on my car."
Cut to the pigeon that is upset because of the pile of shit on his hood.
Then you see the bird cleaning its car. The camera pans back and Peter sits on a tree with his pants down.
Peter: "That's right...get it nice and clean."

13.6 sec


When the camera turns to James Woods who sits on the opposite side of the table, the DVD Version's turn is much slower.

1 sec

Alternative Footage / Auditory Censorship

While the last word was completely cut out of the bonus material's TV Version, James Woods says something different in the first run.

TV: "So get ready. Fatso."
DVD: "So get ready. Fucker."

TV Version (First Run) 0.1 sec longer

TV Version (First Run)DVD Version


Some more dialogue between Brian and Peter.

Peter: "Oh, that kung pao chicken smells good. You smell that, Brian?"
Brian: "All I can smell is your ass."

6 sec

Alternative Footage

The 2Girls1Cup-reference was cut out of the first run along with the following "reaction-video" - the TV Version from the bonus material of the DVD only censored the video's title.
In return, Stewie asks Brian to bring him a pair of scissors from the kitchen a little longer.

TV (first run)

Stewie: "Okay. I just hope I don't get distracted. I am a baby, after all."
He goes away; from off-screen you hear him say: "Ooh, look, a brightly colored dish towel! What did I come in here for?"

(Then, Peter enters the screen from the opposite side.)


Stewie: "No."
Brian: "Why not?"
Stewie: "Because you made me watch 2Girls1Cup."

Flashback to Stewie sitting in front of the PC. Brian presents him the video for the first time and you see Stewie's reaction.
Stewie: "Okay, wait, so what is this now?"
Brian: "Just watch."
Stewie: "Why are we taping my reaction?"
Brian: "Just... Just watch."
He adjusts the camera a little and then the clip starts (you only hear the music).
Stewie: "Okay. They're lesbians, clearly. I don't know... I don't know what else... Wait. Wait."
Then he probably sees some of the more nasty moments of the video. In horror he screws up his face; Brian laughs
Stewie: "Wait, what... what? No... No! What's wrong with you? Oh, my God! Oh, I'm never gonna be able to eat ice cream... Oh! Oh, that is disgusting! Oh, my God!"
The video is over.
Stewie: "Oh, can you imagine if two dudes did that? Oh, my God, that'd be even worse. I mean, like, would that... Would that even exist? I mean, like, where would you even find that? Let's type it in and see what comes up."
He enthusiastically starts to type in something.

DVD Version 65.4 sec longer

Alternative Footage

James Woods talks about adifferent woman he met in a different way - interestingly enough, the first run seems to be more reckless this time.

TV: "Uh, for example, Kate Moss and I had the same coke supplier..."
DVD: "Uh, for example, Heather Graham and I had a mutual friend..."

TV Version (First Run) 0.4 sec longer

TV Version (First Run)DVD Version


Just as for the TV Version from the bonus material of the DVD, one of James Woods' statements was cut out (still, he talks about Kate Moss).

"She didn't even make me use a rubber."

1.6 sec


After James Woods gave Lois the wedding photo (he added his own head to the picture) he passes a different comment in the DVD Version.
"Wow. Same old pussy."

(This isn't illustrated again since it is identical to the other TV Version)

3.5 sec


After Lois said welcome to Scooter/Peter, the first run missed out on the camera panning back - meg also says hi ("Hi, Scooter!").

0.8 sec


Spider Man's comment about the hair was included in the first run (not so in the rerun). However, they cut the woman's reaction (from off-screen) out: "Yuh. Thanks."

1.8 sec

Auditory Censorship

Just as for the other TV Version, there's a beep during James Woods' dialogue.

"That skinny chickenshit."

No difference in time.


Subsequently, only the DVD Version cuts to David Letterman. There's a little reference to Seinfeld-Star Michael Richards' faux pas during a comedy gig - he said the N-Word.

(Identical to the other TV Version.)

31.6 sec

Auditory Censorship

Just as in the other TV Version, they beeped a line: "You're in a lot of trouble, Griffin, you motherfucker!"

No difference in time.

Alternative Footage / Auditory Censorship

Brian is insulted differently. The DVD Version's sequence is shorter - just as the used word (identical to the other TV Version).

TV: "...piece of stool."
DVD: "...faggot."

TV Version (First Run) 0.4 sec longer