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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Jul 22, 2009 - Author: magiccop - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the cut US video tape from Manga Video (R-Rated) and the uncut German DVD from REM (identical to the Unrated Version)

Perfect Blue is a very interesting movie that set itself apart from the common anime in its time, being a mixture between a thriller from Brian De Palma and a Giallo in the tradition of Dario Argento.
While it was released in its uncut version in Germany a cut VHS was released beside the uncut and unrated version.

Cut version = 78:10 Min. (NTSC)
Uncut version = 77:32 Min. (PAL)

Overall cuts = 3:09 Min.
33:02 During the shooting: The R-Rated ends with the actor who is supposed to rape Mima asking whether he has hurt her, to which Mima replies that she is alright. The Unrated goes on with the director commanding the shoot to continue. Mima now plays her part as the rape victim. She struggles and the actor has his way with her. Bystanders are shouting and fondling Mima.

The director interrupts the shooting and tells the actors to make it snappy.

The actor continues to have his way with Mima.

Rumi and Tadokoro are watching the scene on a monitor. Both are shocked about what they witness. With tears in her eyes, Rumi gets up and leaves.

More scenes from the shooting in which Mima's perception blurs and she sees herself as a singer in front of a cheering audience. The R-Rated starts again only after we see Mima in the locker room.

Cuts in total 121 Sec.

45:34 A nude picture of Mima has been zoomed in a bit in the R-Rated so that her pubic hair is no longer visible.

Left R-Rated/Right Uncut

45:38 Another camera movement down her naked body has been cleared from pubic hair shots through zooming.

Left R-Rated/Right Uncut

45:42 Dito.

Left R-Rated/Right Uncut

54:14 The murder of Murano the photographer: The R-Rated only contains the shot of the icepick entering his eye. In the Unrated, blood gushes out of his eye and the killer continues to stab him numerous times.
9,5 Sec.

54:33 In the R-Rated, the murder ends with the killer pulling the icepick out of Muranos hand. In the Unrated, the killer goes on to stab him countless times. Blood splatters all over the place, and suddenly we see that Mima herself is the killer. All the while we are treated to intercuts of Mima's photo session with Murano.
33 Sec.

62:58 We see Mima lying on her back a little longer. Then the Me-Maniac approaches her and ties up her legs with a belt. Mima recognizes a tool belt and reaches for the hammer. The Maniac squeezes himself between her bound legs in order to rape her. The R-Rated starts again as Mima strikes him with the hammer.
25,5 Sec.