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Bank Panic


Sega Master System
Region: Europe

Arcade Version
Region: Worldwide

Release: Jun 29, 2014 - Author: Angertainment - Translator: Mr Miau
The game "Bank Panic", sometimes called "West Bank", is generally a rather harmless reaction game. It is set in the Wild West and about cowboys and bandits. When the doors open, either customers or bankrobbers appear, the player has to quickly shoot the latter but leave the former alone. The game was slightly changed when it was ported to the Sega Master System. The counter goes up instead of down and up to 48 bags can be saved in the levels. The only alteration that can be seen as censoring is the removed blood splatter, which could be seen when enemies were hit. This certainly tones the game down, but it is still funny. Unfortunately, we do not know whether these changes were made to ports for other systems as well. This comparison therefore only covers the differences between the Sega Master System port and the original arcade game.
Title Screen

This follwing pictures illustrate the differences in the hit animations. The door on the right is interesting.
Sega Master SystemArcade Version

And once more with animation:

Sega Master System:Arcade Version: