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1.06 Message in a Bottle


  • HD-Remastered
  • Original Version
Release: Jul 31, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB - more from this series

Comparison between the TV broadcast on German TV station Nitro on 10.04.2019 (22:50 / international HD master) and the German DVD (featuring the original version) by Kinowelt (FSK 12)

- 4 differences
- Runtime difference: 88,5 sec (= 1:28 min)

Also 2 additional moments in the HD master with a duration of 9.3 sec (italicised in the comparison)

In the comparison of the pilot episode, we have already summarized everything about the problems with the HD remastering of Baywatch, which is different in songs and also censored in nude scenes, at least right at the beginning.

In episode 1x06 (Message in a Bottle), a longer action scene is missing towards the end, which concludes the side story of a robbed couple from Iowa. Maybe this is just a pure tightening intervention, but it remains strange. From that point on, there are a few of the usual alternative filler moments, which are once again basically completely irrelevant.

Two last remarks:
* The episodes were dubbed in NTSC speed and are also included on the German DVDs, although they are otherwise of course PAL standard. With Nitro, on the other hand, the episodes run at true PAL speed, which explains the even shorter running time.
* It should also be noted that we will not list the exchanged songs in detail.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Nitro HD at PAL speed / FSK 12 DVD at NTSC speed

As usual, the opening credits differ and also the credits in the following were revised. Not included in cut duration/quantity.

HD version 28.2 sec longer

04:23-04:37 / 04:05-04:19

An alternative re-cut to the woman.
Afterwards, there were also several different shots, and once again the scene, which basically runs with the same dialogue, was completely reassembled.

No time difference

HD-Master (Nitro) Original version (German DVD)

08:51-08:58 / 08:44-08:51

Several harbour shots were exchanged.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) original version (German DVD)

09:17-09:47 / 09:11-09:42

Again a few exchanged shots between identical ones from the trio's boat tour. All unspectacular, therefore only the first and last shot is illustrated.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) original version (German DVD)

11:43-11:47 / 11:43

Here was obviously a commercial break for the HD master, because you see Hobie and co for the first time, then briefly a black screen.
How Hobie goes to the front afterwards is also included in the German DVD again, respectively this quasi double filler shot was saved there.

+ 4,4 sec

15:54-16:09 / 16:00-16:15

The flag is hoisted from different perspectives and the first follow-up shots on the beach are also completely different.
You can already guess it: Once again, an exchanged song, where the picture montage for the HD processing was also tackled anew.

No time difference

HD-Master (Nitro) original version (German DVD)

26:06-26:11 / 26:38

As before: The HD version has a first shot of the pirate watching Hobie, from which there is a fade-out to black.

+ 4.9 sec

35:45-35:47 / 36:36-36:38

An alternative take of Hobie behind a log.

No time difference

HD master (Nitro) original version (German DVD)

36:02-36:06 / 36:53-36:58

As the log rolls down, you can see it again in the original version from a perspective from below. Instead, the HD master shows feet running away in close-up.
Shortly after that, a few shots were exchanged as well.

No time difference

HD-Master (Nitro) original version (German DVD)

42:49 / 43:58-45:27

After the successful rescue of the children, a new scene in the beach house is missing. Eddie joins in and tells the couple from Iowa that he spoke to the parents and arranged a ticket back home for them. The two are grateful and Eddie also mentions that they have collected money for the taxi. Shauni says that she will take care of the ride herself and they leave a little bit hastily. Shauni asks (a reference to several discussions about this in the episode below) if Eddie wants to drive and throws him the keys.

88,5 sec (= 1:29 min)