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For a Few Dollars More

original title: Per Qualche Dollaro in Pił


  • UK Blu-ray
  • Italian Blu-ray
Release: Jun 16, 2012 - Author: Bob - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
For a Few Dollars More is one of the movies of which no Uncut Version is available. Worldwide. Any version lacks some little things.

Compared are the UK Blu-ray and the Italian Blu-ray, which is the longest version but still cut in one little scene (which is on the UK Blu-ray).

The UK Blu-ray lacks 6 scenes with total length of 44 seconds. The first four cuts are equal to the German DVD but the these scenes are in the German Free TV Version from which the screenshots have also been made, due to technical reasons. But the last cut is exclusively on the UK Blu-ray. The sixth cut has also been made for the German Versions but only the first 10 sec (screen 1-4). The remaining 15 sec are exxlusively on the UK Blu-ray again.
The logos at the beginning are different.
UK BD: 10 sec | Italian BD: 19 sec

Monco waits longer before he enters the saloon.
6.5 sec

Indio laughs longer after he threatened the other guy.
3 sec

Extended shot of Monco with the boy in his arms.
1.5 sec

The screens turns black when Monco leaves Indio's HQ. Then a transition to the following scene. In the DVD Version, the transition starts earlier so that the shot of Monco walking up the stairs is missing.
UK BD: 2 sec | Italian BD: 4.5 sec

Missing shot of Indio on the wall during the fight scene.
3 sec

Missing shot when Indio's men are beating the crap out of Monco and Mortimer. Monco is lying on the ground, his arms get dragged backwards. One of Indio's men has the foot on his back. Everyone is laughing, only Indio becomes silent.
25 sec

The "The End" writing starts at a different time but that doesn't cause any difference in running time.