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Family Guy

7.05 The Man with Two Brians


  • TV Version
  • DVD Version
Release: Apr 17, 2011 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Comparison between the TV Version and the extended DVD Version (both included in the DVD Box "Volume 7").

7 new/extended scenes (all of them offer alternative footage)
+ 2 scenes with auditory censorship (one of them offers alternative footage)

Difference: 128.3 sec (= 2:08 min)

Family Guy is a very successful show aired on FOX. Since some jokes are simply too rude to air them on national television, the producers have to censor/cut scenes from time to time. However, they sometimes also cut some jokes away in order to reach the appropiate length for a TV-episode. Therefore, not all the changes that were made are a result of censorship. Nevertheless there still are enough hilarious, outrageous jokes in the show - fans will be in for a good time, weven when watching the TV Version on FOX. (I'm speaking from experience.)

BTW, it airs every sunday evening on FOX. That's really nice because you can also watch the new American Dad episode as well as the new episode of The Cleveland Show. So you've got a terrific triple feature. If you're watching FOX anyway, you can also watch the latest Simpsons episode. After all, what's better than spent your whole evening laughing your ass of while watching the latest episodes of the series by Seth MacFarlane plus some new adventures of Homer & Co?

The US box-set "Volume 7" includes all the TV Versions in the bonus material section.
Unfortunately they took small pains to warp the DVDs this time. All the previous box-sets had a slim case for each disc of the set plus a little slipcase to hold them together. The "Volume 7"-discs were all packed together in one amaray-case. The set does include a listing of all the episodes (without a summary) - however, this listing is on the backside of the cover. An o-ring encases the whole thing. What a pitty.
Besides this minor matter, the rest of the box set is just great - it includes lots of bonus material plus an audio commentary soundtrack for every single episode!

The 5th episode of the 7th season - "The Man With Two Brians" - was altered pretty extensively (resulting in a difference in time of about 2 minutes). The most interesting part is the footage that doesn't result in any difference in time: the whole Jackass-spoof with Quagmire was replaced with alternative footage. Only in the DVD Version you see him rubbing some honey on his private parts (in this scene you can see the shape of his genitals).
Looking at the auditory censorship, the second one is quite interesting - they had to cut out a pretty obvious reference to marijuana.
The rest of the additional footage was cut out in order to reach the allowed runtime. Even though you might think that the sequence where Brian comes in while Chris was masturbating was cut out due to censorship, Seth MacFarlane in the audio commentary says that this is not the case.

Time index refers to the TV Version.
Alternative Footage

During Quagmire's "Bee Bush"-stunt for Jackass, the animation of his private parts was revised.

In the DVD Version you can actually see the shape of his penis, while in the TV Version (similar to the episode Love Blactually) he rather seems asexual.

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

Even after Cleveland released the bees, Quagmire's animation was revised.

On the DVD you see less bees (they also split up a little more) so that you can see a little more of his private parts.
Same goes for the scenes where Cleveland honks and Peter insults the bees ("I hate you, bees!").

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

Ditto, when Quagmire slowly goes to the box. Peter drags him to the ground, resulting in Quagmire landing in another box full of bees.
This time, there are less bees in the TV Version - yet still, you still can't see the shape of the penis.

Curiously enough, the TV Version shows some more details when you see Quagmire from the back.

No difference in time.

TV VersionDVD Version

Auditory Censorship

After Cleveland's hair was shaved a little, he comments this with "What the fuck?" - of course, in the TV Version the F-Word was beeped.

No difference in time.

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version, Peter sits in front of Lois a little longer with his mouth closed.

In the DVD Version he immediately adds: "You're out of your mind. Brian is young and I'm gonna prove it to you."
Then follow 2 scenes where he tries to act like a teenager in front of Brian.

Brian reads the newspaper when Peter comes in.
Peter: "Hey, youthful guy. How is your barizzness on this aggressively redonkulous morning?"
Brian: "What the hell are you talking about, Peter?"
Peter: "Don't you mean tizz-alking about, T-Doodie? You don't have to be formal with me. I know how you young people talk."
Brian: "Peter, I'm not old, but I'm not that young, either."
Peter: "Brian, we should sip Bacardi like it's your birthday."
Brian: "What does that even mean?"
Peter (wearin a rather weird gadget that looks like one of Doc Brown's inventions from Back to the Future): "It means that this damn thing doesn't work at all!"
He takes the gadget off and leaves.

Second scene; again, Brian reads the newspaper. This time, Peter is in costume (a parody of William Zabka, an opponent from Karate Kid).
Brian: "Peter, what are you doing?"
Peter: "If movies and TV have taught me anything, it's that young people today are constantly being antagonized by preppy '80s bullies."
Brian: "What?"
Peter: "What are you gonna do about it, new kid?"
Brian: "Peter, this doesn't make sense."
Peter: "You know what doesn't make sense, Brian? Some new kid jerk moving into my town and being worse than me at karate."
Brian: "Peter, you don't know karate."
Peter: "And stay away from Muffy. She's my girlfriend. She just doesn't know it yet. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta go get yelled at by my father, 'cause we're more alike than we know."
Peter leaves. Then follow several shots of him in natural surroundings, accompanied by sentimental 80's music.

DVD Version 74.6 sec longer

Alternative Footage

Peters first few sentences inside the living room are different due to continuity (same goes for the animation at the end of this scene where you hear the same sentence - in the DVD Version, Peter raises his arm while in the TV Version he doesn't).

TV Version

Lois: "Peter, what's wrong? You've been so quiet all day."
Peter: "It's just what you said the other day. I'm starting to think you might be right."

DVD Version

Lois: "Peter, did you have fun with Brian?"
Peter: "No, Lois, he was a wet blanket. And I'm starting to think you might be right."

TV Version 1.3 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Auditory Censorship / Alternative Footage

In the DVD Version, "New Brian's" sentence is different when he hands Brian a bag of wheed.

TV: "And I got you some of this."
DVD: "And I got you this bag of weed."

DVD Version 0.2 sec longer

TV VersionDVD Version

Alternative Footage

In the TV Version it's already night-time, while the DVD Version shows an animation of the house in the afternoon.
The following scene with Brian in the hallway offers a slightly different animation as well and only the DVD Version continues with alternative footage.

TV Version

Brian holds the videotape in his hands and (in the same shot) turns around to say "It probably couldn't hurt to remind them how much they value you as a family member."

DVD Version

Here, he comes up the stairs and says the same sentence - however, he doesn't have the videotape.
Only in the DVD Version Brian tries to show that he's a family man by having a father-son conversation with Chris; unfortunately, he catches Chris while the latter masturbates.

Brian: "Hey, buddy."
Chris: "Ah...hey."
Brian: "I just wanted to check in with you. You know, sometimes life happens so fast, we miss the most important part, which is sharing it."
Chris: "Uh-huh..."
Brian: "You see, Chris, I care about you. And if there is ever anything you ever want to talk about or if you just want some company, I'm here for you. So, how's it hanging?"
Chris: "Ah, okay..."
Brian grabs one of the magazines from the bed; "Hey, what you got here. Oh, Maxim. That Jessica Biel sure is a cutie..."
He suddenly realizes what was just going on; "You were masturbating when I came in."
Chris: "Yeah."
Brian (after an awkward silence(: "So, how's it hanging?"
Chris yells at him: "Get out!"
Brian says "Gotcha" and leaves.

At the end there's the shot of the house at night-time that was already shown in the TV Version.

DVD Version 41.3 sec longer

Alternative Footage

After Peter said that these are the best pancakes he ever had, the DVD Version shows several flashbacks of him in several restaurants where he said the exact same thing.

Peter (still at the dinner table in the Griffins' house): "And I've been to IHOP."
Then you see him at IHOP: "These are the best pancakes I've ever had. And I've been to Applebee's."
Cut to Applebee's: "These are the best pancakes I've ever had. And I've been to Denny's."
Cut to Denny's where he just says: "These pancakes are okay."

At the end you see the Griffins back at the dinner table; Lois sighs.

In the TV Version, the following shot of Lois is 0.4 sec longer towards the beginning.

DVD Version 13.5 sec longer