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original title: Io la conoscevo bene


  • German Theatrical Version
  • Long Version
Release: Oct 28, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mr Miau - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the German Theatrical Version and the Italian Version, both taken from the German DVD.

58 alterations, adding up to 1015,7 sec (= 16:56 min)
* 29x additional footage in the Italian Version: 1535 sec (= 25:35 min)
* 33x additional footage in the German Theatrical Version: 519,3 sec (= 8:39 min)
* 5 instances with alternative footage
* 1 speed alteration
* 1 recut

Small alterations shorter than 0,5 sec (probably only mastering mistakes) will not be mentioned.

The Movie

This movie was made in 1965 and was the penultimate movie Antonio Pietrangeli directed. Probably only a few enthusiasts know about the movie as it can still be considered an insider's tip. The movie consists of several episodes only tied loosely together. In those, the viewer gets a glimpse of the life of Adriana, a naive young girl from the countryside, which dreams of a film career in Rome. She falls in love with one man after another, although her encounters never go further than (at no point shown) sexual encounters. With its storyline set during the economic boom and in the time when the contraceptive pill became available, the movie can actually be seen as a bitter criticism of society. Egoistic men only caring about their own interests and a paralysing monotony seem to be the defining aspects of the time and Adriana's desperate search for identity is becoming quite clear, even more so because she changes her hair style and clothes in almost every scene. Despite the light-hearted soundtrack and the depiction of people without a care in the world, a pessimistic atmosphere is being created if you have the patience for the sometimes fast-paced, sometimes slowly progressing movie.

This movie can also be considered interesting because next to Stefania Sandrelli as Adriana many of the stars of the time (Mario Adorf, Karin Dor, Joachim Fuchsberger, Ugo Tognazzi, Franco Nero) can be seen in guest appearances (not in bigger roles as some movie posters and DVD covers might suggest).

The Cut Versions

At least two different official cut versions exist, both of which offer some exclusive footage. As is the case quite often, German viewers were rather unlucky in this aspect considering that the Italian Version is about 17 minutes longer. However, the new German DVD release from June 2013 contains both version and allows for a nice comparison.

The sparsely available information about the alternative versions mostly states that the German Version lacks some more complex plot scenes and contains some cuts in order to streamline the movie. Quite often, the completely different intro is used as an example for alternative footage and censorship in Italy, marking the German Version as more sexual, which is not really the case.

Actually, the alternative shot of Adriana topless (with shells on her breast) is the only alteration of this kind. Every other alternative shot is either completely different or insignificant alternative footage without any censoring background. There is just one other scene which features some censoring in the Long Version, in which sexist comments can be heard.

The remaining additional footage in the German Version mostly consists of extended dancing and party scenes and also contains some longer tracking shots, for example at the end towards Adriana at the window. The former fits the description of a less serious movie version for Germany, but the latter does not really seem to match it. One more serious addition for the German Version is the final talk between Adriana and her father, which intensifies the dramatic family situation therefore also does not really fit the happy-go-lucky approach.

In the Long Version, mostly two aspects seem striking. On the one hand, there are a lot of flashbacks (like dream sequences), which make this version a bit less easy to watch. The episodic nature of the movie is emphasized by this and quite often it is not really clear what these scenes are supposed to signify especially the theatre scene replacing the talk between Adriana and her father that was mentioned before.
Additionally, some support characters have a lot more screen time. This is especially obvious with Cianfanna, who can air himself more often, and Baggine (Ugo Tognazzi). In several rather long additional shots in the middle of the movie another tragical character can be seen with this Baggine, whose golden days in the showbiz are behind him and who has to sacrifice his last shreds of self-respect for some attention. The short extension when Adriana says goodbye to Emilio Ricci is also worth mentioning here. Because of the dreamy touch of his lip, which was kissed by Adriana, their meeting appears in a new light.

All in all, both version have their advantages and disadvantages. In contrast to many other examples, the shorter version certainly still has the right to exist.

Running time designations are formatted like this
German Theatrical Version / Long Version
Alternative Footage / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
00:00-02:29 / 00:00-02:25

The movie immediately begins with an alternate shot. The long tracking shot over the beach seems to be identical at a first glance, however, when the camera arrives at Adriana you will at the latest realize that this is an entirely different take: In the German version she is lying on the back (which is a revealing shot, even though her breasts are covered with shells), while in the long version she is lying on her stomach. When she packs her things and leaves, both versions use entirely different takes.

The German Theatrial Version is 4.6 sec longer.

German Theatrical VersionLong Version

03:48 / 03:43-04:03

Adriana is shown a little longer and asks the customer which nail polish she wants to buy. A bottle of it falls to the ground which makes Adriana remember something. In a flashback a man besieges a woman on a staircase. He is pretty bothersome and asks her for a kiss. She drops a bottle which then breaks in a similar way as the nail polish bottle.
Adriana washes the floor of the parlor and apologizes to the customer. The German version continues with the rest of this sequence.

20.2 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
05:10-05:13 / 05:25

In the German version, the man leans down to Adriana and says that he doesn't pay her to read books.

+ 3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
05:17-05:20 / 05:29

While the guy in both versions says that he is nice to her, he only in the German version also asks Adriana to be nice to him.
(Because of this, the long version misses out on the tracking shot.)

+ 3.5 sec

11:08 / 11:17-12:21

A few wild scenes from the car ride. Then they stop since there is an injured man on the street in front of them. A driver of a horsebox caused an accident. Adriana goes to the accident scene and the bloodbesmeared driver explains that he had to jerk violently. He repeataedly justifies his behavior by saying that there was a cyclist. Adriana's companion puts his hand her shoulder. Adriana grabs the hand and then the camera zooms to her face.

63.9 sec

12:17 / 13:30-13:32

This is probably just a cut due to a faulty master. The elevator is shown a little longer.

1.4 sec

13:24 / 14:39-14:49

Adriana's newspaper report gets written a little longer.
This is a typical cut to aviod confusion in the German dubbing, since Adriana says that she is able to speak German. Her companion Cianfanna confirms this and thus the author includes German into the notice.

10.6 sec

14:10 / 15:35-15:58

Adriana looks at the picture of Jenny Flowers and says that she remembers a meeting with her 3 years ago in Castellamare. Then follows a short sequence of Adriana, Jenny, and other girls at a beauty contest.
The first second of the following shot (Adriana with the pictures) is missing, too.

23.1 sec

During the rest of said identical shots the long version at the beginning continues with the Italian soundtrack and subtitles, which is pretty senseless, since Cianfanna says the exact same things about Jenny (she has sent her pictures to all available newspapers and spent a fortune on it, even though they were never printed).

15:33 / 17:21-17:32

Giorgio reacts angrily to his wife since he already told her to wait because he is still working.
Cianfanna earlier says to Adriana that Giorgio is still a good man, despite such cruel reactions.

10.5 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
17:13-18:03 / 19:12

In the German Theatrical Version there is a longer shot, followed by a pretty long tracking shot.
The long version continues a little later during a shot of four people dancing side by side.

+ 49.6 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
18:09-18:20 / 19:18

Again, some of the tracking shot was cut out of the long version.

+ 11.6 sec

18:44 / 19:42-20:59

In return, the shot of the dancing people is longer in the long version towards the end. Additionally, there's an additional scene where Dario and Adriana are shown in the restaurant around the corner.

Dario hits on her a little by nestling his head up to her back. Adriana puts him off and says that he probably just does it because the waiter is right next to them. Dario does not see a point to become jealous and jokingly says that the waiter could sit down next to her while preparing the omelet. No sooner said than done Adriana apologizes to the waiter while Dario takes his role. He pours way too much cognac into the pan and tells the waiter to take his place. Because of this, he pushes the waiter's head towards Adriana's back. In the end, the other guests make snide remarks about his behavior.

77.2 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
21:49-22:24 / 24:04

After Adriana was left in the hotel by Dario, the long version misses out on a first scene of her inside the beauty parlor.
While the employee takes care of Adriana, the boss of the beauty parlor comes to the former and shortly talks to her. After he left, Adriana says to the woman, that the boss is probably makes a pass at all the other women, since this is common practice in t his profession. The employee and her colleague say that this is not the case and Adriana wonders how such a change became the fashion.

+ 35.2 sec

24:08 / 25:48-27:46

The tracking shot towards Adriana's room is distinctly longer and you there you see her for the first time. The camera zooms to her face and her facial expression looks thoughtful. Adriana gets up and walks through the room for the first time, touches the doorhandle of the sideroom and gets some oil to clean it. When the phone rings (which in the German Theatrical Version already happened during the last second of the previous tracking shot) she goes back to the other room. At this point, the German Theatrical Version continues.
During the entire scene you can again hear Italian music.

117.9 sec

24:32 / 28:10-28:21

You see a short sequence of Adriana and another guy bowling.

11.7 sec

27:41 / 31:30-32:16

Adriana continues to talk to the baby and repeats that she actually was supposed to be on a date with a "big baby" (one of the Riccis that wanted to invite her for lunch). She adds that there was no dinner now because of the baby, then realizes her mistake in English and checks a language learning record for the correct word for lunch. Back with the baby, she removes her hat and puts it on again after the baby started screaming.

The shot of Emilio starts a moment earlier. He goes down and the referee counts "One!".

46 sec

27:58 / 32:33-33:01

Cianfanna can be seen in a first shot with his back towards the ring, next to him people are cheering for the boxers. Two people complain about him being in their view and after a harsh answer he eventually takes a step to the side.

27,3 sec

Alternative Footage / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
28:01-28:16 / 33:04-33:12

Up to the moment when Emilio and his opponent can be seen in a close-up, there are different shots of the events in the ring and the audience. The German Theatrical Version tracks towards Adriana.

German Theatrical Version 7,3 sec longer

German Theatrical VersionLong Version

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
28:33-28:36 / 33:29

The shot in the ring starts earlier in the German Theatrical Version.

+ 2,9 sec

Alternative Footage / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
28:40-28:43 / 33:33-33:41

Again different shots up to the moment when Adriana flinches. The German Theatrical Version already shows Emilio going down.

Long Version 5,6 sec longer

German Theatrical VersionLong Version

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
28:45-29:00 / 33:43

Emilio slowly regains his consciousness and gets up. The audience is excited and Adriana can be seen briefly.

+ 15,5 sec

29:29 / 34:12-34:16

Emilio a bit longer in his corner, then the audience.

3,8 sec

30:10 / 34:56-35:22

The announcer can be seen from the front. He says that the fashion store Amarosi from Rome will display its winter collection. Cianfanna suddenly is interested again, takes his camera and calls for Adriana. When he tries to climb into the ring, he falls back into the people behind him.

25,3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
30:13-30:14 / 35:25

Cianfanna can be seen insignificantly earlier in the German Theatrical Version.

+ 0,8 sec

Speed Alteration
31:50-32:01 / 37:01-37:09

The tracking shot in the hall is a bit slower in the German Theatrical Version.

German Theatrical Version 3,1 sec longer

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
36:57-37:02 / 42:05

The camera tracks towards Adriana and she says something that cannot be heard because a train station announcement drowns her voice out.

+ 4,7 sec

39:16 / 44:19-44:27

Emilio can be seen longer and touches his lip, which was just kissed by Adriana.

7,8 sec

Alternative Footage / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
42:01-43:55 / 47:12-50:38

Very different scenes after Adriana's meeting with her parents:

The German Theatrical Version shows Adriana in a carriage on her way back to the city. She hesitatingly says goodbye to her father, who adds that her sister is not able to think straight anymore and that Adriana should not look back anymore. He then asks her for 200 lira. She wants to give him even more money but he insists of not taking more than that. They say goodbye.

The Long Version features a bizarre squence, in which Adriana and others are in a drama class overing the subject of various laughs and their differences. The attendants have to imitate various kinds of laughing. Then a small script is being passed around and Adriana engages in a role in which she has problems with her brother. The other actors are not really good and especially have problems with pronouncing the words correctly. The teacher has them repeat various words like "letter" or "steak", then the camera starts spinning and Adriana, whose point of view this represents, eventually falls off the chair.

Long Version 92,3 sec longer

50:18 / 57:03-57:04

Long mastering mistake: Adriana can be seen with her innocent look a bit longer.

1,2 sec

55:10 / 61:56-62:40

After the affair between Adriana and the writer (Joachim Fuchsberger) there is another scene that seems quite incoherent. In the public swimming pool she meets a boy called Antonio and she says that Saint Antonio was the patron of her village. Then a shot of her leaving a church with other people and walking over a small square is missing. Back in the swimming pool, Antonio asks whether she will go dancing with him.

44,5 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:28 / 62:57

A boy is dancing longer.

+ 0,7 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:29-55:30 / 62:58

During the next shot transition, the German Theatrical is longer again.

+ 1 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:31 / 62:58


+ 1 sec

55:39 / 63:06-63:08

An additional shot of a guy dancing wildly in the Long Version.

1,4 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:42-55:44 / 63:11

Now a different one in the German Theatrical Version.

+ 1,6 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:48-55:52 / 63:15

The boy can be seen insignificantly longer, then a shot from above can be seen and the following shot of the drummer starts earlier (panning up from his foot).

+ 3,9 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
55:57-56:00 / 63:20

A girl can be seen a bit longer, then an additional shot of a boy.

+ 3,3 sec

Recut / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:02-56:04 / 63:22

The girl a tiny bit longer, then the boy, who could already be seen earlier in the Long Version.

+ 1,9 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:05-56:10 / 63:23

Again more dancing.

+ 5,2 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:12-56:13 / 63:25


+ 0,5 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:14-56:21 / 63:26

More additional shots of the euphorical dancing.

+ 7,2 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:24 / 63:29

Some shortened shots without significance.

+ 0,6 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:26-56:29 / 63:31

A few more frames here and there plus an exclusive shot in the German Version.

+ 3,4 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:32-56:34 / 63:34

Some more shots that were shortened by little more than a second.

+ 1,3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:35-56:38 / 63:35

More insignificant cuts.

+ 3,3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
56:43-56:46 / 63:40

Another shot starts earlier in the German Version.

+ 3,3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
57:27-57:29 / 64:21

The two can be seen a bit earlier in the car.

+ 2 sec

58:23 / 65:15-66:31

The Long Version features an additional scene with Adriana at a movie set. She goes to a trailer and calls to Rome to ask for Antonio, who is not there. The crew member in the background makes fun of her and says that it looks as if she is desperately in love.

75,5 sec

61:00 / 69:08-69:31

Antonio talks longer to Christina (his lover, as Adriana had to find out) on the phone. He asks her how her day is going and tells her to talk to him longer in the evening, as he feels closer to her in the night time.
Adriana disappointedly leaves the room after hearing these words, her top in her hands.

23 sec

61:26 / 69:57-69:58

The parking guard can be seen insignificantly longer.

1,2 sec

67:33 / 76:05-81:44

More scenes of the party with the movie stars.

Paganelli is looking for Baghetti and finds Cianfanna instead. The latter was obviously not incited and tries to make up for it with the girl he brought, but Paganelli does not want to her about her. After Paganelli has left, Cianfanna tells the naive woman that Paganelli like her just to send her away to get more wine for him. In between, Adriana can be seen entering the next for for her interview.
He continues to walk through the room and Roberto can be seen talking to a few girls. He tells them to ask Baggini, who was famous once, to tell them about his flirt with Ava Gardner. Cianfanna joins them and is being introducd as a big movie producer. Baggini negates the question whether he could ride horses, but Roberto adds that Baggini can tap dance instead. Afterwards, he demonstrates his talent. Baggini's situation is made worse by Cianfanna and Roberto, who tell him to keep dancing until he is completely out of breath and even steer the attention of the room towards him when he sits down. Eventually, the camera tracks towards Baggini, who realizes that he is being made fun of.

339 sec (= 5:39 min)

71:15 / 85:26-87:04

Baggini goes outside and tells Roberto that Adriana just refused him, then he begs some more for a job.

He says that she had an appointment, causing Roberto to call him stupod and getting into his car. Baggini says that he might try again and just when Roberto wants to drive away, he gets to the point: He asks Roberto to recommend him to the director of his new movie because he needs the job. Roberto answers that he already has introduced him to "Doctor" Cianfanna. Baggini gets more desperate and eventually offers to drive Roberto, but Roberto pushes him away and drives off. Baggini is left alone and goes back inside.

98,3 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
75:05-75:07 / 90:54

The manipulative montage of Adriana's comments in the cinema was shortened a bit in the Long Version.

+ 2 sec

75:49 / 91:36-91:39

The girls laugh a bit longer.

3 sec

78:30 / 94:20-94:59

When Adriana's make-up is running, the Long Version features a flashback to her as a child with her mother (probably) in a store. The mother puts a pill in a glass of water and it spills over. Then more shots of Adriana with her ruined make-up before the doorbell rings and the German Theatrical Version starts again.

38,6 sec

Alternative Footage / Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
81:51-82:10 / 98:20-98:52

Dario is sitting at the table with his new flirt longer in the Long Version, the camera goes tracks back quite a bit.

The German Theatrical Version shos the shot from far away for 1 sec and then the following shot of the dancing people starts a lot ealier.

Long Version 13 sec longer

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
87:35-87:39 / 104:17

A shot of Adriana in the car is insignificantly longer, the following shot over her should starts a bit earlier as well.

+ 4,1 sec

Additional Footage in the German Theatrical Version
90:59-91:50 / 107:37

The final tracking shot towards Adriana at the window is a lot longer in the German Theatrical Version and ends a bit more to her right as well.

+ 50,4 sec


In contrast to the German Theatrical Version, the Long Version features real ending credits after the "Fine" overlay.

68,8 sec