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  • R-Rated
  • Unrated
Release: Sep 03, 2008 - Author: Doc Idaho - Translator: SpecialEd - external link: IMDB
While only scenes, which had to be removed in order to receive an R-Rating, were added to the Unrated Version of the first part of the "American Pie"-franchise, the sequel already received scenes which probably werenīt cut for censorhip reasons from the theatrical version.

With 19 Differences the Unrated Version is totally 6:07 minutes longer.
6th minute
The scene in the lecture auditorium lasts briefly longer. The lecturer announces a test for which Stifler is not prepared.


10th minute alternatively
For continuity reasons because of the following, newly added, scene, Stifler dodges Sherminatorīs handshake in a different shot.
UR 2s | R 3,5s

UR | R

10th minute
Two guys from High School chew Stiflers ear off by telling him how much they appreciate being at the party because their own parties always get broken up by the police. But Stifler only distributed the flyers at High School to attract some girls but not these losers. When the boys want to know if it is true that Finch slept with Stiflerīs mom, he throws them out.


10th minute alternatively
Again alternative material because of continuity reasons. In the unrated version, Stifler still says something about the two boys, then the camera zooms back and we see Jim, Finch and Kevin saying that Stiflerīs parties are still the same. The Rated-R-Version shows this remark from a different perspective.

UR 11s | R 4,5s



12th minute
When Oz arrives at the party, he is received immediately by Stifler who wants to know how he likes the steady relationship (with Heather) and wonders in a slightly reproachful tone what has become of the former Casanova. Oz thinks he was an idiot before. Then Stifler shouts to the crowd that Nova is back and that she puts away the chastity belt for them. Oz keeps cool, even when Stifler introduces a female friend to him and turns her down.


16th minute
On the street, two police men notice that a lot of Stiflers party guests are from High School and decide to call for back up. At the end of the scene there is a remark about Stiflerīs mum.


36th minute alternatively
Vicky and Jessica cross the shop in different takes while Jessica explains the three-way-rule to Vicky; saying that when Kevin claims that there were three girls it really means that he only slept with one girl. In the unrated version the scene has a longer beginning because Jessica says at the start that Kevinīs successes are as probable as the Backstreet Boys wanting her as background singer.

UR 19,5s | R 9,5s

UR | R

37th minute
Stifer is bantering Oz longer because of his girl friend being all alone in Europe. According to Stifler she is just cheating on him with some hot European guy and Oz can be happy that she at least gave him a blow-job before she left.

43th minute Theatrical Version
For continuity reasons the R-Rated-Version has a different shot when Stifler observes the two women through the blinds of the closed door.

43th minute
In exchange for that there is a longer sequence when Stifler, observing Amber and Danielle, gets obviously touched by Finch and gets agitated about that.

44th minute
Stifler still says that they donīt have to worry because he know remembers that he found the Dildo in another room.


44th minute alternatively
The following shot, which shows Danielle and Amber, consists of alternative takes.
UR 1s | R 1s

UR | R

49th minute
The trucker is shown again; he tells his dog that the girls sound like the transvestites they picked up in Beloxy.


49th minute alternatively
In alternative shots Amber pulls down Danielleīs bra. The scene is relatively short in the theatrical version, however in the unrated version it runs longer. At first, Danielle hesitates at first and doesnīt let her friend pull down her bra. She doesnīt hesitate in the Rated-R-Version.
UR 15s | R 1,5s



49th minute
Amberīs finger run along her friends neckline, then she kisses her cleavage. Here, too, Danielle seems to be more shy than in the theatrical version and tells Amber that it is enough now. The boys are hot.


50th minute
After the three guys have run from the house, Danielle adresses again the audience at the radio and promises that the show is not yet over. Then she approaches the bed together with Amber. The audience in the fast-food-shop cheers.


57th minute
After Jim and Michelle have left, we see the Band Camp-chief blowing the trumpet which moments ago was stuck in Jimīs buns. He briefly wonders about its smell but this doesnīt keep him from playing the instrument.

64th minute alternatively
The scene in the hospitalīs waiting rooms runs much longer. In the theatrical version, father and son sit there quietly, no one dares to say a word. At last, Jimīs father asks how he feels and Jim answers that he has been better before; then a cut to the treatment room.
In the Unrated Version, this scene lasts much longer. Instead of the akward silence, Jimīs dad explains the danger of adhesives and that they should have warnings on the package. But Jim answers that he mistook the tube for lubricant. Then a woman in a wheel chair notices the porn video which is still stuck at Jimīs hand and reproachfully asks him why he didnīt leave the video at home. Immediately Jimīs Dad intervenes and defends his son. He does this very aggressively. Without success Jim tries to calm him. Very loudly, Jimīs father tells everybody that Jimīs hand is stuck to his penis and imputes that the woman doesnīt have any sympathy for the situation because she lacks a penis.
UR 108,5s | R 13s



90th minute
The transition from Band Camp to the party is a different one because the Unrated version has an additional shot of the Band Camp-chief, who played the trumpet before and now has a rush.