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Star Wars The Clone Wars: The Complete Season One

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars

1.20 Innocents of Ryloth


  • TV Version
  • Director's Cut
Release: Mar 28, 2011 - Author: azog - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the TV Fassung (German Free TV) and the Director's Cut, available on the season box by Warner Home Video.

Running times:
Running time TV = 21:05
Running time DC = 23:14

In the last episode, Anakin Skywalker was capable of breaking through the barrier around Ryloth. Now it's up to Obi-Wan Kenobi to make the landing of the huge cargo ships possible. With Commander Cody and his clones, he's supposed to immobilize the proton guns. But TX-20, the commander of the droids, is already waiting for the republic troups and uses the residents as human shields.

The clones Boil and Waxer have some more screentime in the Director's Cut and TX-20 tries to check his calculations. The other differences are small extensions, just like in other episodes.
TV: 00:00
DC: 00:00
The TV Version starts with the Clone Wars logo, the DC with an introducing black screen.
0.92 sec

TV: 00:09
DC: 00:10

The moral at the beginning has been translated.


TV: 02:12
DC: 02:13

Extended shot of the republican fleet from the bottom after proton gun started working. Furthermore the shot of the cargo ships is longer when the scenary changes.

2.64 sec

TV: 02:22
DC: 02:25

The hit cargo ship going down.

1.44 sec

TV: 02:33
DC: 02:38

After Mace Windu's report to Obi-Wan, one of the gunships gets shot down. Then Obi-Wan talking to his men.

Obi-Wan asks who wanted to prove himself. He adds they couldn't get any supplies until the guns were defanged. Then Waxer, he says to Boil it was always the same.

11.88 sec

TV: 02:44
DC: 03:01

Earlier beginning of the shot of the landing approach of the gunships.

0.96 sec

TV: 03:12
DC: 03:30

Shot of the separists after the troup was dropped. Commander TX-20 tells the droids to prepare for the ground attack.

11.72 sec

TV: 03:24
DC: 03:54

During the first contact with the enemy, Cody tells his men to keep moving.

4.16 sec

TV: 03:29
DC: 04:03

Extended shot of the shooting droids.

0.8 sec

TV: 03:39
DC: 04:14

Obi-Wan takes the job to destroy the hostile bunker and takes Boil and Waxter with him.

Obi-Wan asks them if they wanted action and gives the order to come with him. Boil replies: "You heard him, Waxter."

The very same dialog is also in the TV Version while the three are approaching the hostile base.

3.92 sec

TV: 03:51
DC: 04:29

Waxer throws a grenade in the direction of the wall. In the TV Version, Obi-Wan uses is force immediately to get them over the wall. In the DC, they fail first and Waxer wants to come closer to the wall.

Waxer says they had to come closer to the wall. Obi-Wan tells him to try again and adds he was gonna help.

6.48 sec

TV: 05:53
DC: 06:38
With Cody's words, that he has to report that the Twi'leks have been taken hostages to General Kenobi, the TV Version ends and continues wit the recon droids.
TV: 1.28 sec

TV: 07:11
DC: 07:55

Boil looks around after he and Waxer hid from the droids.

0.96 sec

TV: 08:56
DC: 09:41

In the TV Version, TX-20 only asks if the creatures were ready and the droids says yes. Then Boil, Waxer and Numa again.

TV: 0.32 sec

In the DC, the droids asks if TX-20 was certain that the Gutkurrs weren't gonna attack them. TX-20 replies he needed a test object to make it sure.

During the last sentece, TX-20 opens the gate and the Gutkurr comes closer to the droid.

The Gutkurr grabs the droid and tries to deform him. But it doesn't really work, so he spits him out. TX-20 ist satisfied because his calculations were correct.

The droid, still in the Gutkurr's mouth, yells : "Not my motivator!"
TX-20 replies the creatures needed organic meat according to his calculations and he was right. The droid, lying on the ground, says it was the best news of the day. TX-20 adds it was the worst for the clones because they'd be perfect food for any Gutkurr.

total length DC: 30 sec

TV: 10:34
DC: 11:49

The shot of Numa at the door begins slightly earlier.

0.92 sec

TV: 10:48
DC: 12:04

Shot of Waxer looking up in Numa's parental home before the clones put off their helmets.

1 sec

TV: 12:53
DC: 14:09
The TV Version ends slightly earlier when the appartment is being left.
TV: 0.88 sec

TV: 14:06
DC: 15:21

Earlier start of the clones shooting at the Gutkurrs. One of the clones yells they were being overrun.

0.92 sec

TV: 16:54
DC: 18:10

While looking at Obi-Wan and nuda, the cell-cleaning droid says his work is overtime. Furthermore the following scene starts earlier.

2.52 sec

TV: 17:39
DC: 18:58

Extended shot of Commander Cody's clones shooting at the droids.

1 sec

TV: 21:00
DC: 22:20

Business as usual. The credits in the TV Version only consist of mentioning George Lucas' name plus the Lucasfilm logo.

TV: 4.92 sec
DC: 54.64 sec