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original title: Satsujin ken 2


  • Filmix (YouTube)
  • Uncut
Release: May 07, 2023 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Muck47 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut version on Filmix (YouTube) and the uncut Blu-ray from Arrow Video.
- 8 cuts
- Duration: 35.5 sec
Regarding The Street Fighter and its two sequels, fellow author brainbug1602 has already written all the essentials in the detailed intro of the report for the US version of Part 3. Following the 2019 HD premiere by Shout! Factory in the U.S., a Blu-ray box set from Arrow Video has also been available in the UK since April 17, 2023. Arrow is using new HD scans here, which look slightly better than the Shout versions. Part 3 in particular benefits from this, as with Shout the cut scenes in the U.S. version were only available in SD, while Arrow now offers the film uncut completely in HD (comparison screenshots).
The announcement for the Arrow box was a bit unclear regarding the included versions, as they explicitly mentioned the Japanese and US versions of the films in the specs. As with Shout, however, only Part 3 is actually available in a shorter alternate cut. You can choose between the U.S. and JP versions for parts 1 and 2 in the menu, but they run identically to the second and as we could determine in a direct comparison, they only differ in the credits and various text overlays throughout the film. We've included comparative images in the report for the heavily censored R-rated VHS. The film, which was previously known to be X-rated in U.S. theaters, was also released uncut in the U.S. on VHS as well as laserdisc and DVD.

On February 14, 2023, a version of the second part Return of the Street Fighter was uploaded to the YouTube channel Filmix, which offers legally licensed and/or public domain titles. This version is censored by about half a minute during brief bits of violence and nudity. Interested parties should, of course, avoid this censored version.

The reference to New Line at the start could indicate that, like Part 1, this is an old version that has been censored for the R-rating. We were unable to verify that, however; we have yet to come across the 1981 first VHS edition from CBS Fox. It was certainly back in full frame as well, while the Filmix master is in the original aspect ratio. The IMDb mentions a supposed 76 minute R-rated cut, but we're not aware of a corresponding release in any case. Again, since the original length is often incorrectly stated as 88 minutes (the correct figure is just under 83 minutes), such running time information should be taken with a grain of salt, as always. Later U.S. VHS editions were uncut.

Running times are arranged according to the scheme
Filmix in 23.976fps / Arrow Video in 23.976fps

We start with a comparison between the US version and JP version on the Arrow Blu-ray. In addition to the credits, several text overlays throughout the film are here in localized form. In the 10th minute, there is a training sequence where all the weapons are described. It's interesting that the mention of the samurai sword only occurs in the US version.

US version (Arrow Video)Japanese version (Arrow Video)

For the following comparison to the Filmix version, the U.S. version of Arrow was taken as a basis, since the credits and text overlays match it, as expected.

The Filmix version still has a reference to New Line in front of the Toei logo.

+ 8.5 sec

Here are some comparison pictures from the first minutes of the film. In contrast to part 1, the Filmix version is at least in the correct aspect ratio. Partially, the colors were darkened quite a bit though...

Filmix (YouTube)US version (Arrow Video)

04:03 / 03:54-03:55

...where the last image is also from the shot that marks the first cut: You can see Tsurugi's fingers a little longer on the larynx. In these last frames of the shot, it is clearer to see that Tsurugi's fingers have already drilled into the skin.

0.3 sec

37:01 / 36:53-37:01

After Tsurugi hits the guy in the neck with full force, there is actually a frontal shot of the screaming guy. His eyeballs are hanging out of their sockets and he slumps to the side. Tsurugi stands up.

7.3 sec

44:21 / 44:20-44:33

Another shot from the sex scene where the breasts are almost seen. The follow-up shot of the woman's arm also starts a little earlier.

12.9 sec

44:45 / 44:57-45:00

The woman hits Tsurugi for a longer time, and in a frontal shot her breasts are also briefly clearly visible.

2.8 sec

How he disarms her immediately afterwards is again strikingly darker in the Filmix version.

Filmix (YouTube)US version (Arrow Video)

44:51 / 45:06-45:07

In close-up, the woman gets her arm broken. She cries out and after the camera moves up over her breasts, the Filmix version resumes.

1.3 sec

45:07 / 45:23-45:26

After Tsurugi stabs her, the middle part of the shot is missing: she curls away to the side and again the breasts are briefly in the frame.

3.5 sec

46:47 / 47:07-47:11

After the blow to the head, the middle part of the shot was removed. Here, lots of blood flows down from the head. When the guy falls over, the Filmix version resumes.

4.2 sec

Here, too, a look at the frames included again after the cut, which are quasi also censored by the darkened image at Filmix.

Filmix (YouTube)US version (Arrow Video)

62:13 / 62:36-62:40

In the flashback, the shot of the execution is missing.

3.3 sec

In the finale, some shots are again noticeably darker than others. Interestingly, most of the bloody moments are still easily recognizable, while the bloodless knife attack on Tsurugi in particular (76:13 / 76:40) can only be guessed at in the Filmix version.

Filmix (YouTube)US version (Arrow Video)