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Fall, The

1.02 Darkness Visible


  • Recut
  • Uncut Version
Release: Apr 18, 2016 - Author: Tony Montana - Translator: Tony Montana - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Compared are the Recut (German Free TV) and the Uncut Version (German DVDs by Studio Hamburg).

42 differences, consisting of
- 13 removed scenes (incl. 1 recut)
- 28 extended scenes
- 1 removed scene in the Uncut Version / recut
- differently placed credits (as a result of the recut)
- Total difference: 684.08 sec resp. 11 min and 24.08 sec

The Fall is a British TV show shot for BBC Two. Its first episode aired on 05/13/2013. The second season started to air on 11/09/2014, a third season has already been announced.

In Germany, the first two seasons also aired but the German network ZDF did not broadcast the original BBC Versions. Instead, they decided to recut the two seasons to longer episodes with an approximate length of 90 minutes each. In order to do so, cuts/alterations were made. Episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 2-4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of episode 4-5 (BBC). The chronology of events remains the same (except for a few recuts but I will go into that in the actual comparison) but the Recuts always end during the actual episode (BBC Version) - except for the final episode 5, of course.

The second season does not consist of 5 but of 6 episodes. This made it a little earlier to recut. Now, there always 2 episodes used for 1 recut episode. In other words, episode 1 (ZDF) consists of episode 1&2 (BBC), episode 2 (ZDF) consists of episode 3&4 (BBC) and episode 3 (ZDF) consists of the two final episodes 5&6 (BBC).

Every single episode - whether Recut or BBC/Uncut Version - contains the same opening credits. The title is the same as well. Due to the process of recutting the episodes, the credits are placed differently in the Recut Version. The actual footage however remains unchanged. For that reason, the credits will be mentioned in the comparisons but I will not go into detail and will not be any screenshots for that either. Same goes for the end credits: They will be mentioned but that is it. I would also like to point out that only the Uncut Version contains the end credits. In the Recut Version, they have been cut.

Last but not least, a few words regards the differences of these two versions. The shorter Recut Versions are just fine, no elementary scenes are missing. However, one should rather watch the Uncut Versions. Admittedly, whether or not the shot of a character is half a minute longer is completely irrelevant. But then again, some quite interesting scenes that are worth being watched have been removed as well.
Both the US and UK Blu-ray/DVD release contain the Uncut Version.

Time indes refers to
Recut Uncut Version.
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47:32 / 00:00

Recap in the Uncut Version.

45.68 sec

Extended Scene
47:32 / 00:46

Due to the missing recap, the beginning of the shot of the squad cars is missing as well.

1.64 sec

Removed Scene
48:29 / 01:45

After James Olsen arrests Terry, the latter resists arrest longer at the station. James tells the other officers he needed Terry's clothes - including his shoes.

14.56 sec

Extended Scene
48:29 / 01:59

James on the way to his car earlier.

1.64 sec

Extended Scene
48:47 / 02:19

Paul longer.

3.2 sec

49:56 / 03:32

Credits in the Uncut Version - the actual footage remains unchanged. In addition to that, the Uncut Version contains the title.

2.96 sec

Extended Scene
50:50 / 04:29

Longer shot of Stella and James kissing.

8.24 sec

Extended Scene
51:02 / 04:50


5.52 sec

Extended Scene
51:13 / 05:07

Paul and Sarah's body in the tub longer.

1.52 sec

Extended Scene
51:16 / 05:11

Stella and James longer again.

7.28 sec

Extended Scene
51:23 / 05:25

Paul washing Stella's body earlier.

8.4 sec

Extended Scene
51:29 / 05:40

And again, Stella and James longer.

3.24 sec

Extended Scene
52:29 / 06:43

Now Paul again. He puts the bedding in the washing machine.

5.72 sec

Extended Scene
52:33 / 06:53

Stella and James again. Only this time, the shot starts sooner.

1.2 sec

Extended Scene
52:48 / 07:09

One more time, the shot of Paul is longer. This time, puts nail polish on Sarah's nails.

6.92 sec

Extended Scene
53:00 / 07:28

Paul tosses Sarah's body rather careless on the bed. In the Uncut Version, the shot of him standing in front of the bed is longer.

4.92 sec

Extended Scene
53:08 / 07:41

Now Stella again. The shot of her lying on the bed is insignificantly longer.

1.08 sec

Extended Scene
53:29 / 08:03

Paul earlier when he starts taking pictures of Sarah's body on the bed.

2.68 sec

Extended Scene
01:00:08 / 15:05

James slightly longer.

1.44 sec

Removed Scene
01:00:30 / 15:08

The Recut lacks the first scene with Jim reporting to his superiors.

17.8 sec

Removed Scene
01:02:09 / 17:06

The beginning of Terry's interrgation is missing in the Recut. James keeps asking questions but Terry's lawyer insists that he is not answering a single question.

56.84 sec

Extended Scene
01:02:09 / 18:03

James and Rob insignificantly earlier.

0.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:02:55 / 18:49

Terry briefly longer.

0.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:02:59 / 18:54

Another scene missing in the Recut. We see Sarah's sister Marion and her baby.

20.88 sec

Removed Scene
01:05:35 / 21:51

The end of Marion's conversation with the police is missing in the Recut. Sarah just found her sister's body, the operator tries to calm her down until the police arrive.

14.12 sec

Removed Scene
01:05:49 / 22:20

Only in the Uncut Version, Danielle confirms that they respond.

7.2 sec

Extended Scene
01:05:49 / 22:27

The subsequent shot of the operator begins a little earlier.

2.48 sec

Extended Scene
01:06:35 / 23:15

Danielle longer.

0.6 sec

Removed Scene
01:07:31 / 24:12

At first, we see Paul playing with the strand of hair he cut off of Sarah's body.

Then we see Danielle leaving the house. She looks wiped out. One of the medics aks if they could go in, Danielle only says there was nothing they could do.

49.24 sec

Removed Scene
01:07:54 / 25:24

The shot of Danielle and her partner Stone in front of the house is missing. Stone asks if everything was alright. She nods and leaves.

15.16 sec

Removed Scene
01:14:05 / 31:50

Stella gives the order to get the sister's clothes. Then further scenes of Stella at the crime scene. She wants to know if the cops are already canvassing, the cop next to her confirms it.

Stella looks around.

7.12 sec

Extended Scene
01:14:11 / 32:03

Paul earlier in the Uncut Version.

8.28 sec

Extended Scene
01:19:09 / 37:10

ME Professor Reed Smith longer.

1.6 sec

Extended Scene
01:19:12 / 37:15

The following shot of Stella is longer as well.

0.84 sec

Extended Scene
01:19:15 / 37:18

Same goes for the subsequent shot of Sarah's body.

0.4 sec

Extended Scene
01:20:30 / 38:34

Another slightly longer shot.

1.56 sec

Removed Scene
01:20:44 / 38:49

Now, a longer sequence has been cut. At first, we see Rob on the phone with the DA. James is standing next to him. They are discussin the case. When Rob hangs up, he explains Dylan and McInturff were going to be charged with murder. Then he gives James the file to give McSwain the news and James leaves.

McSwain is on the phone. He is being informed that a friend of his died. James kind of sneaks up on him from behind but for obvious reasons, McSwain is not in the mood.

Now we see Stella. She drinks some coffee and the cup aside. When she is putting on her gloves, Danielle shows up. She gives Stella her things and tells Stella about her screw-up regarding Sarah. Stella acknowledges that Danielle has reported it to her and says she would think about how to handle it.

125.24 sec resp. 2 min and 5.24 sec

Extended Scene
01:21:20 / 41:30

Longer shot of Stella.

1.12 sec

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