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  • PG-13
  • Director's Cut
Release: Jun 23, 2019 - Author: brainbug1602 - Translator: Cruel_Hides - external link: IMDB
The PG-13 cinema version was compared with the Director's Cut. Both are on the US Blu-ray from Universal Pictures.

In Norwich, England, Rick and Julia have private wrestling show fights, in which especially their children Zak and Saraya compete against each other. The big wish of the two wrestlers is to be accepted into the WWE. This could soon come true when they are invited to a casting by wrestling coach Hutch Morgan. Hutch only sees potential for further development in Saraya and invites her to the NXT training camp in Florida. The spatial separation from her family, the hard training and the lack of connection to her colleagues makes Saraya doubt whether she is really on the right track. She finally finds support in her family again and after a rough start, Saraya turns into the darling of the masses with her story of the poor worker girl who became a wrestler.

Fighting with My Family is based on the life story of Saraya-Jade Bevis, who made it into the WWE from simple circumstances. Thanks to a good script and strong actors you will be gripped by the underdog story, even if you don't have much on wrestling and you see the umpteenth variant of belief in your dream-stry. The milieu study seems authentic and the mixture of drama/humor/wrestling action is balanced. Just because Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead is a rough family head with a loose mouth, it's worth taking a look at the film. Although Dwayne Johnson was prominently placed on cinema posters, he only has a small supporting role in which he plays himself.

Universal's US Blu-ray features two cut versions of the film, the PG-13 theatrical version and an Unrated Director's Cut. When asked which version director Stephen Merchant prefers, he replied to Twitter that the movie version was a specially adapted version for the USA so that the film could be released in cinemas with a PG-13 release. According to his statement, the Director's Cut will be released everywhere else.

In fact, the differences between the two versions are small and primarily illustrate the abstruse changes needed to secure PG-13 approval. A few somewhat too daring swear words/phrases have been weakened for the PG-13 version. Sometimes the changes seem surreal if ck is simply cut off from cock, although every viewer should know what is meant or if for whatever reason The Rock is not allowed to repeat Dick me dead and bury me pregnant. from Saraya. Since there is enough swearing in the film itself, the censorships also seem to be devoid of meaning.


PG-13: 108:28 min.
Director's Cut: 108:25 min.

The credits for the opening credits are slightly different. The "Film4" only appears later in the cinema version.

No time difference


At dinner together with the family of Zak's girlfriend, the "cock" is cut off a bit in the cinema version.

Julia: "Well, that's nothing. You should see his co[ck]."

Julia is a bit longer to see and afterwards the father earlier.

DC: 0.42 sec.


Alternate material.

The Rock turns around in the cinema version and says.

The Rock: "It's a good pick-up line."

The DC instead shows an alternative shot of The Rock. He repeats the exclamation of Saraya.

The Rock: "Dick me dead and bury me pregnant? That's good. It's a good pick-up line."

KF: 7.00 sec.
DC: 5.9 sec.


After Paige got into the ring, the insults differs from the male spectators.

In the cinema version you can hear the following.

Audience 1: "Yeah, this is what I paid for, three hot chicks and my dead grandmother."
Audience 2: "Look on the bright side. At least she's not in a bikini."

Cut into the ring, onto the audience and then onto Paige.

In the DC you hear instead.

Audience 1: "Has anyone seen my boner? It was here a minute ago."
Audience 2: "I think the vampire killed it."

It cuts Paige, the audience and once again Paige.

KF: 7.9 sec.
DC: 5.9 sec.


The call of Hutch differs in both versions.

Cinema version:

Hutch: "Eat me!"

After that Paige can be seen a bit earlier.


Hutch: "Eat my dick!"

KF: 1.1 sec.
DC: 1.0 sec.


Dialog censorship as the family watches Paige's wrestling match.

In the theatrical version, the mother says.

Mother: "Suck on that, bitch!"

In the DC you hear instead.

Mother: "Suck my balls, bitch!"

The setting is the same in both versions.

No time difference (1.2 sec. each)