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So I Married An Axe Murderer



  • Greek VHS
  • German Pay TV Version
Release: Oct 31, 2014 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the Greek VHS and the German Pay TV Version.

On her father's deathbed, Zenabel learns that she is of nobler birth and that she was adopted as a kid for her own protection during a coup. Being aware of her new ancestry, she decides to reclaim the throne. Standing by her side are several virgins she saved from the Baron's desirous minions and the bandit Gennaro is on her side as well. But can this unorthodox group defeat the wicked Baron?

Zenabel is quite an entertaining sword-fighting movie by Ruggero "Cannibal Holocaust" Deodato. With a femine touch (more liberty for women blah blah) and yet very revealing when it comes to the female body.

The Greek VHS contains two longer scene but it also lacks a rather long love scenes. Furthermore, the VHS has been zoomed in to Fullscreen. The (not re-shot) scenes from the German DVD are also missing on the VHS.

Running times:

German TV Version: 84:11 minutes (PAL)
Greek VHS: 84:11 minutes (NTSC)

The girl keeps taking of her clothes and further women show up.

VHS: 18 sec


The TV Version repeats the scene with the girl taking of her clothes. Only this time, the scene starts earlier.

TV: 21 sec


In the VHS Version, the image freezes. Furthermore, the texts are in English, not in Italian.

TV VersionVHS

TV: 3 sec
VHS: 4 sec


The "Vai" is missing in the VHS Version.

no difference


And so is the "Pronti".

no difference


Extended shot of the Baron and his servant in the VHS Version.

VHS: 3 sec


--- Recut: the shot of the castle and Zenabel's departure at [00:13:46] in the VHS Version. ---


The shot of the castle starts earlier in the TV Version.

TV: 3 sec


--- Recut: the abuse of the woman at [00:12:53] in the VHS Version. ---


The girls dragged to the ground by the soldiers.

TV: 2 sec


Zenabel and another girl are sleeping in the hay. Gennaro approaches them, Zenabel notices him, gets the other girl to her spot and covers her face with a hat. Gennaro doesn't pick up on the switch and sleeps with the girl. Zenabel watches them from the hay. Then she starts laughing and Gennaro finally realizes what is going on but he continues anyway.

TV: 3:04 min


--- Rrecut: the Baron's wellness scene at [01:01:53] in the VHS Version. ---


--- Recut: Zenabel's bathing scene at [00:59:54] in the VHS Version. ---