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Secrets of Sweet Sixteen - What Schoolgirls Don't Tell

original title: Was Schulmädchen verschweigen


  • US VHS
  • Danish DVD
Release: Oct 10, 2010 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the US VHS released by SWV and the Danish DVD released by AWE.

In 1973, "Schoolgirl-Report" director Ernst Hofbauer shot the movie "What Schoolgirls Don't Tell", which was not a part of the Schoolgirl-report series, but thematically it is pretty much in line with these movies: in various episodes, the movie enlightens the audience about schoolgirls' social behavior. The episodes' quality ranges from sleaze to exploitation, and even shallow comedy. The stories offer a lot of variety - one episode is about a schoolgirl having a relationship with her mother's lover, another one is about unexperienced teenagers that are introduced to the high art of love; there's even an episode about a satanic sect whose members are all professional wrestlers.

In the USA, the movie was released on VHS by SWV (entitled "Secrets of Sweet Sixteen") but it was pretty heavily cut and sometimes quaintly shortened.
However, the US VHS offers three scenes that are not included in the Danish DVD-release.

All the dialogue-quotations are translated from the German version of the movie and do not resemble the actual English dubbing.

Run time:

VHS: 71:13 min. (NTSC)
DVD: 74:36 min. (PAL)

The DVD begins with the Gloria Logo. The following scene with the pedophile begins a little earlier.

44 sec.


The pedophile goes to his apartment with a girl. A girl watches them from her window. After this, you see the two walk through the cellar. The girl walks to a neighboring apartment and knocks on the door.

23 sec.


The two girls undress a little longer.

4 sec.


The zoom to one of the girls begins a little earlier. You can see her private parts.

2 sec.


The zoom to the other girl also begins a little earlier.

1 sec.


Film tear, probably a result of a censored dialogue:

The priest says "Despite all virtual immorality..."

4 sec.


Cornelia can be seen a little longer.

2 sec.


The woman gets into the mudbath a little earlier.

2 sec.


A little bit of dialogue is missing due to a film tear.

Cornelia: "That's possible. In the bar, there's a dreadful guy waiting for me. He already chatted me up in the hall."
Raoul: "Yeah, I picked up on this, but so long as that's all...."

12 sec.



Raoul and Cornelia can be seen during a (rather enforced) love play.

6 sec.


The VHS instead offers alternative material of the two of them (which in the DVD is included a little later - see next cut below).

2 sec.


Raoul and Cornelia can be seen a little longer. Raoul seems to somehow fasten onto Cornelia's breast.

4 sec.


The rape is shown a little longer.

After that, the doctor can be seen a little earlier.

Doctor: "By the way, the father never gained knowledge of this."

14 sec.


You don't see Max pulling Lil's straps.

1 sec.


Max jumps on the bed next to Lil.

3 sec.



Max and Lil can bee seen during their love play. On the DVD, this scene follows a little later. (for this, check out [00:27:50][00:26:41])

2 sec.


The camera zooms back a little further. Max and Lil can bee seen havin intercourse.

9 sec.


Cut to the monkey. After that, the scene of Max and Lil havin intercourse goes on considerably longer. In between, there are cuts to the monkey and the dog.

42 sec.


The juveniles walk along the beach, passing a sign that says "Helft den armen Vögeln" (="Help the poor birds").

Max: "So, now you already have to help the poor."

10 sec.


Sascha pulls Babs' panties down completely.

3 sec.


The beginning of the love scene between Babs and Sascha was cut out.

Babs: "Sascha, you're not as stupid as I was told."
Sascha: "I'm not?"
Babs: "Just a little more tender. Don't stop. Slowly, Sascha. Just slowly. You're dear. And you're really sweet. Oh, Sascha."

28 sec.


After the father's blowup of temper, the scene goes on a little further.

Angry fahter: "You won't pull anything."

Cut to the both guys inside the pub.

Georg: "Dude, the old man is really angry."

Siggi is lying on the floor.

Burgie: "Siggi, whats wrong? Talk to me."
Siggi:" Götz von Berliching, third act."
Vater: "What does that mean?"
Siggi: "Kiss my ass."
Vater: "I see..."

Fritz: "Actually, I feel sorry fo the postman. He's cooking all the time."
Georg: "Yeah, and we're eating."

15 sec.


After Burgie and Elfi packed their stuff, the scene goes on a little furhter. (The following dialogue stems from the American VHS tape and therefore is no translation!)

Mother: "I don't understand it - that great Gary Cooper Film was supposed to be showing right now. That magazine also says that channel 2 is showing that film."
Burgie: "You've forgotten that today all the programs have been cancelled."
Mother: "What? Why have they been cancelled?"

The mother goes to the television and pushes the buttons.

18 sec.


The panning shots begins at Elfi's legs.

5 sec.


Fritz pulls off Elfi's panties. Then follows a cut to the scale.

17 sec.


The panning shot of the room goes on. During the camera panning, you can see the two of them having intercourse.

31 sec.


Georg and Elfie can be seen a little longer having sex.

12 sec.


Fritz and Burgie can be seen a little earlier.

In the US version, there's an additional black bar to cover Elfi's genital area.

2 sec.


Burgie can be seen from behind a little longer.

4 sec.


When being asked if she could take the pipe, Burgie says:

Burgie: "No no, one is all I need."
Man: "What? What do you mean?"

4 sec.


Burgie continues talking while having sex with Frits.

Burgie: "No no, let me do it."
Man: "Okay, what about the payment?"

3 sec.


After the skull you see the woman being tied to the table.

5 sec.


The men wearing capuchins make a grab for the girl a little longer.

1 sec.


Again, they make a grab for the girl.

4 sec.


The girl carrying the bowl can be seen earlier.

4 sec.


When the guy wearing the red capuchin carries the bowl to the girl, the image was zoomed for the US version. Also, the lower part of the picture has an additional bar to cover the girl's genital area.

No difference in time.


When you see the girl with the mask, again, the lower part of the image is covered with a black bar.

No difference in time.


An additional cut to the girl, then to the guy wearing the red capuchin.

3 sec.


The orgy with the skulls in the foreground goes on considerably longer.

28 sec.


Franz hands the movie over to the sect's leader.

Then he can be seen inside his photographic studio a little earlier. His girlfriend already sat down on a chair.

23 sec.


A part of the dialogue between Mario and Rosi's father was cut out:

Mario: "You probably will sooner or later when you come to Katanga for the marriage."
Vater: "You probably have shit for brains, dago. First of all, my Rosi won't marry a foreigner!"

8 sec.


A short part of the chase was cut out of the DVD version.

3 sec.


When Rosi enters the room, the lower part of the image is covered.

No difference in time.


Rosi is chained a little longer.

1 sec.


Rosi can be seen lying on the table a little longer. The guy wearing the red capuchin comes to her.

Red capuchin guy: "My fellow brothers and sisters, today's mass is a very special celebration because today the we fulfill the law prescribed by our rules. We sacrifice a pure virgin to the lord of darkness."

18 sec.


After Mario and his friends ran towards the cellar, on the US VHS we first see Rosi who is fumbled by the capuchin-guys. Then, the photographer bails. Elfi gazes after him and curses.

13 sec.