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  • International Blu-ray
  • US HD-TV
Release: Nov 12, 2012 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series
In contrast to the first season of the hit series The Walking Dead, which had some issues with censorship (see overview), the second season did not have such problems. Still, two episodes have endured minor changes that are not directly linked to a reduction of violence. The episodes 2.5 Chupacabra and 2.10 18 Miles Out are missing content in the home video releases. We checked extensively and can confirm that both the German and US Blu-ray as well as the iTunes shop only contain the shorter cuts of these episodes, which makes it likely that the releases of other countries are also based on this master. However, the US HD-TV aired the complete versions of the episodes. When AMC showed them, an advertisement block was inserted so a better continuity or the simple reason to fit the episode's runtime into the program schedule could be suitable explanations for the exclusive material. Therefore, everybody who wants to buy the second season will most likely find this one home video version only and can thus grab the US or UK Blu-ray without hesitation.

Comparison between the shorter version on Blu-ray with the longer TV version (represented by the German airing on the RTL 2 channel, identical to US HD-TV).

1 cut = 23 seconds
25 Min
Daryl lies a little longer next to the dead zombie with the arrow in the head. This is followed by another shot of Daryl as he's lying there gasping and after that a far shot showing him and the zombie. After a short black screen, the exhausted Daryl can be seen once again. He opens his eyes, raises his head and looks around.
23 sec.