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  • Theatrical Version
  • Unrated Version
Release: Jun 24, 2009 - Author: Muck47 - Translator: Victor - external link: IMDB
Comparison between the Theatrical Version (German DVD) and the Unrated Version (US-DVD)

- R-Rated: 87:32 min without ending credits (93:41 min including ending credits) in PAL

- Unrated: 91:48 min without ending credits (98:13 min including ending credits) in NTSC
=> equals 88:08 min without ending credits (94:19 min including ending credits) in PAL

- 10 changed scenes
- Difference: 37,8 sec

"America! Fuck, yeah!"

Power hungry dictator Kim Jong Il sells weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. The fate of all mankind now rests in the hands of special force unit "Team America", who puts their faith into the hands of Hollywood star Gary who is sent in alone as an undercover agent.

No famous action heroes are doing their duty here, for this is a genuine puppet movie in which political topics and action film clichés (Bruckheimer for example) are parodied likewise.
From George Clooney to Liv Tyler, Sean Penn, Michael Moore and of course good old Matt Damon are getting their share of being mocked as well.

"Team America" was the second major production for the big screen by "South Park" creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The early "Cannibal! The Musical" and "Orgazmo" should only be known to a somewhat smaller fanbase.

The uncut versions of "Orgazmo" as well as "Team America" were rated NC-17 and was thus only suitable for young adults.
Due to "Orgazmo" being released before the breakthrough of the two, Parker and Stone were somewhat limited in their options and had no major studio backing them up. The MPAA denied the R-Rating without naming specific reasons. So the uncut version was released in few cinemas; no R-Rated version exists to this day.

With "Team America" things were different, and for Paramount an NC-17 rating was not acceptable. This time, however, there were specific guidelines for censoring.
The scenes pointed out by the MPAA are typical - and somewhat grotesque concerning the fact that is a puppet movie. Exploding bodies, gory bullet wounds and the like slipped through without objection but of course a sex scene (still with puppets, mind you) had to be cut.
Nine different versions had to be presented to the MPAA before the movie got an R-Rating.

Time indexes are presented in the pattern
"Theatrical Version in PAL (Unrated US-DVD in NTSC)"
More black screen at the beginning of the R-Rated.
+ 2 sec

40:46 [Theatrical Version in PAL] (42:22-42:24) [Unrated in NTSC]

In the R-Rated, Sarah is already on screen as the first shot of both of them on the bed is shown.

In the Unrated we see only the bed at first and Sarah enters the screen from above.
Her butt can be seen a bit better, maybe this was the reason for the cut.

Unrated 1,3 sec longer

40:49-40:51 (42:27)

In exchange, the end of the shot is longer in the R-Rated and we get a smooth changeover to a closer shot of Sarah. The Unrated contains a normal cut right before Sarah butt touches the bed.

R-Rated 2,1 sec longer

41:05-41:06 (42:43-42:47)

The R-Rated already switches to the 69 position.

The Unrated switches to the cowgirl position first.

Unrated 3,8 sec longer

41:09-41:11 (42:50)

Part of the cowgirl position has been re-integrated into the R-Rated, but it has been thoroughly shortened. Due to the changeovers to the 69 and anal sex there is not much left of the cowgirl sex.

The Unrated switches from 69 to anal.

R-Rated 1,8 sec longer

41:13 (42:52-42:56)

Earlier changeover in the R-Rated.

Unrated: The anal sex is longer and the following shot of the 69 starts earlier.

Unrated 3,4 sec longer

41:14-41:15 (42:58-43:14)

The R-Rated already switches to Gary kneeling in front of Sarah, shoving his face between her breasts.

Unrated: First, the 69 on the floor is longer. Then two more shots of the cowgirl, followed by Gary with his face grafted to Sarah's butt, then anal in front of the mirror. Only then we are treated to Gary with his face between Sarah's breasts.

Unrated 14,8 sec longer

41:18-41:23 (43:17-43:18)

The R-Rated first switches to wild oral intercourse that happens later and is longer in the Unrated.
Then follows the backwards cowgirl from the previous cut in significantly shorter form, followed by a changeover to the spooning.

The spooning is longer in the Unrated.

R-Rated 4,1 sec longer

41:24-41:25 (43:19-43:23)

The changeover leads to a later moment of the shot in the R-Rated.

The Unrated shows Sarah a lot earlier and the camera moves back away from her face

Unrated 2,9 sec longer

41:27-41:28 (43:25-43:45)

The R-Rated changes to the missionary position a bit earlier.

The Unrated shows Sarah's headstand for one extra second, followed by the most famous additional footage of the Unrated.
Sarah is lying on the bed and Gary urinates in her face for five solid seconds, followed by Gary on his back while Sarah poops right into his face.
Following now are two more shots of sex from behind. Then the oral shot shown at 41:18 in the R-Rated - longer as well, and only after that the Unrated switches to the missionary position.

Unrated 18,8 sec longer

41:30 (43:47-43:48)

The R-Rated switches from the sex scene to Gary's face.

The Unrated shows a bit more fornicating and switches to gary's face without a changeover.

Unrated 0,8 sec longer