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  • UK Theatrical Version
  • Extended Version
Release: Jul 09, 2016 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
This is a comparison between the theatrical version and the Extended Version. Both are included on the UK Blu-Ray released by BFI.

The architect Paul and his wife return from Paris to their home in London. He has become detached from his 16-year-old daughter Jennifer which he had with his first wife and hopes to get closer to her now that they are back home. Nichole tries her best, yet Jennifer is rather dismissive and spends her time with her friends. In a bar, she incidentally runs into the stripper Greta, who knows Nichole from her time in Paris. Jennifer suspects that Nichole will had also worked as a stripper and meets up with Greta at the latter's workplace in order to find out a few saucy details about her stepmother. There, stripclub-owner Kenny gets his dirty hands on the girl since he sees great potential in Jennifer. He says that he likes to run off with her. Due to her own experiences, Nichole realises the danger and tries to get Jennifer back on the straight and narrow. Unfortunately, the rebellious teenager is hard to tame.

One half of "Beat Girl" is a family drama, the other half is an exploitation flick. Jennifer feels misunderstood by her father and thus gets more and more detached. She finds purchase on her friends and beat music. The exploitation bit increases drastically throughout the movie, due to the later focus on the stripclub. What is pretty surprising are the (at least in the original version) pretty revealing striptease scenes and Christopher Lee's funnily dingy role. Oliver Reed plays a minor part as one of Jennifer's friends.

There are several cuts of the moive. Three of them are included on the UK Blu-ray released by BFI. There is the UK Theatrical Version. Then there is an alternative version which misses out on some of the more dirtys sequences, yet offers two new sequences of plot that were not included in the original version in order to make up for the lost runtime. The third version is an extended cut that was based on the UK Theatrical Version, yet also includes the new scenes from the alternative cut.


Theatrical Version: 87:42 min.
Alternative Version: 92:09 min.
Extended Version: 92:38 min.

Paul and Nichole are sitting in a railway compartment. He asks her what she thinks of England, especially the rural area. We get to know that the two of them had married five days ago and are still pretty into each other. The conductor says that the train will arrive in London in 20 minutes. Nochole thinks about Jennifer, who might not accept her as her stepmother. Paul says that he had already lost his daughter. Nichole replies that Jennifer needs a female person to look up to and is looking forward to her new family. Subsequently, the movie cuts to the street.

Extended Cut: 2:01 min.


The theatrical version cuts to the scene at the table.

In the Extended Version, Paul suggests to get something to drink. Martha already prepared some champagne. Martha walks over to Jennifer and says that she should be a little nicer. Paul pours the champagne into two glasses, while Nichole admires the living room. They chink glasses. Jennifer gets into the room and reacts rather distant. Nichole goes over to her and gets to know that Jennifer does not really like the house. Nichole wants to change this and suggests that Jennifer might chink glasses as well. The latter replies that she is still too young, yet Paul allows for an exception to mark the occasion. Nichole seems interested in the jazz book that Jennifer reads at the moment. She opens the book and finds an image of Jennifer's biological mother. Nichole says that Jennifer got her good looks from her mother. Paul and Nichole kiss.

Theatrical Version: 3 sec.
Extended Cut: 2:58 min.