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National Lampoon's Gold Diggers

original title: Lady Killers


  • PG-13
  • Unrated
Release: Oct 03, 2011 - Author: Buster - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
From the year 1978 on, several comedies were released with the name tag of the US satire magazine National Lampoon. A few of these movies can by now be seen as classics of the genre, starring actorls like Bill Murray, Chevy Chase and Kevin Bacon.

However, the trend stopped and it was not before the trademark was sold again in 2002 that new National Lampoon movies were released. Mostly, those were cheap teenager comedies having no ther topic than sex, drugs and partying. Gold Diggers is one of them.

The movie was released in two different versions on DVD. The PG-13 version is only 19 seconds shorter than the Unrated.

Comparison between the PG-13 DVD and the Unrated DVD.

Running times:
PG-13: 81:28 min NTSC (without ending credits)
Unrated: 81:47 min NTSC (without ending credits)

19 seconds are missing.
Shortly before they get released from prison, Cal slaps Lenny on the shoulder.
2 sec

There is also a little dialog censorship:

PG 13:
"Say your good-bye's to these pathetic loosers here, because we are free at last."

"Say your good-bye's to these pathetic loosers here, because they just cheated out of the best two asses in the whole damn prison."

Dialog censorship without running time difference:


Lenny: Will we have to have sex with them?
Cal: Seniors are very sexual.


Lenny: "Will we have to have oral sex with them?"
Cal: "Seniors are very oral."

Betty plays around with the sausage longer.
4 sec

After they smoked the water pipe, the PG-13 is missing Betty and Doris collapsing and Cal and Lenny laughing at them.
4 sec.

Different footage during Cal's dream sequence.
No difference in running time.

The corpse of the neighbor who was killed by a rattlesnake is being brought away. Only the Unrated features the snake.
No difference in runnning time.


The removal of the rattlesnake is missing.
8 sec

When Cal finally gets his Charlene, she is dressed more in the PG-13 version.
No difference in running time.