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Sixteen Candles

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God Forgives... I Don't!

original title: Dio no!


  • Spanish Blu-ray
  • Extended Version
Release: Apr 09, 2017 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB
Compared are the cut Spanish Blu-ray by Divisa Home Video and the German DVD by New KSM / Screenpower with the Extended Version

- 5 cuts
- Length difference: 106.8 sec (= 1:47 min) [in PAL]

Also, there are 8 relevant additional moments with a total length of 13.8 sec

There are minor jump-cuts with a length of less than 0.5 sec that have not been considered in the following comparison.


God Forgives... I Don't! from 1967 was the first huge appearance of Bud Spencer & Terence Hill in the same movie. There are several versions available - the longest one has been used for this comparison*

So far, a Blu-ray is only available in Spain - based on the so-called Extendeed Version but slightly cut.

The Spanish Blu-ray

Not considering the company logos at the beginning, the Spanish Blu-ray is almost 2 minutes shorter: The murder of the Mexican field worker is completely missing and the guy who killed the Marshall only gets whipped once. Later on, a small part of the scene with Hill hanging from the ceiling and Spencer showing up there is missing and so is Bill's encounter with Hill's messenger at the end. As source for further Blu-ray releases, the Spanish Blu-ray is somewhat less than perfect.

On the other hand, the Spanish Blu-ray contains some footage missing on the German DVD due to jump-cuts. Nothing spectacular but still nice.

All in all, the Spanish Blu-ray is alright. The quality is good and if it was not for the missing footage, it would be very recommendable. But there is still hope that an uncut Blu-ray will be released some day.

Time index refers to
Spanish Blu-ray / German DVD Extended Version in PAL

* The German DVD that has been used for this comparison does not match the Extended Version on the Italian DVD because there are a few minor jump-cuts - please see the differences written cursively. But any relevant scene is on it and for that reason, the German DVD has been used for the following comparison.
The German DVD contains English credits while an Italian master has been used for the Spanish Blu-ray - also, there are several Mercury Films logos beforehand.

Please note: Depending on the player configuration, this is not part of the actual movie file. For that reason, the length difference probably needs to be deducted from the total length of the Spanish Blu-ray...

Spanish Blu-ray 51.3 sec longer

Spanish Blu-rayGerman DVD

37:15 / 34:46-34:47

Before Bill's headstone is being uncovered, the shot of the people walking away is slightly longer.

0.6 sec

39:44 / 40:39-41:19

A Mexican is working on a field. When horsemen come by, he stops and looks at them. Sitting on his horse, Bill St. Antonio looks at the Mexican and says looking at people was a nasty habit. He kills him and then his men and he ride off.

39.2 sec

52:24-52:26 / 49:58

When the men get back to Bill's hideout, the first shot starts a little earlier on the Spanish Blu-ray.

+ 1.8 sec

55:15 / 52:41-53:00

With the first whiplash, Bill's punishment for killing the Marshall is over. Actually, further lashes follow - including cuts to his posse.

19.8 sec

60:49-60:50 / 58:20

Hill a little longer when he walks up to the door.

+ 0.9 sec

65:23 / 62:43-62:49

After Spencer gets to help Hill who is hanging from the ceiling, the shot of the latter asking to be cut down is missing. Spencer looks satisfied and makes a step forward.

6.7 sec

71:29-71:31 / 68:39

Jump-cut on the German DVD: The horsement at the canyon a little longer.

+ 2 sec

89:35-89:36 / 86:00

Right after the shot of the goon with his throat slit, the shot of Hill in the desert resp. of his feet starts a bit earlier.

+ 1.1 sec

93:01-93:02 / 89:16

After getting hit in the face, another shot starts slightly earlier on the Spanish Blu-ray. Since this is more interesting than the previous scenes, there is a screenshot of it for a change.

+ 0.6 sec

97:49 / 93:52-94:32

Bill shouts from the off, the man turns around to him.
Bill then asks for the horse and the man asks to be let go and led to Bud one more time. After further questions from Bill, the man explains the American from the tavern had given him the horse and he intended to continue the game from back then. Subsequently, Bill shoots the guy and they ride away.

40.4 sec

99:19-99:21 / 95:58

Additional footage on the Spanish Blu-ray: Hill longer when he puts his gun away. He even tells Bill to start walking.

+ 1.9 sec

99:43-99:47 / 96:20

Another missing piece on the German DVD: At the end of the shot, Bill takes a sip and spits it out because he is grossed out by it.

+ 3.8 sec

99:58-100:00 / 96:30

Only on the Spanish Blu-ray, Bill gets to say that he was ready to change.

+ 1.9 sec

"The End" pops up on the screen in a different language due to different masters.

Spanish Blu-rayGerman DVD