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Uncut version from Hong Kong Legends


Night Killer


New York Ripper, The


original title: Ji ji


  • HK Theatrical Version
  • Chinese Extended Version
Release: Jun 17, 2010 - Author: Scat - Translator: Muddi - external link: IMDB
In 1989, Jackie Chan directed 'Miracles', in which he also played the lead role. He wanted to prove to the critics that he is able to do more than just action flicks. Critics had often stated that Chan never used any special angles etc., which he then wanted to change, as one can see in this movie with the long camera shot through the hotel. It says in his biography that this is Chan's favorite own movie. And indeed this movie has been received pretty well by critics. Financially, however, things didn't go that well.

The uncut Hong Kong theatrical version (TV) is represented by the German DVD which contains the same version of the movie like the English DVD from Hong Kong Legends. In China, however, this movie was additionally released by WA in an extended version (EV) which contains 4 additional minutes of plot.

Unfortunately, this somewhat different but quite good Jackie-Chan-movie rarely appears on television, which is a pity as it contains nice fights and dialogs.

All time information is taken from the Chinese EV. The TV- and EV-DVDs run at the same speed. Some missing frames due to faulty cuts will not be mentioned in the report (as they only amount to few frames).

The current Asian DVD from 'Joy Sales' contains some of the EV-scenes as bonus material (mainly the longer sequences).
You can see some cars approaching.
12 secs.

The henchman says 'Big Brother, you were instrumental!'
4 secs.

Uncle Hai and the servant can be seen shortly.
2 secs.

The gang around Jackie can be seen a bit longer.
9 secs.

Jackie and his pals enter the upper room in which the enemy boss is around. All step towards him. Suddenly, the whole gang is pointing guns to Jackie and his pals. They all look quite shocked. Jackie , looking nicely: 'We don't have guns on us.' The boss: 'Prudence is better part of courage. Frisk them!' They indeed find weapons on two of Jackie's pals which doesn't please Jackie at all. The boss angrily says that one of Jackie's pals might as well search him as he doesn't carry a weapon, either. Afterwards, the boss dismisses everyone from the room.
70 secs.

Jackie is talking a bit longer with uncle Hai. Some mobsters enter the room and tell Jackie that Tiger is waiting for him. Jackie isn't quite willing, but Hai persuades him. After all have left the room again, Hai asks what the servant is still doing in there, and orders him to clean the car.
54 secs.

The scene between Bill Tung and Richard Ng continues. They both are talking about their business. Richard lends himself to be an assistant. Bill tries to talk him out of it, but fails.
41 secs.

Richard and Bill are talking a bit more.
10 secs.

Bill takes the stocks, too.
4 secs.

The detective walks through the police station.
5 secs.

A shot of Bill and the policeman can be seen.
1,5 secs.

You can see a bit earlier and longer in the EV how all are practicing good behavior. Jackie is, visibly annoyed, looking over to Hai. Hai has quite a positive expression on his face. Jackie now encouragingly talks to the others.
7 secs.

Uncle Hai can shortly be seen. The following shot of Jackie starts a bit earlier.
7 secs.

Jackie is walking to his gang and expresses his kudos to all of them. He then returns to the other ones. Now he says that he is leaving through the back door.
12 secs.