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original title: Huo Yuanjia


  • PG-13 (US-Version)
  • int. Theatrical Cut (Unrated)
Release: Sep 15, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Sakaro - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the PG-13 Cut and the international Theatrical Cut . Both were taken from the US-DVD by Rogue Pictures.

PG-13: 99:42 min without credits (103:09 min including credits)
TC: 100:20 min without credits (103:39 min including credits)

- 22 censored scenes, 12x alternative material
- difference: 52 sec.

In order to get the more lucrative PG-13 rating, the international Theatrical Cut of Jet Li`s "Final Martial Arts Epic" had to be censored. Therefore, several fighting scenes are slightly censored.
Some blood had to be retouched and surprisingly the PG-13 version even contains some alternative material that`s missing from the international Theatrical Cut.

alternative logos/credits

The US-Version is about 5,4 sec. longer


chroma keying

In the US-Version, the text is in English.


alternative material

The blood has been removed digitally.



The beginning of the scene is not included. Huo (Jet Li) grabs the arm of his opponent and breaks it.

1,6 sec


He also breaks the arm of his next opponent and that guy starts screaming.

1,5 sec

alternative material

No blood appears after Huo has hit Qin`s head.

no time difference



Two shots are not included. First, the zoom-in on master Qin`s face that shows how blood is dripping out of his wound.
After that Huo`s hand, from which blood is dripping down his arm, is shown.

14,9 sec


Qin`s head hits a wall. After that, Huo breaks his arm and Qin starts screaming.

4,2 sec

alternative material

This is a bit more complicated, the scene, where Huo prepares his final blow is shown at a slower speed. Instead, the two extremely short (less than 1. sec) shots,which show how Qin spits blood one more time are missing.

(Only the missing shots are shown here)

no time difference


This shot is minimally longer. Qin is still spitting blood.

0,5 sec

alternative material

The shot of Qin`s back is played at a minimally slower speed (0,3 sec) in the US-Version.

Instead, an additional slow-motion of how blood comes out of Qin`s mouth is missing. (Only that is shown here.) After that Qin falls over.

The TC is 5,1 sec longer.

alternative material

Blood/wounds have been retouched. (On his chest and cheek)

In several other scenes with explicit fighting, the blood is less visible because in the US-Version special color-screens have been used.

no time difference


alternative material

In the US-Version, this shot is longer and not inter-cut.
The Theatrical Cut shows a close-up of Qin and then moves on to a later part of the previous shot.

The TC is 1,9 sec longer


alternative material

Again, the shot from above is longer in the US-Version and has no additional cuts. Instead, the Theatrical Cut shows the scene from a closer angle and continues with a later part of the shot.
(Qin is carried away by his own people. When they have have left and Huo is alone, the TC continues.)

The TC is 3,8 sec longer


alternative material

The scene, where Huo kneels on the ground next to his mother is longer. The Theatrical Cut zooms in earlier and shows how Huo`s dead mother slides from his hands down to the ground. (Her wounded throat is clearly visible.)

no time difference


alternative material

Some blood has been removed from the scene, where Huo butchers the murderer of his family.

no time difference



The shot that shows the assassin lying on the ground was left away.

1,4 sec

alternative material

The blood-spitting Huo is shown longer in the Theatrical Cut. Instead, the US-Version shows a shot about how the outraged Jing Soon and the rest of the audience looks at Huo.

The is TC 0,2 sec longer



Here, the previous shot follows in the Theatrical Cut (not shown again), then another shot of Huo follows.

3,5 sec


After Huo has been thrown onto the ground, a close up of Huo spitting blood is shown.

3,9 sec


The camera shows Tanaka from the perspective of Huo and then moves slowly toward Tanaka.

3,7 sec

alternative material

After Tanaka`s punch, the blood that is dripping from the mouth of the swaying Huo has been retouched.

no time difference


alternative material

During the cutback to Huo`s punch against Qin, no blood comes out of his mouth.
In the TC, one can see the part of the scene that was cut out at 39:51, the US-Version shows the 0,5 sec. before that.

no time difference



Huo`s fist is shown longer in front of Tanaka`s chest. After that Huo is shown earlier.

1,2 sec

chroma keying

The text is in English in the US-Version.


Furthermore,the MPAA-rating is of course only included in the US-Version, which therefore is slightly longer.