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  • US TV Version
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Release: Dec 30, 2020 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

The US TV version, aired on the USA Network on 12 January 1985, was compared to the uncut US DVD.

Young blood for an old lady

In Hungary in the 17th century, Elisabeth Nádasdy, who had just been widowed, realized that she could regain her old beauty through the blood of young girls. However, the effect is temporary, so Elisabeth constantly needs the blood of new victims. She is supported by her lover Dobi and her maid Julie. In order not to raise suspicion, Elisabeth pretends to be her own daughter Ilona, who in turn has her imprisoned in a hut in the forest. The young soldier Imre falls in love with Elisabeth, unaware of her dark secret. The affair provokes Dobi's resentment and the scholar Fabio finds references to Elisabeth's rejuvenation cure in a book. The missing girls, whose bodies are partly found, awaken the distrust of the local residents.

After the The Vampire Lovers, Ingrid Pitt satisfies her thirst for blood once again in Countess Dracula. The title suggests a vampire horror flick, but the film is based on the legends about the Blood Countess Elizabeth Báthory, who is said to have tortured and killed many young girls in her castle. Despite gloomy corridors in a castle and many bled out victims, the Hammer production is far away from previously shot classic vampire movies and rather shows that humans can be the worst of all monsters. Driven by the desire for a youthful appearance, Elisabeth commits many murders and has even her own daughter imprisoned just to find the supposed great happiness in a young lover.

Shortened version was shown on US TV

On January 12, 1985, Countess Dracula was broadcast as part of the show Commander USA's Groovie Movies on the USA Network channel. Besides some action scenes, which were probably shortened to have enough space for commercial breaks, all nude scenes were removed from the film. Usually, the scenes were shortened, in the case of the killed gypsy woman, who is discovered by the children in the forest, the breasts were covered by branches copied into the picture.

Picture comparison:



The TV version is 4:3 open matte.


US TV: 87:24 min.
US DVD: 92:56 min.


Due to the commercial break, the end (Fabio and Imre) and the beginning of a shot (Dobi and Elisabeth) are missing.

DVD: 10 sec.


Fabio talks to a maid about Elisabeth. He thinks that despite her young age she is already very experienced and now resembles her mother much more than her father. The maid thinks that Fabio has grown old and that his memory may deceive him.

The castle can be seen. The next shot starts earlier.

DVD: 1:20 min.


After a commercial break, the scene in the kitchen is missing. A pig is cut up. The assistant asks herself where her daughter has gone, since she still hasn't heard from her. As unrest spreads, a soldier sitting at the table tells the employees to shut up. In the background, the gypsy woman is led inside. The assistant says that she misses her daughter. The soldier says that she has enough children after all.

DVD: 1:12 min.


Imre opens the vest of Elisabeth and sucks on her breast.

DVD: 11 sec.


Film tear: The children can be seen earlier in the forest.

DVD: 3 sec.


The breasts of the killed gypsy woman were covered by branches copied into the picture.

No time difference (1 sec. each)


Another time the breasts were covered after the children ran away.

No time difference (2 seconds each)


Film tear: Balogh kisses the waitress.

DVD: 3 sec.


The belly dancer dances longer in the bar.

DVD: 20 sec.


Elisabeth continues to run around her room in panic and falls to the floor.

DVD: 11 sec.


In the TV version, the scene follows in which Elisabeth lets herself fall to the floor.

On the DVD, the half-naked waitress lies in bed with Imre.

TV: 9 sec.
DVD: 5 sec.


Missing parts due to the advertising break: Fabio and Dobi can be seen longer. The next shot starts earlier.

DVD: 4 sec.


The waitress gets out of bed.

DVD: 2 sec.


The tracking shot over the dead waitress starts earlier.

DVD: 6 sec.


Flaws due to the advertising interruption: The fire is shown longer. The next shot starts earlier.

DVD: 3 sec.


The privacy screen falls and the naked Elisabeth can be seen.

DVD: 5 sec.


The cut on the dead naked waitress in Elisabeth's closet is missing.

DVD: 3 sec.


The shot in which Elisabeth closes the cupboard door starts a little earlier.

DVD: 1 sec.


More guests come to the church.

DVD: 9 sec.


Elisabeth is led to the altar by Dobi. Julie sneaks away. The priest begins to read out in Latin.

DVD: 42 sec.


Julie leads Ilona downstairs. She hears the wedding ceremony and is eager to watch. The priest reads from the book.

DVD: 33 sec.


Ilona recognizes her mother.

DVD: 3 sec.