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Frivolous Lola

original title: Monella


  • BBFC 18 (old) / NL 16
  • Uncut (BBFC 18 re-release)
Release: Dec 28, 2021 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Mike Lowrey - external link: IMDB

Comparison between the cut Dutch DVD by indies home entertainment (identical to the British DVD by Arrow Video) and the uncut British DVD re-release / Blu-ray by Arrow Video.

- 23 cuts
- Cut duration: 144.1 sec (= 2:24 min)

A few additional master errors, each less than 0.5 sec in duration, were not listed in the report.


The films of Tinto Brass have always been known to cause scandals and a lot of viewing material from our perspective as well, because in many countries the erotic adventures ran afoul of the censors. Frivolous Lola (original title: Monella) from 1998, for example, was only released censored by 4 minutes in Germany.

This film did not get unscathed through the BBFC ratings board in the UK either. Older DVDs by Arrow Video were cut by almost 2.5 minutes. . Particularly noticeable is probably the longer scene at the beginning, where two pastors smell Lola's bicycle saddle. Since the 2013 re-release (Blu-ray+DVD combo), however, the film is fortunately available uncut in the UK and that too in reasonable HD quality.

Note: The comparison was made with the Dutch DVD. There, one is otherwise often used to uncensored releases, but with this title, the DVD is unfortunately identical in content to the censored version in the UK.

Runtimes are ordered as follows: Dutch DVD in PAL / British DVD in PAL

The remastered DVD / Blu-ray includes a restoration note to start.

3.4 sec

06:59 / 07:02-07:19

The two priests sniff Lola's bike saddle for longer as well as in other shots.

17 sec

23:59 / 24:19-24:22

Lola presents her vagina in a close-up while masturbating. The follow up shot also starts insignificantly earlier.

2.4 sec

24:23 / 24:46-25:04

Lola plays with herself more extensively at the end of one shot. More shots of this follow.

17.6 sec

24:26 / 25:07-25:10

After the shot of the mirror, an explicit close-up is missing.

3.3 sec

24:55 / 25:39-25:45

Before the captain shuts her up, there's a shot of frisky masturbation.

6.4 sec

33:49 / 34:39-34:40

Lola sits down on her companion in a short close-up.

1 sec

33:58 / 34:49-34:50

Towards the end of the shot, Lola pushes the man's crotch back down and her vagina is exposed accordingly.

1 sec

34:22 / 35:14-35:16

Again, a close-up of the crotch.

2,2 sec

34:23 / 35:17-35:19

After the cut to the voyeur, you get to see his view from the binoculars.

2,5 sec

45:56 / 46:52-46:56

Shown from Lola's perspective through the keyhole is a girl sticking her butt out in her direction. Cut to Lola.

4,2 sec

45:59 / 46:59-47:00

A shot shortly after starts a bit earlier, revealing a deeper look.

0,6 sec

46:01-46:03 / 47:02-47:04

The same shot is longer as well. To cover this up, the NL has now reinserted the cut to Lola.

Uncut 0.6 sec longer

46:14 / 47:15-47:23

The camera lingers a bit longer and so the spread butt hole can be seen again. A man kneels in front of it.

7.5 sec

61:57 / 63:06-63:30

Lola sits in a crouch for a longer time. Then the camera moves in closer perspective to the genital area and she begins to urinate. This can also be seen again from behind.

24.1 sec

62:00 / 63:33-63:41

After an included close-up, you can also briefly see Lola peeing in the cut version. However, this shot starts much earlier and to a neat stream, she first looks frivolously to the left. When the cut begins, the peeing stops shortly after.

8.6 sec

62:06 / 63:47-63:55

Alright: here are a few droplets coming after all at the end of the shot.

7.5 sec

64:44 / 66:33-66:47

Intimate cleaning can be seen much earlier.

13.7 sec

65:00 / 67:02-67:06

The shot starts earlier, you can see the condom on rubber penis.

3.9 sec

66:16 / 68:22-68:25

An actually harmless shot from the side, where you can see the penis again.

2.4 sec

71:52 / 74:01-74:04

The man is commenting something and in the process is headed for Lola's butt.

3.6 sec

72:03 / 74:15-74:21

Again the butt and another cut to the man.

5.4 sec

83:54 / 86:12-86:13

After the close-up of Lola's pubic area, the baker boy took his privates out of his pants in close-up.

1.1 sec

84:48 / 87:07-87:13

To another close-up, the guy moves away and some blood is seen in the genital area.

6 sec

85:19 / 87:44-87:47

Also, at the end of the scene, the blood stain is shown again.

2.5 sec