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2.20 Hit Me With Your Best Shot


  • US Version
  • German Version
Release: Apr 12, 2015 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the cut episodes on the US DVD by Lions Gate / FOX and the uncut episodes on the German DVD by Warner Home Video.

The differences:

5 cuts = 1 minute and 46 seconds.
1 alternate scene = 54 seconds.

There is no need to make many words about the hilarious TV show "ALF". You doesn't know it has at least heard of it even though it has been quite some time since something new from the ALF universe was released. Anyway, the show consists of 4 seasons and aired in the late 80s and early 90s. Furthermore, there are two animated series ("ALF: The Animated Series" & ALF Tales) and a motion picture from the mid 90s.

As to the US Versions, a few minutes of each episode were cut for syndication in order to show more commercials. Unfortunately, these syndication versions were also released on DVD. Understandably, the fans were disappointed that the DVDs do not contain the uncut episodes. Whether or not the uncut episodes will be released one day (perhaps on Blu-ray?) is the million dollar question.
1 Min
The opening is slightly shorter: the shot from ALF's POV opening a door and entering the room is missing.
3 sec

1 Min
Further missing part of the opening: the shot of ALF trying to grab the pie in the fridge plus Kate slapping on his hand because of that is missing.
8 sec

4 Min
Alf: Let's get back to fisticuffs school!
Brian: What do you know about fighting?
Alf: Are you kidding? They used to call me Sugar Ray Shumway! I could have been a contender if it weren't for my glass nose!
Brian: Really?
He reaches for ALF and then he starts screaming.
Alf: My sunburn!
Brian: Sorry!
Alf: No problem! Now, first you must learn to focus all your energy on one thing!
Brian: What are you focusing on?
Alf: Your candy bar!
Brian pulls his candy bar away from ALF and shields it.
Alf: Brian, if I'm going to teach you how to fight, I'll need the energy of a thousand empty calories!
Brian: Oh, all right, here! He gives his candy bar to ALF.
Alf: You learn fast, grasshopper! Alf hastily eats the candy bar.
Brian: You eat fast, Sugar Ray!
When ALF then says "All right", the footage is different in either of the versions.
US Version: 1 sec
German Version: 55 sec

US VersionGerman Version

9 Min
Willie: Lynn, when did Alf start eating could cream?
Lynn: About a month ago!
12 sec

14 Min
After Willie violently kicked Mr. Duncan out of the house and Mr. Duncan falls against some trashcans (off-screen), the shot of Willie with panic written all over his face is longer. He also says: What have I done?
5 sec

16 Min
Katherine: How rude of Mr. Duncan!
Raquel: Well, in all fairness, he wasn't as rude as the fire marshal!
Trevor: Well, let's go, Raquel! If we overstay our welcome, Willie will throw us out like yesterday's garbage!
Raquel and Trevor run out of the house and say goodbye.
Alf: Willie's a hero, just like Racky!
Willie: I'm nothing like Rocky!
Alf: Not Rocky, "Racky!" He was our hero back on Melmac! He was a tiny little raccoon who taught us all to wash our food before we ate it!
Willie: We've got to keep in mind at all times, he's not from this planet!
Katherine: Willie, if it'll make you feel any better maybe you should try talking to Mr. Duncan again!
Alf: Yeah, worked like a charm the first time!
Willie: You know, you're right, Kate! But this time, I'm not going to fight!
Alf: But I've already made you some boxing trunks!
ALF takes out some pants. Willie points at the pants says a little angry: I just rented that tuxedo!
Alf: Sorry, I thought you owned it!
84 sec

18 Min
Extended shot of Kate and Willie after the door bell rang.
2 sec

22 Min
Missing exterior shot of the Tanner house.
3 sec