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  • New HD Master
  • Uncut
Release: Nov 01, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut new HDTV master, taken from the German Blu-ray by Eurovideo/MIG (FSK 18) and the uncut British DVD by 4 Digital Media (BBFC 18)

- 20 differences, of which two feature alternative footage, two include zooming, two contain recuts and one includes a speed alteration
- Difference in running time: 84,4 sec (= 1:24 min)

This is a quite entertaining action B-movie, which was created with the help of the Alpha Stunt Team, which is mostly known for the movies Drive and Guyver: Dark Hero. After a nice 15 minute-introduction, the rest of movie consists of nonstop fighting. The budget may have been low, but the fighters were quite able, making it a movie worth watching.

For HD releases, a new master of this movie from 2008 was created, which unfortunately turned out to be cut. The German Blu-ray is one of the new releases this master was used for. In Britain, for example, the older and longer cut version can still be found on DVD. The picture quality might be lower, but the new master does not feature any significant new material only a few instances of alternative footage and is on the other hand missing quite a few of the more violent shots. Interestingly enough, Amazon's on demand service features both a version with the same running time as the new HD master and an about 2 minutes longer "Bloody Version" - it seems as if the US can choose between both of the versions as well.

Running time designations are formatted like this:
New HD Master (German Blu-ray) / Uncut Version (British DVD) in PAL

There is a different title overlay at the beginning.

German Blu-rayBritish DVD

42:57 / 41:12-41:15

The camera pan upwards at Yoshi starts earlier/ from further down and more blood can be seen.

3 sec

44:47 / 43:00-43:02

The guy with the head wound can be seen longer.

1,6 sec

45:34 / 43:46-43:52

Blood is dropping on the ground and Sakura falls down.

5,7 sec

Zoom / Shot used twice
45:38-45:40 / 43:56-43:59

Sakura, with blood all over her, can be seen again. The version on the British DVD uses a shot which is closer to her than the the one on the German Blu-ray. The latter is actually no exclusive shot in the new master but a part of a latter shot of the uncut version, which was zoomed in so the men on the right cannot be seen.

British DVD 1,2 sec longer
Picture of the exclusive shot in the British DVD

Picture for comparison and to show that the shot of the German Blu-ray from the instance before the last is just a zoomed-in version of a latter shot (both pictures taken from the German Blu-ray).

German Blu-rayBritish DVD

45:54 / 44:12-44:18

Only the British DVD shows Sakura screaming in close-up again.

6,1 sec

56:20 / 54:20-54:21

In a short additional shot from behind a bit of blood is dripping to the ground from the groin.

1,2 sec

56:44 / 54:44-55:04

Jack saws off the guy's arm.

20,5 sec

70:45 / 68:31-68:34

The guy spits blut in a first shot and Jack raises his machete.

3,7 sec

70:46-70:48 / 68:35-68:38

In the British DVD, the severed head flies against the tarpaulin and falls to the ground. The close-up before starts earlier as well.
As this is missing in the cut version and it only shows the head on the ground, it looks as if the man just fell down, still carrying his head on his shoulders.

The German Blu-ray shows Jack stepping back earlier instead.

British DVD 0,9 sec longer

70:48 / 68:38-68:43

The head can be seen a lot longer, then the torso losing blood again.
Afterwards, Jack is stepping back. The middle part of the shot is missing in the German Blu-ray, which continues with the rest of it.

4,7 sec

72:15 / 70:07

The shot is a bit longer, more blood spatters.

0,6 sec

72:18 / 70:10

The same shot was used in both versions, however the zoom effect in the new master makes the blood invisible.

British DVD 0,4 sec longer

German Blu-rayBritish DVD

72:30 / 70:22-70:30

Jack turns around and the bitten-off ear of the guy can be seen in his mouth. The following shot starts earlier as well and the victim stumbles around a bit.

8,2 sec

Speed Alteration
72:38-72:39 / 70:38-70:48

The first 10 frames (before the blood can be seen coming from the neck wound) were slowed down in the German Blu-ray to cover up the missing other part.

British DVD 9,2 sec longer
Pictures only from the British DVD

Alternative Footage
75:37-75:39 / 73:39-73:42

The first of only two instance of "real" alternative footage in the German Blu-ray: The shot of Jack in which he leaves the picture to the left starts earlier and he makes the movement of snapping a neck without Sakura being visible.

The British DVD shows him from another perspective and then Sakura's head getting twister before she spits some blood and falls to the ground.

British DVD 1,9 sec longer

75:42 / 73:45

A few insignificant frames are missing at the end of the shot and the beginning of the next.

0,5 sec

82:35 / 80:22-80:26

The shot is a bit longer, blood is running down Jack's wrist. The camera pans to his face and he gets ready again.

4,2 sec

86:38 / 84:19-84:21

The shot starts earlier and several additional blood spatters (caused by the door hammering against Yoshi's head).

1,5 sec

Alternative Footage
88:08-88:13 / 85:47-85:52

The shot ends before the critical moment: Yoshi spits blood. The following shot starts earlier and is longer in the newer version. Yoshi enters the picture from further right and loosens his grip on Jack's neck at the end. The shot after that starts earlier in the older cut version.

British DVD 1,4 sec longer

German Blu-rayBritish DVD

88:23 / 86:02-86:09

Yoshi can be seen longer and spits blood, then Lisa stabs him more often in his belly.

7,7 sec


The different title can also be seen during the ending credits.

German DVDBritish DVD

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