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1.03 The Older Brother's Wish, the Younger Sister's Wish


  • US TV Version
  • Adult Swim Version
Release: Aug 16, 2011 - Author: Jim - Translator: DaxRider123 - external link: IMDB - more from this series
Tite Kubo's BLEACH was first released in the Japanese magazien "Weekly Shonen Jump" in August 2001. From then on it's popularity constantly increased. Thanks to fan-translated versions on the internet, Bleach also became a well-known series to an international audience. By now, both the Anime and the Manga were licensed for an US release.

Similar to the US versions of Naruto some of the Anime's scenes were edited. By now we don't know whether these edits were made by the Japanese studio or the US distributors. However, we already asked both "Cartoon Network" and the US distribution about this (however, we didn't get an answer yet).
One of the most significant changes is the fact that he image was lightened up for the US version whenever a Hollow is around. If you don't know the original version, you won't even notice it.
Additionally, the credits were translated. The opening is slightly different - the song stayed the same, however, they used slightly revised material (e.g. a girl's hair now waves in the wind). The credits at the end of the episodes run faster than in the original version.

Here are some examples of the opening/credits:

Whenever there are image comparisons, they're listed as follows:
Letf side: Japanese version
Right side: US version

About this episode: The edits in this episode are not censorship in the proper meaning of the word but ratehr revisions. Most of the time, the image in this episode is brighter, since the characters are almost constantly accompanied by a Hollow. Therefore, this report will only show images whenever the differences are really striking.

For the sake of simplicity, here's one example for the different brightness:

Ignoring the opening and the credits, there's no difference in time in this episode.
The shadowing was slightly revised.

No difference in time.

The scene where Ichigo jumps over the house was revised.

No difference in time.

Durign the tracking shot of the Hollow the camera in the Japanese version moves a little further downwards- In the US version it moves in a straight line. Therefore, the final shot is different for both versions.
The Japanese version's image generally is a little jerky, however, you can't really notice this movement on the images below.

No difference in time.

In the Japanese version Ichigo is shown a little longer when he makes a comment. Due to the fact that this cut is extremely short, the difference in time will simply be disregarded.

approx. 0.5 seconds

The pattern in the Hollow's eye is different for both versions.
When the Hollowmask starts to get blurry, you still can see it in the Japanese version. In the revised version it completely disappears temporarily so that you can now see Sora's face.

No difference in time.

When Sora tries to fight the Hollow inside her, the Hollow constantly looks blurry in the Japanese version. Whenever it moves, there are some wavy lines - not so in the US version.

No difference in time.

Again, the Hollow's face looks blurry in the Japanese version while in the US version it isn't. However, it only blurs every now and then.
When the Hollowmask bursts, small particles of light fly through the air. In the Japanese version, these particles move faster and are more numerous.

No difference in time.

The beginning of the animation of Sora's Hollow-body cumbling away was slightly revised.

No difference in time.