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  • French Version
  • Original Version
Release: Nov 12, 2014 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut French DVD by Metropolitan and the uncut Original Version on the German Blu-ray by Splendid

- 8 cuts
- Difference: 584.8 sec (= 9:45 min) [in PAL]

Logos/Credits not considered. Furthermore, there are a few minor jump cuts below 0.5 seconds. Those haven't been listed in the following comparison in order to keep it as simple as possible.

Over the cinematic quality of the sequel of Jackie Chan's debut as director, Fearless Hyena, one better casts the mantle of secrecy. As you know, Jackie managed to get out of the contract with Lo Wei during production. As a consequence, Lo Wei hired a double and patched together a very chaotic picture with stock footage and the very few scenes that had already been shot. The result looks like one the many dreadful "Bruceploitation" flicks.

In France, almost 10 minutes were cut and that's what the following comparison is about. Similar to the first one, the French had their problems with the ridiculous Dean Shek. Whether or not one likes the slapsticky restaurant scene at the beginning, it is one of the very rare moments with the actual Jackie Chan which makes it a bummer that of all things, this scene is cut. A further comedy scene with Jackie during a fight is missing as well and so are a few fight moves at the beginning - probably due to the credits in English. Not recommendable!
The later released French DVD which looks like a book and can be folded out like a book contains both the cut French Version and the uncut Original Version by the way.

Time index refers to
French DVD in PAL / German Blu-ray
Logos / Credits

The German Blu-ray begins with lots of logos.

The French DVD on the other hand contains weird self-made opening credits after a single logo (similar to The Fearless Hyena Part I): edited with many color filters, fight scenes from the entire movie are being used here.

French DVD 16.3 sec longer

After that, only the German Blu-ray contains the original opening credits. At least, the French DVD contains the English title at the beginning.

French DVDGerman Blu-ray

02:43 / 02:33-02:46

Running from the henchmen.

This one and the following cut were probably necessary because further credits in English follows but the French opening had it already covered by the "exclusive" opening credits in the French Version.

12.2 sec

03:11 / 03:15-03:20

Missing part of the chase, James Tien is blocking the attacks in the background.

4.9 sec

03:13 / 03:22-03:27

James Tien keeps fighting, Asian credits included.

4.3 sec

03:28 / 03:42-03:54

Longer fight scene including more credits.

12.1 sec

03:32 / 03:59-04:06


7 sec

10:25 / 11:17-19:38

The entire restaurant scene, one of the rare scenes with the actual Jackie Chan, is completely missing.

At the restaurant, Jackie asks for a job and bumps into Dean Shek at the bar. Jackie had already gotten successfully rid of him as a potencial employer in the first one. A conversation filled with little gags follows, Shel tells about his family and the traditions at the restaurant. At the point, he hasn't understand yet that Jackie is looking for a job and treats him like a good customer. When Jackie reveals his true intention, Shek gets angry and condescending. Flimsy conditions are being discussed plus Shek explains Jackie was only number 170 on the list. But because Jackie agrees to work for free during the first three years of apprenticeship, Shek generously hires him.
Jackie shily starts to work resp. he is standing around cluelessly with a towel while Shek keeps yelling at the others employes. After Shek dealed with a few customers for illustrattion reasons, Jackie gets a lesson about how to carry the tablet correctly. A lot of stuff gets broken in the process. As punishment, Jackie has to work 20 years for free. During some complicated calculations, Jackie bolts.

480 sec (= 8:00 min)

28:29 / 38:28-38:56

Some artistic moves by Jackie with his shoes - including the smelling feed move in order to block the attacks. There are some booty slaps as well.

27 sec

35:33 / 46:19-46:58

Jackie's father and Chang are having a longer conversation about their sons being a failure and that they could probably train together.

37.4 sec

The end credit differ as well.

French DVDGerman Blu-ray

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