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Godzilla 2000

original title: Gojira ni-sen mireniamu


  • US Version
  • Japanese Version
Release: May 16, 2010 - Author: azog - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
After Emmerich's monster movie with the enlarged iguana, a second Godzilla movie with the title Godzilla 2000: Millennium was shown in US movie theaters. As usual, this movie was also presented in a different version in theaters.

To tighten it for theaters, lots of scenes have been shortened at the beginning or ending (arrivals, pan shots to faces etc.). As a result of that, there are more than 100 cuts in the US Version, nevertheless no elementary footage has been removed (except the Godzilla scenes, which is a sacrilege).

Furthermore the order of some scenes has been changed, the soundtrack and the sound effects have been edited; e.g. for the US soundtrack some further tracks of Akira Ifukube are being used (from "Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster" and "Godzilla vs. Mothra").

The comparison:
Compared are the US Version (US DVD by Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment) and the Japanese Version (German Millenium Edition by Splendid).

Running times:
Running time US Version = 01:38:53 (NTSC)
Running time Japanese Version = 01:42:28 (PAL)
Difference = 8 minutes 37 seconds (credits excluded)

The dialogs are based on the subtitles on the German DVD by Splendid.

Translations of the Japanese letters aren't mentioned in this comparison.
Here an example for these translations:

US Version: 00:00:00
Japanese Version: 00:00:00

Different company logos in both versions.

US Version:
31.3 sec
Japanese Version:
16 sec

US Version: 00:00:32
Japanese Version: 00:00:17

Earlier shot of the antenna.

0.32 sec

US Version: 00:00:44
Japanese Version: 00:00:29

In the US Version, Yuki's (Naomi Nishida) cleaning the camera is removed here for being reinsert later.

5.6 sec

US Version: 00:00:45
Japanese Version: 00:00:37

Further logos at the beginning of the US Version, e.g. the Toho logo. This also happens afterwards, but it's not illustrated anymore.

No difference
US Version:
Japanese Version:

US Version: 00:00:50
Japanese Version: 00:00:41

To beware the audience of an ugly sight of the Japanese station, the removed camera scene with Yuki pops up here.

US Version:
5.7 sec
Japanese Version:
15.6 sec

US Version: 00:02:09
Japanese Version: 00:02:07

Missing shot of Yuki's face.

1.72 sec

US Version: 00:02:30
Japanese Version: 00:02:29

The shot of the lighthouse is slightly extended.

1.2 sec

US Version: 00:02:34
Japanese Version: 00:02:34

The shot of the lighthouse is shorter, the cut to the warden pops up later.

2.72 sec

US Version: 00:03:37
Japanese Version: 00:03:39

The time saved in advance is being used for an extension of the US title logo. The title appears on a freeze frame of Godzilla's eye.

US Version:
11.34 sec
Japanese Version:
9.48 sec

US Version: 00:03:49
Japanese Version: 00:03:48

Different order of the scenes. In the Japanese Version, Prof. Shinoda (Takehiro Murata), his daughter Io (Mayu Suzuki) and Yuki hit the road first. Then the cut to Godzilla at the lighthouse. In the US Version these scenes are shown the other way around, furthermore the warden's rolling is shorter.

US Version:
45.42 sec
Japanese Version:
50.16 sec

US Version: 00:05:18
Japanese Version: 00:05:21

Missing shot of Godzilla's tail while he's destroying the small restaurant.

5.12 sec

US Version: 00:06:31
Japanese Version: 00:06:37

Extended shot of the GPN's (Godzilla Prediction Network) car at the edge.

2.2 sec

US Version: 00:06:39
Japanese Version: 00:06:47

Extended shot of the waves.

1.6 sec

US Version: 00:07:21
Japanese Version: 00:07:28

Missing shot of the inside of the car when Godzilla appears for the first time. In the background, several divices don't work anymore and Io holds his ears.

2.16 sec

US Version: 00:07:23
Japanese Version: 00:07:33

A part of the before-removed scene has been reinsert here. Several tiny explosions in the car are missing.

US Version:
1.2 sec
Japanese Version:
3.64 sec

US Version: 00:08:12
Japanese Version: 00:08:23

Extended shot of the GPN's spinning car.

0.96 sec

US Version: 00:08:37
Japanese Version: 00:08:47

Extended shot of Mitsuo Katagiri's (Hiroshi Abe) back.

3.4 sec

US Version: 00:11:14
Japanese Version: 00:11:21

Yuki takes some pictures of Godzilla.

3.88 sec

US Version: 00:11:31
Japanese Version: 00:11:42

Godzilla doesn't scream in the US Version when he's moving on.

9.44 sec

US Version: 00:12:34
Japanese Version: 00:12:51

Missing shot of Yuki in the car when the power plant is being destroyed. Furthermore a shot of Godzilla on the skeleton is missing.

11.88 sec

US Version: 00:12:44
Japanese Version: 00:13:13

Reinsert shot of Yuki in the US Version to shorten the sub's arrival.

US Version:
2.84 sec
Japanese Version:
8.12 sec

US Version: 00:13:05
Japanese Version: 00:13:38

Extended shot of the probe blowing up the seabed.

4.04 sec

US Version: 00:15:52
Japanese Version: 00:16:23

Now the first longer lasting scene has been removed. In the US Version, Yuki's immediately at the GPN table after she asked for directions. The way up there and the not being paid attention by Io Shinoda and her father, Prof. Yuji Shinoda, are missing.

Yuki says hello and excuses to interrupt. Yuji asks for details of the radiation, then she looks at Yuki, points at Io und continues with the radio transmission. Yuji wants to know about the results of the seismograph, if there was anything unusual. Yuki calls for Io.

Now Io points at her father, Yuki's annoyed and grimasses.

51.12 sec

US Version: 00:16:40
Japanese Version: 00:17:59

Extended shot of the authorities' headquarter. Then cut to Katagiri and Prof. Shiro Miyasaka (Shirô Sano), this scene is slightly shorter.

2.6 sec

US Version: 00:17:16
Japanese Version: 00:18:37

Another mini cut. The last take of the sub's crew and the first one of Katagiri and Miyasaka are missing.

1.08 sec

US Version: 00:17:55
Japanese Version: 00:19:16

Extended shot of the meteor.

3.52 sec

US Version: 00:23:10
Japanese Version: 00:24:21

Extended shot of Katagiri's arrival in the chopper.

7.4 sec

US Version: 00:23:21
Japanese Version: 00:24:38

The chopper lands and Katagiri gets out.

4.2 sec

US Version: 00:25:26
Japanese Version: 00:26:42

The preparations for the start last longer.

6.84 sec

US Version: 00:25:32
Japanese Version: 00:26:55

Again a variation of the scenes. In the Japanese Version, Miyasaka looks towards the horizon first. Then she looks at the rising stones. In the US Version, it's the other way around plus the shot of the rising sun is shorter.

US Version:
9.2 sec
Japanese Version:
10.52 sec

US Version: 00:26:13
Japanese Version: 00:27:36

Shortened shot of the arriving tanks.

11.08 sec

US Version: 00:26:48
Japanese Version: 00:28:21

Again a shortened shot of the arriving tanks, this time of their arrival at the water.

5 sec

US Version: 00:27:08
Japanese Version: 00:28:45

Later beginning of the briefing in the US Version.

1.92 sec

US Version: 00:27:56
Japanese Version: 00:29:33

Missing shot of the waiting tanks and of Prof. Shinoda, who keeps watching with the binoculars, after the briefing. The US Version only contains the shot of the Professor.

8.28 sec

US Version: 00:28:14
Japanese Version: 00:29:59

Missing shot of Yuki before the first water mines explode.

1.64 sec

US Version: 00:29:23
Japanese Version: 00:31:07

Fair is fair. The arrival of the tanks was shortened beforehand, so the arrival of the choppers has been shortened as well.

3.6 sec

US Version: 00:31:18
Japanese Version: 00:33:02

Extended shot of the tanks under fire plus missing footage (Godzilla's foot) when the scenary changes.

2.16 sec

US Version: 00:31:32
Japanese Version: 00:33:17

The arrival of the tanks was shortened, so the retreat has also been shortened.

1.88 sec

US Version: 00:31:35
Japanese Version: 00:33:22


4.24 sec

US Version: 00:31:47
Japanese Version: 00:33:38

Missing shot of some water and Godzilla's scream after further mines detonated. The scene, which shows Prof. Shinoda on his motor bike, has been removed and will be reinsert later in the US Version.

9.28 sec

US Version: 00:31:51
Japanese Version: 00:33:51

In the US Version, Godzilla's second scream after the water mine is missing, so is the following retreat of the tanks. The US Version directly comes up with the tanks.

10.36 sec

US Version: 00:32:00
Japanese Version: 00:34:11

Now the scene with Prof. Shinoda on his motor bike in the US Version. This scene has been combined with the Professor's getting down, which appears later in the Japanese Version.

US Version:
5 sec

US Version: 00:32:35
Japanese Version: 00:34:40

Before the jets starts, an explosion of a missile at Godzilla's head is missing.

3.12 sec

US Version: 00:33:07
Japanese Version: 00:35:13

Now Prof. Shinoda's getting down in the Japanese Version (between the missile attack and a further cut to Katagiri).

2.64 sec

US Version: 00:34:28
Japanese Version: 00:36:34

Some missile shots at Godzilla and the following jets, which are flying above Yuki and Io, are missing. Parts of the scene with the jets are reinsert in the following different scene.

13.08 sec

US Version: 00:34:35
Japanese Version: 00:36:53

After the missile explosions, the disappearing smoke and Godzilla's glowing have been replaced by the jet scene beforehand in the US Version.

US Version:
7 sec
Japanese Version:
5.96 sec

US Version: 00:34:52
Japanese Version: 00:37:09

Further preparations by our hero to fire off a shot.

4.28 sec

US Version: 00:34:57
Japanese Version: 00:37:18

Shortened shot of the arriving missiles.

0.8 sec

US Version: 00:35:39
Japanese Version: 00:37:59

Shot of a suprised soldier when the meteor / UFO appears for the first time.

2.08 sec

US Version: 00:35:43
Japanese Version: 00:38:05

Yuki and Io also look confused at the UFO. Io wants to know what kind of thing that was.

3.8 sec

US Version: 00:37:35
Japanese Version: 00:39:57

The arrival of the train is different, too. The subject of the conversation in the train varies in both versions.
In the US Version, they're talking about a present for a dame, in the Japanese Version they're talking about a misunderstanding in the travel plannning of the three men in the front (sea / hunting insects).

4.52 sec

US Version: 00:37:41
Japanese Version: 00:40:07

Missing shots of the bridge before the flight above the train.

4.08 sec

US Version: 00:38:16
Japanese Version: 0:40:44

Extended shot of the Professor looking at the sea.

4.68 sec

US Version: 00:39:09
Japanese Version: 00:41:40

No divers near the UFO in the US Version.

6.28 sec

US Version: 00:39:27
Japanese Version: 00:42:04

Extended shot of Professor Miyasaka.

4.56 sec

US Version: 00:39:28
Japanese Version: 00:42:10

Missing part of the flight above the UFO, in the meanwhile Prof. Miyasaka explains his theory about the stones.

0.84 sec

US Version: 00:41:36
Japanese Version: 00:44:13

Extended shot of the choppers circling around the UFO.

5.44 sec

US Version: 00:44:25
Japanese Version: 00:47:00

In the Japanese Version, Io hangs up and looks at her homework.

11.88 sec

US Version: 00:44:29
Japanese Version: 00:47:17

Extended shot of the cells, the following scene begins slightly later.

4 sec

US Version: 00:45:42
Japanese Version: 00:48:30

Extended shot of Yuki walking across the corridor, two professors watch the surveillance monitors of the cells.

6.76 sec

US Version: 00:49:56
Japanese Version: 00:52:41

After the UFO's take-off, the scene with Katagiri in the chopper has been removed here and it's reinsert later.

3.76 sec

US Version: 00:50:26
Japanese Version: 00:53:13

Now Katagiri gives the order not to come too close to the UFO in the Japanese Version.

In the US Version the removed scene (mentioned above) has been reinstert here, Katagiri doesn't say anything.

2.13 sec
Japanese Version:
4 sec

US Version: 00:50:32
Japanese Version: 00:53:21

Slightly extended shot of the chopper before it detonates.

0.52 sec

US Version: 00:50:34
Japanese Version: 00:53:24

Extended shot of Katagiri when he's looking at the exploding choppers.

0.72 sec

US Version: 00:50:36
Japanese Version: 00:53:26

Io, her father and Shiro seem to be horrified while they're following the broadcasting. Earlier shot of the crashing chopper. The pedastrians in the foreground also mention the chopper was going to crash and scream.

2.44 sec

US Version: 00:50:40
Japanese Version: 00:53:33
More details of the explosion at the appartment tower, then an earlier shot of the ambulance.

3.36 sec

US Version: 00:50:42
Japanese Version: 00:53:38

Extended scene in the Japanese Version. Only here, the taxi driver gets out of his car and a second car hits his taxi in his back. The beginning of the following scene is slightly shorter.

8.4 sec

US Version: 00:50:59
Japanese Version: 00:54:04

The news broadcast about the UFO has been removed, the part with the doubting shop owner hasn't.

The news anchor comes up with a special announcement. He explains three choppers of the news station had been shot down over the Makuhari neighborhood by an UFO.

The other one goes on and explains the UFO was on its way to Ichihara and all residents were supposed to keep an eye on the flight direction and not to leave their houses.

This part of the news is being read when the shop owners are closing their shops. This scene also appears in the US Version, but without the news.

12.76 sec

US Version: 00:51:21
Japanese Version: 00:54:37

Missing shot of the female newsreader. She says the government had decided to give order to attack the UFO.

6.16 sec

US Version: 00:51:56
Japanese Version: 00:55:17

The explosions have been shortened slightly.

0.52 sec

US Version: 00:53:12
Japanese Version: 00:56:30

Missing shot of the beginning of the conference.

1.4 sec

US Version: 00:55:44
Japanese Version: 00:58:58

Extended shot of Shiro, Io and her father when they're watching the tentacles.

2 sec

US Version: 00:56:29
Japanese Version: 00:59:43

Earlier shot of the monitor after Yuki cancelled the electricity supply.

2.4 sec

US Version: 00:56:58
Japanese Version: 01:00:14

Earlier shot of the headquarter.

0.88 sec

US Version: 00:57:02
Japanese Version: 01:00:22

Extended shot of Katagiri's face.

1.6 sec

US Version: 00:58:16
Japanese Version: 01:01:31

Katagiri looks on the monitor again while he's leaving the headquarter. An employee tells him the atmospere around the UFO had changed, the amount of oxygen was lowering and the balance of the air components was getting more and more unstable.

5.48 sec

US Version: 00:58:24
Japanese Version: 01:01:44

Yuki puts her notebook on the table and some files are being accessed.

4.48 sec

US Version: 00:58:37
Japanese Version: 01:02:01

Earlier look on the monitor by Yuki while she's talking to Prof. Shinoda on the phone.

1.76 sec

US Version: 01:01:22
Japanese Version: 01:04:42

Missing shot of Io after the arrival at the City Tower. The following scene also starts later.

2.24 sec

US Version: 01:01:24
Japanese Version: 01:04:45

Extended shot of Shinoda watching the monitors.

1.8 sec

US Version: 01:01:39
Japanese Version: 01:05:02

Earlier shot of the Professor at the City Tower when they're saying good bye.

1.76 sec

US Version: 01:01:41
Japanese Version: 01:05:06

The same with Io.

1.2 sec

US Version: 01:01:51
Japanese Version: 01:05:17

Again Shinoda watching the monitors.

1.24 sec

US Version: 01:02:55
Japanese Version: 01:06:20

Katagiri looks back to Prof. Miyasaka after he ordered to retreat.

1.24 sec

US Version: 01:03:53
Japanese Version: 01:07:17

Slightly extended shot of Katagiri's face.

0.4 sec

US Version: 01:04:16
Japanese Version: 01:07:40

Missing shot of Shinoda. He packs and notices the word Millennium on the monitors when he's leaving the room. The Professor asks "Millennium?" when he notices it.

19.16 sec

US Version: 01:05:39
Japanese Version: 01:09:18

Extended shot of Yuki, who watches the City Tower.

1.16 sec

US Version: 01:06:28
Japanese Version: 01:10:06

Yuki hugs Io earlier during the explosion.

1.2 sec

US Version: 01:06:38
Japanese Version: 01:10:17

Extended shot of the City Tower when it's giving off clouds of smoke.

4.92 sec

US Version: 01:06:57
Japanese Version: 01:10:40

The message, which is being considered as unfriendly by the population of the earth, is completely missing.
All big screens and monitors show words like "destruction", "alteration" or "erase". Furthermore a short shot of the UFO is missing.

35.64 sec

US Version: 01:07:05
Japanese Version: 01:11:24

The ending of the explosion on top of the City Tower's roof and the pan shot of the command center are missing.
Then Prof. Shinoda in the City Tower on his way to the elevators.

9.08 sec

US Version: 01:07:14
Japanese Version: 01:11:42

Different order of the scenes after the elevator doors opened. Furthermore some scenes have been shortened or removed.
The UFO's preparation to fire, a shot of Katagiri plus Io's and Yuki's escape are missing.
The sliding down the elevator shaft, the following escape and the beginning of the next scene (shot of Katagiri) have been shortened.

US Version:
22.06 sec
Japanese Version:
49.6 sec

US Version: 01:09:23
Japanese Version: 01:14:14

Due to the removal of the Millennium logo on the monitors in advance, its explaination has been removed as well.

Prof. Shinoda says the key word was "Millennium". Io asks for its meaning, the Professor explains it.

14.64 sec

US Version: 01:11:07
Japanese Version: 01:16:08

At the end of the conversation, Shinoda's comment after Katagiri's statement about Godzilla is missing. Professor Shinoda agrees, he thinks Godzilla thought about vengeance.

A shot of Godzilla is being removed here and reinsert later.

16.84 sec

US Version: 01:11:19
Japanese Version: 01:16:38

In the US Version, most of the removed footage comes up between the shot of Godzilla's back and the pan shot of the group.

US Version:
7.09 sec

US Version: 01:11:41
Japanese Version: 01:16:50

Godzilla on his way to the City Tower.

7.44 sec

US Version: 01:12:03
Japanese Version: 01:17:19

In the US Version, the pan shot of the group is complete when Katagiri is being shown.

2.76 sec

US Version: 01:12:12
Japanese Version: 01:17:30

Again missing shots of Godzilla, this time some shots of his feet plus the cut to the next scene.

4.28 sec

US Version: 01:14:55
Japanese Version: 01:20:12

Extended shot of the group watching Godzilla and the UFO. In the meanthile, Yuki grabs the camera.

0.52 sec

US Version: 01:15:15
Japanese Version: 01:20:31

Again some missing shots of Godzilla.

1.2 sec

US Version: 01:15:26
Japanese Version: 01:20:43

Extended shot of Godzilla being rayed.

6.64 sec

US Version: 01:16:35
Japanese Version: 01:21:57

Extended shot of the group watching the battle.

1.16 sec

US Version: 01:16:38
Japanese Version: 01:22:01

Extended shot of Yuki.

1.08 sec

US Version: 01:20:03
Japanese Version: 01:25:18

Again an extended shot of the group watching the battle. This time after the fireball's impact on the roof.

1.76 sec

US Version: 01:21:21
Japanese Version: 01:26:35

Earlier shot of Godzilla biting Orga.

4.36 sec

US Version: 01:21:29
Japanese Version: 01:26:47

Missing shot of Godzilla after Orga's uppercut.

0.28 sec

US Version: 01:24:58
Japanese Version: 01:30:09

Extended shot of Orga when he's sucking Godzilla. Parts of this scene appear later.

14 sec

US Version: 01:25:03
Japanese Version: 01:30:27

Here the removed footage has been reinsert (after Shinoda determined Orga tried to become a Godzilla clone).

US Version:
5.3 sec

US Version: 01:25:08
Japanese Version: 01:30:27

Missing image of the sucking Orga.

0.4 sec

US Version: 01:27:27
Japanese Version: 01:32:41

Earlier shot of Godzilla looking in Orga's throat.

1.44 sec

US Version: 01:28:50
Japanese Version: 01:34:02

The last difference in the order of events. The Japanese Version contains the scene, which shows Orga exploding, without interruptions. In the US Version, the scene is interrupted by the shot of the balcony (appears later in the Japanese Version).

US Version:
6.26 sec
Japanese Version:
6.08 sec

US Version: 01:29:58
Japanese Version: 01:35:07

Shortened scene of Godzilla looking at Orga. As a result of that, Orga tumbles earlier.

3.96 sec

US Version: 01:30:45
Japanese Version: 01:35:56

Finally, the shot of Io's face has been shortened.

2.12 sec

US Version: 01:34:22
Japanese Version: 01:39:26

Earlier beginning of the credits in the Japanese Version. The credits in the US Versions are longer, due to the fact that the translators and editors are also mentioned.

US Version:
270.98 sec
Japanese Version:
181.64 sec