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Guerilla War

original title: Guevara


Censored Version
Region: USA

Uncensored Version
Region: Japan

Release: Jan 31, 2015 - Author: kurisuteian - Translator: DaxRider123
Guerilla War aka Guevara is a ein Run 'n' Gun game made by SNK (the company responsible for arcade classics like "Metal Slug", "Fatal Fury" or "King of Fighters"). Additionally, SNK released the "Ikari Warriors" series, a game where you shoot your way through the game Rambo-style. "Guevara" follows the same principle.

However, you do not play a regular action hero character. Instead, this game's hero is called "Che Guevara", and if you choose the multiplayer mode you can get accompanied by later dictator "Fidel Castro". The aim of the game is to overthrow the Batista-regime...

Map of the "nameless" island in all versions:

When the game was released, the USA were still in the middle of the cold war. In order not to come across as a "communist" gaming company, all hints at the Cuban revolution were taken out - at least in terms of texts, after all, all graphics (players, map, final boss) remained unaltered.

Since the game's title was altered, the title screen was changed as well (the Japanese letters "ゲバラ" mean "Ge-ba-ra" which is the Japanese pronunciation of "Guevara"):

American Title Screen:Japanese Title Screen:

This is a comparison between the uncut Japanese NES Version and the censored American NES Version.

NOTE: The North American arcade version was censored in the exact same way.
1. Preface

Before the game starts, all versions show a portrait and a text. In the American Version the text reads "Hail the heroes of the Revolution" without saying which heroes are meant to be referred to.

The Japanese Version makes it clear which hero they talk about: "キューバ革命の英雄 / チェ・ゲバラい捧ぐ", which means something like "Hail Che Guevara, hero of the Cuban revolution".

American Version:Japanese Version:

Each level of the game has a text as well. Unfortunately, our knowledge of the Japanese language is limited, therefore we do not know whether or not the titles were censored. However, it is highly possible that all references to real-life politics were taken out.

2. Names

The game's characters were renamed. In America you control "Player 1" and "Player 2" while in Japan you control "Guevara" and "Castro" (in the images below we hid the background in order to ensure the text's visibility).

American Version:Japanese Version:

3. Credits

During the credits of all versions we can see both "heroes of the revolution" again standing around in their uniform. Despite the 8-bit graphics they look a lot like their real-life counterparts. Again, the texts were altered (only the Japanese Version talks about the Batista-regime).

While the credits roll and a few characters walk over the screen, all references to the name "Guevara" were taken out.

American Version:Japanese Version: