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9.01 And Then There Were Fewer (1)


  • TV Version Two-Parter
  • TV Version Two-Part-Episode
Release: Aug 13, 2013 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Two-Parter (First Run German Free-TV on 07/27/2013) and the Two-Part-Episode (First Run Fox on 09/26/2010)

Partial length of the two-part-episode: 25:55 min NTSC

18 differences, 3 of them with additional footage in the two-parter.
Difference: 224.6 sec (= 3:45 min)

It only took 3 years for the 9th season to be aired in Germany. And since it airs around noon, cuts are to be expected. That's why it has been compared to its original US-TV Version on Fox. It turns out we're dealing with an exception here which deserves its own comparison and which is also quite interesting for international readers. So here we are.

9x01: And Then There Were Fewer aired as two-part-episode in the US. Its length was 49 minutes (NTSC) which makes it even longer than two regular episodes with a length of approx. 22 minutes (NTSC) each. As usual, the DVD contains a longer version with almost 8 additional minutes but that's not the issue here. For some reason, the German network received a third version. It's the shortest version of them all, the two-part-episode with a length of approx. 49 minutes is now a two-parter that lacks further footage (compared to the TV Version on Fox). "And Then There Were Fewer Part 1" only lacks some plot scenes, probably to reach the usual length of an episode of Family Guy.

Lots of nice and detailed things are missing in this "shorter TV Version" which is why anyone should definitely stick with the US-TV Version from Fox or - even better - the extended DVD Version.
Apart from that, Carl has obviously way less screentime and some nice gags with "Mayor Adam We" and "Herbert the Pervert" are missing, too.

Please note: the comparison has been made with a recording of a German Free-TV Version (as already mentioned) but a newer recording from USWPIX confirms that the German and the US Version are equal.
Credits / Two-Parter longer

Only the two-parter contains the regular opening credits.

The Two-Part-Episode on the other hand begins with a dedication.

Two-Parter 21.3 sec longer

After being different during the exterior shot of the house, only the two-parter continues with the regular opening credits in blue.



Lois quesions the invite.

Lois: "What? What are they honoring you for?"
Peter: "Who cares? It says here it's for the whole weekend. And it's free."

4.8 sec


Now the exclusive beginning of the Two-Part-Episode. While the credits during the first animation are yellow now, several animations have been entirely removed.

Doppelfolge 97.8 sec longer


Two-Parter longer

Longer shot in the two-parter.

+ 1.9 sec

Shortly afterwards, further missing credits in the two-parter (followed by several credits in blue, as usual - no further screens for that).



When Jillian and Derek approach Brian, they also say hi to him. As a result, the frames around that are slightly different - screenshots only for the Two-Part-Episode with additional dialog.

Jillian: "Wow! Hi, Brian!"
Derek: "Hey, kiddo."

Two-Part-Episode 2.6 sec longer


Muriel and Mort join them as well. They're talking in the car.

Mort: "Muriel, if you're not gonna eat your half of the cheeseburger, I'll see if they have a freezer, so I can keep it nice."
Muriel: "I'm gonna walk around. I think my vagina's asleep."

8.5 sec


At first, Consuela says hello to the guests and Stewie can't resist the urge to comment that.

Consuela: "Mr. Peter. Mr. Joe. Mr. Bonnie."
Stewie assumes (to Brian): "She doesn't know what 'Mr.' means."
Consuela: "Mr. Mort. Mr. Muriel. Mayor West Mr."
Stewie: "Oh, my God, seriously."

13.1 sec


Further missing shot of a conversation with Tom Tucker and Carl at the table after the scene with Jillian and the blue pony. Tom and Carl don't strike me as a perfect match though.

Carl: "Have you guys ever seen Jim Henson's Labyrinth?"
Tom Tucker: "No. Have you ever seen the Channel Five news?"
Carl: "No. Uh, Labyrinth has teenage Jennifer Connelly."
Tom Tucker: "Channel Five news has file footage of pills being sorted."
Carl: "Some people think Jennifer Connelly's old now, and that her hands look like two bags of snakes. I think that's bogus."
Tom Tucker: "I don't think we have much in common."

18.3 sec


After Mort complained about his neck and Muriel mentioned his back from the off, he keeps acting like a baby: "And my back! My back, yes! Oh!"

3.4 sec


When Joe says there was "no was out", Carl comes up with another movie reference to the very same movie. The first few frames of the following animation are slightly different because turns her head away from Carl in the Two-Part-Episode - no screens.

Carl: "No Way Out. Great film. Sean Young naked in the limo?"

Two-Part-Episode 2.9 sec longer


"Mayor Adam We" has another solution for their non-existing cell phone signal.

Adam: "It's all right. I'll put a message in a bottle."
And so he does but he just leaves the bottle on the table: "Now... we wait."

8.5 sec


James Woods keeps arguing.

James: "Murder? Wha-What are you talking about?"
Joe: "You're going away for a long time, pal."

4.4 sec


Refering to Brian's comment, Stewie complains that nobody would look at him anyway (after he said people would wonder why he was wearing shorts). The frames before and after are slightly different again.

Stewie: "That's what I mean. The fact that no one has said anything makes it even more obvious that everyone has noticed."

Two-Part-Episode 4.5 sec longer


More background information about Seamus and James Woods (Seamus said earlier James had made his head human again but left the rest made out of woods) before Seamus insist he's innocent. The frames before and after are slightly different - AGAIN!

Peter: "Oh, my God, seriously?"
Seamus: "No. Actually, I was a normal guy until one night, we dropped acid together, and he thought I was a steak. Grilled me, ate me arms and legs. It was a whole thing."

Two-Part-Episode 8.4 sec longer


"Mayor Adam We" points at Dr. Hartman as further suspect. Dr. Hartman blames Mort, he blames Diane and she blames Herbert. Then a cutaway.

Adam: "But you hated him, too, Dr. Hartman."
Dr. Hartman: "Sure, I hated him, but so did Mort."
Mort: "I didn't kill him! Maybe it was Diane."
Diane: "James Woods promised to introduce me to Dan Rather. But instead, he introduced me o Danny Bonaduce. I tell you, that guy looks like a dog turning 30. But what about the old guy? I heard him complaining about Woods in the dining room."
Herbert: "That's true. He replaced my Cialis with methamphetamines!"
Einspieler, zwei Kinder fahren mit ihren Rädern über die Straße, Herbert hinkt ihnen aufgedreht und schnell hinterher.
Kid #1: "Pedal faster!"
Kid #2: "I can't go any faster!"
Herbert: "Where you going, kids? Hey, I just want to talk to you. Why don't you come over to my place for a glass of wine and a couple of fruit pies, and then we can go in the back room and play crazy snake. Hee-hee-hee!"

35 sec


Peter keeps reading the book, then he refers to Consuela.

Peter: "And Consuela, he... Actually, I can't read his handwriting here. What-what happened?"
Consuela: "One day, I bring my nephew to work, and he molest my nephew, and my nephew-- he only 14, and he cry, and then, he shoot himself in the face."

14.2 sec


Additional scene with Herbert and Chris. Herbert tells Chris to burn his (Herbert's) house down in case he doesn't make it - most likely because the place is full of child pornography.

Herbert: "Chris, I'm worried, with this killer on the loose. If I should die, I-I just want you to know that they might find some things. Strange things."
Chris: "Um... okay."
Herbert: "And there's gonna be a lot of talk. Nasty talk. And I just want you to know, from me, it's all gonna be out of context."
Chris: "I don't know what that means."
Herbert: "It means, if I die, you got to burn my house down!"

29,4 sec

Two-Parter longer

Part 1 ends with Diane who's cat-calling at Tom after he vanished in some kind of secret chamber. An exterior shot of the house, which points at the next episode, follows.

+ 8.3 sec