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Hell Night

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Burial of the Rats


  • R-Rated VHS
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 28, 2011 - Author: Eiskaltes Grab - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the shortened R-Rated VHS from New Concorde and the uncut UK-DVD from Anchor Bay (BBFC 18/"Unrated").

Difference: 8 minutes and 35.5 seconds in 41 scenes.

A pretty boring and cheesy trash flick which has absolutely nothing to offer that would make it worth being watched. The only reason (of one could call it a reason in the first place) are the very attractive female actors as amazons.
In the US, a cut version with more than 8 min of missing footage has been release as R-Rated Version on VHS and DVD. Most of the cuts affect dialog scenes. Surprisingly, the versions on the US VHS and DVD aren't equal. Both version contain the very same plot scenes being removed but some violence has also been censored on the DVD.
4 Min
Bram: We don't choose our dreams, Father,they choose us!
Bram's dad: Son, if you're determined to write, experience life and all its hardships and pleasures!
6.5 sec

4 Min
Bram's dad: Then pick up the pen!
6 sec

4 Min
Bram's dad: What is it now?
2 sec

4 Min
Extended shot of them in the carriage while some crawling noises are audible from the outside.
4 sec

4 Min
Bram's dad: What a horrible death!
Bram: Even for a horrible coachman!
Bram's dad: What happened to him?
Bram: The Church of St Cecile! We're not that far!
Bram's dad: Hurry, help me with the horses!
Bram: Right!
19 sec

6 Min
Bram, covered with a sheet, is being taken to the cell by the two amazons.
9 sec

6 Min
Madeleine : He's... barely more than a boy!

Anna: Who just wrote his own death sentence!
8 sec

7 Min
Shot of Madeleine.
3 sec

7 Min
Missing shot of Bram. Subsequently an extended shot of Bram's dad in the woods. He's exhausted and leans against a tree.
10 sec

14 Min
Another amazon puts Bram downstairs to the hungry rats.
14 sec

15 Min
Extended shot of the amazons rooting for Madeleine.
3 sec

17 Min
Extended shot of Bram's dad running in the woods.
5 sec

17 Min
Extended shot of Madeleine at the dinner table.
4 sec

18 Min
Bram's dad: Filth, I tell you!
Constable: Enjoy your stay!
6 sec

19 Min
Madeleine: I never knew my father, but... I had a mother once!
Bram: Once? What happened?
19 sec

20 Min
Madeleine: My mother protected us! She look them into her bedroom! I was so scared, I...
8 sec

20 Min
Madeleine: The next morning... I came back!
6 sec

21 Min
Bram: You're so different from them! Why do you stay here?
Madeleine: The Queen gave me a home... and family!
14 sec

23 Min
Additional shot of an amazon.
3 sec

24 Min
Priest: How have you walked away from God, child?
Anna: Father... lately my thoughts have grown dark! I think only of violent revenge against those who have wronged me!
Priest: Such thoughts are considered sinful, woman!
18 sec

26 Min
Shot of Bram, who starts writing with his new pen, after a shot of Madeleine at the cell door.
7 sec

27 Min
Bram's dad: Constable, have you any word of my son?
Constable: None!
Bram's dad: The alter boy must've seen something!
Constable: Yes, and whatever it was he hasn't yet recovered from the shock!
Bram's dad: We must search the forest!
Verlaine: We can't leave the village after the raid!
Bram's dad: But we must!
Constable: Are you telling us how to conduct our business?
Bram's dad: I'm telling you! I won't give up the search for my son! Not now, not ever!
Bram's dad leaves upset while the Constable watches him head-shakingly.
36 sec

27 Min
Madeleine: Well, you must read these words to me!
Bram: I've never shared my writing with anyone!
Madeleine: Please!
Bram reads sth. he wrote to Madeleine: I began to grow uneasy! Prudence whispered, be still and make no sign! And so I was, for I knew that the rats' eyes were on me...! Looking into my very soul!
Bram: I'm sorry, it's... It's not ready!
Madeleine: There is such life in what you've writte!
Bram: You mean it?
42 sec

27 Min
Missing shot of Bram.
4 sec

27 Min
Bram: You are the most beautiful sight I have ever seen!
Madeleine: You are my captive!
Bram: In more ways than one!
Bram intends to get up and go to Madeleine but his tight footcuffs stop him.
16 sec

28 Min
Extended shot of Madeleine in front of Bram's cell.
4 sec

32 Min
Extended sex scene with Bram and Madeleine from the rat's POV.
15 sec

32 Min
The beginning of the dinner with the amazons is longer in the Uncut Version.
8 sec

35 Min
Guy 1: Full house!
Guy 2: Bravo!
Madame Renaud: You will bankrupt me!
Guy: 1: No need for that, Madame Renaud! Just give me an hour with the new girl!
Madame Renaud: Well... you can play with her... but don't break her! Her virginity is to be auctioned off next sunday! They don't usually... come that young!
Guy 2: Just give me one with something to hold onto!
49 sec

42 Min
Several amazons bring the little girl to the Rat-Queen in the royal hall. The Rat-Queen has already been waiting.
Rat-Queen: My friends! Old and new! Life began for me when I killed the man who beat me and raped me trough all the years of my childhood - my father! I appear before you, a survivor in my own right! And I say to you, if a woman doesn't risk anything, she risks everything!
The Rat-Queen gets the cup.
50 sec

43 Min
Bram's dad: Thank you, Constable!
Constable: Thank you, Mr. Stoker!
9 sec

52 Min
Madeleine: You're Bram's father!
Extended shot of Bram on his way to the gate.
7 sec

56 Min
Anna stabs the guy with a aber. Only the Uncut Version contains a shot of the wound.
3 sec

56 Min
After Anna chopped off the prisoner's hand, the Uncut Version also contains a shot of him and the bloody stump.
3 sec

58 Min
Bram: You saw my father? Why didn't you tell me sooner?
Madeleine: Well, Bram, it was too dangerous, there was no time!
Bram: Did you tell him that I was all right?
Madeleine: I told him he could find you here!
Bram: You what?
Madeleine: And the Queen promised to grant him safe passage! Bram, soon you'll be part of my family, too!
30 sec

60 Min
The amazons repeat what the Rat-Queen says.
2.5 sec

60 Min
Same here.
18 sec

67 Min
After the amazon killed the guy, he runs away laughingly.
4 sec

67 Min
The R-Rated lacks a transition to the hall the Rat-Queen and several amazons have assembled. Then the army bounces in.
5 sec

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