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Midnight Meat Train, The


  • Thai Version
  • Unrated Director's Cut
Release: Jun 06, 2018 - Author: Il Gobbo - Translator: ManfredR - external link: IMDB
The Thai DVD is rumored to contain the rated R theatrical version. For this reason the following comparison has been realized: The Thai DVD with the unrated version available as the British "Extreme-Edition". The conclusion is: The Thai version is NOT the rated R version but a censored unrated version!

Apart from that here a trip to hell first, listen well.....
Too late now to turn my back
Conductor coming ticket in his hand
Come to claim my soul
Take me to his land

("Hellbound Train" - Savoy Brown)

20:10 Min.
Randle gets bust his head. The extreme close-up of his eye popping out and the counter cuts onto the woman and guy whose faces get splattered with blood is missing.
( 5 sec. )

21:35 Min.
After the woman got smashed her head in a point-of-view-shot the rest of the scene is missing. The Thai version ends with a 90° rotated view onto Mahogany. In the unrated version on the other hand the camera moves back let us realize that this is a reflection in the woman’s eye. While the camera still moves back the disembodied head and the still convulsive body in a pool of blood can be seen.
( 17 sec. )

33:27 Min.
The sex scene between Leon and Maya has almost been completely removed. Anyway, there is barely visible skin but the scene is quite with some animally.
( 33 sec. )

51:44 Min.
Mahogany prepares the victims while Leon is taking pictures. Here the scene is missing where the eyes are taken from one victim.
( 23 sec. )

52:00 Min.
A close-up view is missing where the meat hook is pierced through the feet.
( 5 sec. )

74:13 Min.
Maya still walks through the bodies hanging at meat hooks.
( 10,5 sec. )

74:37 Min.
An additional shot of the dead woman on the train’s floor, the following side view starts a little later due to alignment reasons.
( 6 sec. )

75:02 Min.
Maya versucht, Jurgis vom Haken zu nehmen. Nahaufnahme der Füsse, die wieder am Haken runterfallen, sehr blutig.
Maya tries to free Jurgis from the meat hook. A very bloody close-up view of the feet falling down from the hook.
( 8 sec. )

81:55 Min.
A close-up view of the monsters who yank off a victim from the meat hook is missing.
( 3 sec. )

84:43 Min.
Also another close-up view of the butcher Mahogany with bones in his throat gasping "Take this....", coughs and finally says "Welcome" with a counter cut onto Leon is missing.
( 25 sec. )

84:49 Min.
Another side view of the dead butcher.
( 3 sec. )

86:43 Min.
A close-up view of Maya gets her chest slashed.
( 1,5 sec. )

86:46 Min.
A close-up view of Maya gets grasped into her opened chest plus a counter cut onto Leon.
( 4 sec. )