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Mad Mission 2 - Aces Go Places

original title: Zeoi Gaai Paak Dong Daa Hin San Tung


  • International Version
  • Original Version
Release: Aug 11, 2019 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Asphyxia
Comparison between the international version on the German DVD and the original version on the Hong Kong DVD.

46 deviations, including
* 2x alternative courses
* 7 scenes are longer in the international version

Difference (without logos + credits): 12:05 min [in PAL]
* Additional material in the original version: 19:24 min
* Additional material in the international version: 7:19 min

The Mad Mission series is one of the most entertaining excesses that Hong Kong cinema left behind for posterity in the 80s in action comedies, apart from the works of even more internationally known faces like Jackie Chan. Especially the first two parts are full of crazy ideas, brilliant situation comedy and above all absurdities, which were ennobled by a really wonderful, unrestrained, flippant synchronisation in Germany. All parts originally appeared in Germany only in the cut international versions.

The successor Mad Mission 2 was shortened by nearly 20 minutes for the international release, whereby as expected mainly further action/comedy scenes had to be expected. In contrast to other Hong Kong productions these are not really weirder than the rest of the film - they just wanted to speed up the tempo a bit respectively focus more on the action scenes. At the same time there is also about 7 minutes of exclusive material in the international version. They reinforce the just mentioned impression, because actually there is a bit more action to be seen here. Also the introduction is even more suitable for the masses with a kind of review of part 1. All in all both versions have their strengths.

For the 2nd quarter 2017 new German Blu-ray editions were announced by Digidreams (after they first released only the SD masters of the 5 movies together on one Blu-ray). Here the uncut original versions will probably be offered for the first time (in addition to the well-known international versions). Furthermore you will even find a selfmade integral version at the release. One can be a little skeptical in so far that the Hong Kong Blu-rays contained, as so often with Fortune Star, only SD-Upscales were available so far no real HD master is known. Wait and see.

Thanks for providing the Hong Kong DVD goes to Mr. White !

Runtime specifications are arranged according to the following scheme
FSK 16 DVD in PAL / Hong Kong DVD in NTSC
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Partial Recut / Additional Footage International Version
00:00-03:16 / 00:00-00:18

According to different company logos...

International versionOriginal version

...the movie starts differently or the International Version has two additional scenes first .

First, a kind of review of Sam's diamond theft, which was already shown at the beginning of part 1.
Then "Filthy Harry" is introduced. As Harry introduces himself to the secretary at the beginning, an exclusive scene of the international version remains. The rest can be seen later in the 11th minute 1:1 identical to the original version (hence no screenshots).

International Version 179.5 sec (= 3:00 min) longer

Only the international version has a few credits left for the follow-up recordings.

By the way, a good comparison picture: The German DVD is certainly one of the better DVDs Laser Paradise released at that time and even shows more details (clouds/sun) than the Fortune Star master of the original version.

International VersionOriginal Version

Alternate / Additional Footage International Version
13:20-13:47 / 10:47-12:59

In the International Version an air cushion inflates under Sam's motorcycle and skis grow. He makes another comment and cruises away on the transformed vehicle.

When Sam fell into the water, the picture freezes at the Original Version and the original title appears. After that follows exactly as in the international version at the beginning (minus the introduction to the secretary) the introduction for Harry - not illustrated.

Original version 99.9 sec (= 1:40 min) longer

19:07 / 18:33-18:34

In the chase, an scene of bicycle riding is insignificantly longer.

1.1 sec

21:00 / 20:32-20:38

The driver gets out earlier and when Sam emerges from the water trailer, he still has something on his head in the beginning.

5.9 sec

21:19 / 20:58-21:47

Still in the same scene as well as further shots, a decorated police motorcycle and other colleagues in party-gear drive up.
Then Hatung gets out of the car and Kodijak (with a wig) joins in. She looks a little angry, then they walk together the hallway to the church entrance.

47.2 sec

21:37 / 22:06-22:35

Kodijak still greets Sam with a reference to the time, who goes to him with apologizing gestures. When he arrives at Kodijak, Sam whispers into his ear and continues to disturb him.

27.2 sec

23:41 / 24:43-24:53

Kodijak turns around again in the hallway and discusses further with Hatung before he comes to the bathroom.

8.8 sec

23:54 / 25:06-25:19

Sam still reacts and Hatung asks from outside what Kodijak is singing about - but a different song than Sam before, which is why he quickly points him to the right one.

11.8 sec

24:44 / 26:11-27:19

Kodijak complains longer at the locked door. She just shouldn't take off her clothes - which happened right away, because Hatung comes out ashamed and at this point Sam is already blown out. Kodijak takes two more slaps in the face and they discuss how much Sam has seen of her. He then comes along and says that everything was half as wild or that he had closed his eyes etc.. Kodijak nevertheless challenges him to a duel.

65.7 sec (= 1:06 min)

24:50 / 27:26-27:34

Kodijak used to have a pistol in his hand, he takes a step back to Hatung or acts more serious towards Sam.

8 sec

25:19 / 28:04-29:16

Sam says goodbye a little longer or apologizes emotionally. It obviously works and Kodijak plays along - but they laugh at the door about having tricked Hatung. Back inside Hatung announces her support and Sam dances a little joyfully in his shorts.

68.6 sec (= 1:09 min)

26:15 / 30:14-31:11

Hatung turns to her informant Vic in more detail. He has three news for the two and also addresses the somewhat unsuccessful wedding. Finally, he spreads the gossip that Kodijak is a playboy and that he even had a somewhat releationship to a dark-skinned woman in the States. He also shows Hatung a photo of this - THAT is also the real reason why Kodijak is roughly approaching Vic in the coming reinserted scene.

54.4 sec

30:16 / 35:22-35:47

After the two were surprised, Juliet comes in and apologizes for the bank robbery story but her brother had got her into this. Immediately Sam is convinced and trustful again and Kodijak speaks to his conscience for a moment. Sam resists but then Bozo joins him in the background.

23.6 sec

31:05 / 36:38-37:01

A little more discussion between Kodijak and Bozo before Juliet briefly stands up for them. Kodijak poses as an internationally feared detective and generally plays the tough boy - but he can't answer the question, what else would happen and Sam pulls him back.

21.8 sec

31:09 / 37:05-37:13

When Bozo pushes Juliet away, Sam threatens him with punches. But even a simple "and else?" question tears him out of his concept and this time Kodijak pulls him down to himself again.

7.3 sec

31:18 / 37:22-37:56

Kodijak and Sam still get up and whisper a little. So they simply leave the room but are immediately led back in by armed henchmen. Back inside, Kodijak squats and sees something in Bozo's jacket that looks like a weapon. When he grabs it, however, it turns out to be a pipe - which also explains why he has such a scene with the pipe in his mouth in the re-inserted scene. In any case, Kodijak immediately tries to turn the situation around, as if everything had been intended.

32.2 sec

32:07 / 38:46-39:13

More flirting in the car. Sam's comments on Juliet's eyes, smell and lipstick lead Kodijak to check all this out for himself. In the end, Sam pushes Kodijak away.

25.8 sec

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